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Megan Parson Mar 26
Before the flight takes off
Before our ascent into the skies
Before I'm unplugged from the grid
Before I'm temporarily disconnected

I think about what I'll miss,
If the flight never landed.
I think about the goals unfulfilled
People unmet, sights unseen
Words unsaid, tears uncried
Emotions unshared, pain unfelt
Fights unhad, hands unheld
Stories untold, lives unlived

But most of all,
I think of you.
And feel
Written on a return flight trip. A few moments of introspection.

© Megan Parson 2023
Ram B Feb 11
A flight delayed
Can take a toll
Schedules remade
Like dominoes fall
Yet plan A
Can be overrated
Trust that plan B
Is what we truly needed.
Ram B Feb 11
Fasten seat belt while seated.
Life vest under your seat
Put your mask properly fitted
Take off only when you drink or eat

Oxygen masks drop
In case of emergency
Put your vest on
But inflation-free.

Be mindful of the exits
Which could be behind you.
Enjoy the flight.
Just safety reminders for you.
Ram B Feb 11
To ride a plane
Is to let go.
Entrust and rely
On the pilot’s hands
Pray he be guided
By the Mighty One
Boarding this vessel
With several other humans
Who likewise let go
Of control from their hands
Trust and faith
Are what we need
In moments like this
We relax and yield.
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2022
Handing out wings

like they were portions of God

this narrow asphalt

made by architects of tourism

movers of time and space

reaching out like insane astronauts or genius heretics

breathing our iodine

becoming halogens

the sky moves sideways

dystrophic airwaves

feeble beacons

eerie radio silence

here come more perils from the sky
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2022
An aviation sleight-of-hand:
Random flight plan

Strange admission
This war of attrition

No friendly skies
No wings of hope

Flagship wanderer
High above the clouds
Gliding like a phantom

Holding its place in line
By sailing incognito

Without a stitch of cargo
Or living company

No laughter
No banter
No bag of nuts
Nothing for the flight recorder
To remember

Only a lonely figure
In the cockpit
Throttling down
A descent into madness

Keeping slots warm
And bodies cold

“Ghost flights” of the aviation industry: Chartered to fly around the world – sometimes just around an airport – simply so airlines can hang on to takeoff and landing slots.
Trish Dec 2021
The 9th of December, it is that time of the year
Woke up from sleep and whispered "Happy birthday!"
Allowing universe to do the job to inform you subconsciously
Everything that surrounds me moves so slow till it stops
Wondering and thinking about you unconditionally

A day my mind unconsciously remember
You exist along with all of our good memories
My greatest love and heartbreak of a lifetime
May our string be one highlight of my favorite history in this life
Hoping to see you again in our next life

Next time you greet me must be in pilot uniform
Saying "This is your Captain Pilot speaking for this flight.."
In an airplane that I will ride to the destination
A destination that I hoped to be with you

Till we meet again, my twinflame and everything
I am still waiting here like what I have promised
Loving you and will always be even without a happy ending
Goodbye for now and see you again, my future captain!
Ever since 2019, December 9 never felt like an ordinary day because of the guy I fell in love with. We may no longer in contact nor in good terms but I always wish him a happy birthday and hope he is doing well in his life.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
He was a toad catching flies
Except that with each lashing of his tongue
He pulled down aircraft
And long could be heard their cries:
Blessed be, Amphibian Creator!
Death to America!
Frog is greater!
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
Does your life
feel like a bad flight
on an airplane?

You saved and saved
to pay for first class
but got stuck in coach.

No matter where you went
or who you met
there was always turbulence.

And even that all-expenses-paid
dream vacation to paradise
went down in flames.
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