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emilie 5d
I was in the shower, gazing out of the window.
The sun was setting.
An airplane flew south and it made me think of you.

we could travel somewhere far where we've never been.
hold my hand while I look out the window.
so many hills and mountains I can't climb.
farmland for miles, maybe a few lights.
I wish we could, but we have real lives.
4/x for him
Azfar Hakimi Jun 9
His soothing voice was calling me
like a sound of an early morning
waking me up from a heavy sleep.

The coldness in the room
was starting to fade away
as he brings the warmness with a look
of a charming Christmas.

Love can be anywhere, anytime,
any day and just let your heart open
so that he or she can love you
like him and I did as I found love
in the most unusual place.
love at first sight
KM Hanslik Jun 5
Spinning, spinning, I'm an airplane
I'm a pinch of table salt
time spends money --> money burns because
it moves too fast
like your Rolex, like your hobby
grew too tall, now it is burning
twin towers, deliberate chaos
chaos (chaos), nothing
spins the wheels,
spinning spinning spinning
look out the window (it's invisible)
I can't see with my eyes or my brain
dissect me, simplest form, put me back in the ground
I am the dirt
equations illuminate questions,
answers don't exist

I'll have what they're having.
Esther Krenzin Nov 2018
So high, that you could touch the clouds
The world below looked so fragile and small
The lives and worries a single speck amidst the grains of sand.
City lights glowed like tiny stars, blinking in and out of existence following the rythm of code
like the algorithm of a computer.
What once felt so big, is now but a ghost
What once felt so small, is now invisible to the eye--
but not to the heart.
-Esther L. Krenzin-
High in the embrace of a plane, what do you see when you look below?
mer Jan 3
He thinks about that airplane
Flying above his house
What would happen if...
But it won’t.
But what if it actually...

He squeezes his eyes shut and tries to think of something else
He covers his ears to hide the noise
It only makes it worse

His heart races inside his chest
He feels nauseous and dizzy
He tries again to think of anything but the plane
To no avail...

He feels so alone
His anxiety stops him from being happy
From doing what he loves
Being who he wants to be

He just wants it to stop
the pictures all move in silent circles
forming messy representations of
thoughts, feelings, reality
turning mere images into
real art, like paintings
but it has taken over
everything around me
from a mile up,
peering from a window seat
lights of tokyo beneath us
and we're sat, soaring
amazing, isnt it?
like a looking glass
this little round window
on a way-too-big airplane
Zeleyha Mata Oct 2018
Clouds like elephant skin,
And palaces of cotton candy,
Seats snoring softly,
As music wanders in a maze of
Honey thoughts and melancholy
Warm breath making hearts in the window,
Overlooking a sparkling sea,
As I dream of wings carved from glass
Searching for eyes to find me.
-gabi p- Oct 2018
Ladies and gentleman!
Welcome aboard Life Air flight 493.
We are sorry for the delay - of 9 months - in our departure,
but believe me,
it's better in here
than in the outside.

Ladies and gentleman!
There is no safety instruction card in the pocket of the seat in front of you.
There are no guidelines, no rules, no help.
Life is chaos and it is cosmos;
Not black and white, but a blurry grayscale
No x and y axis values you can plot and predict
Just a weird steering wheel
and a lot of dubious buttons.
(it’s not as easy as it seems in action movies!)
For life does not come with a manual.

Ladies and gentleman!
In case of emergency, oxygen masks will drop down in front of you.
If you are traveling with someone, please attend yourself first.
Sometimes, you'll find people who you think are
more worth saving than you are
but breathe.
let the air fill your lungs, overflow.
until it reaches them.
You can't help others when you're drowning.
You can't lean on others when they're also on the water.
You can't love others when you don't love yourself.
Because when you take your last breath
you'll remember
you never got your own life jacket.

Ladies and gentleman!
Keep the shades on your windows lifted at all times.
Even though you are scared of what's outside,
pull up your shades.
Look at the funny-shaped clouds
and the passing cities below you,
Take close attention to all the tiny cars and tiny people
and the dollhouse sized problems.
because we will not be turning back.
Open your windows.
You will see tragedy and hurt and war.
Broken hearts that may or may not belong to you,
broken souls that you can not always cradle in your arms.
Oceans of blood, bright scarlet
contrasting against the otherwise beautiful seashores.

Ladies and gentlemen:
We will be taking off shortly. Please make sure that your seat belt is securely fastened. Thank you.
Thomas EG Aug 2018
For him, it's either watch him fly sky-high or put him in the ground
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