The taste of your mind
Unwinds and relaxes me
Wrapped in your flavor

Nicki Tilston Apr 29

How often do you stop?
When ever
do you
listen to the silence?
Do you ever embrace
the total peace
that being
at one
with nature brings?
Reach out and touch the sky.
Watch clouds,
float by.
Be still.
Be quiet.

Only let
the murmur of a breeze,
or the song
of a distant bird,
be heard.
your eyes.
Look up and see,
the delicate blossom
of a woodland tree.
Look down
at wild, hedgerow flowers.
the easy
bumble bee.

Sit back,
let the silver sand,
be your comfy seat.
Allow the sound
of the rushing tide
to soothe, restore.
Relax, in your retreat.
Gaze up
to the mountains,
magnificent and fine.
the pure intoxication,
of the forest air
of pine.

with spirits
of ancient ancestors,
at their monuments
and burial grounds.
Hear their whispers
from centuries past.
Wallow in their sounds.
Clear your head
of busy chatter.
Banish demons
from your mind.
Embrace the life
of your earth mother,
as you let your soul

© Nicki Tilston.

I miss the serenity
of floating on the river,
                  feeling free.
         Soul full of grace
in Mother Nature's company.
Earth's water,
Her vibrating veins,
moving my vessel
beneath me.
Smooth sailing
carry me
in a


I used to raft the New River. The feeling of being at her mercy and the oneness with nature is poetry.

Thanks for reading! K:)
Dani Feb 14

Languid tendrils of smoke unwind
The ashes of your affliction.
There is comfort in the sun's underbelly.
When you play half-lidded pool drenched in
Artificial lights, the night seems endless.
Once dusk falls, the world outside scatters
And settles together in close quarters
Like bunkers under air raid.

before the world swallows you whole,
leaving you barely able to exhale all that continues to weigh you down,
or inhale all that is destined to cast away your inner conflictions.


Paul Butters Jan 20

The sea has gone to sleep:
Become a mirror of the sky.
Lapping onto the land
With subtle churnings.

It’s a brightly sunny day,
Uplifting the spirits.
Hardly a hint of breeze
As the tide creeps out.

I slumber in the languidness of Willy’s beer.
All angst buried as I settle down to sleep.
That mighty, massive ocean is so still now.
Its monsters have been well and truly put to bed.

Blue sky
With lightly painted clouds upon the horizon.
My porch is warm today
In the golden sun.

Paul Butters

For Jayne Parrish, who posted a beautiful video of Cleethorpes Beach on Facebook this morning.

Tiny whispers of rain on glass
Send sweet tingles Rushing down
Like a warm shower, I am drenched
From the top of my head
And down my spine, I want to feel
The cool flow dripping, vibrating in my veins
As the gentle tapping of rain soothes me
In your empty bed the quiet sounds
Bring prickly haze of sleepy joy
I could almost forget in an auditory maze
That sends chills through every nerve
To drown out my noisy mind And guilty heart

@LadyofRavenhill 12/24/16
Sarah Isma Nov 2016

one, two
one, two
Train yourself, steady,
one, two...
Whenever you feel like everything is ending
Take one, two...
Whenever you think that nothing is working
Take one, two steps back and
Because it's one thing to suffocate on fear,
But another to realize that you can take
one, two, three steps back and...
And figure out you still have enough air to change the atmosphere.

i've been at the top of my limits lately and i thought of falling over at most times at for once I id fall and turned into a pool of chaos. Everything didn't seem right and all i thought to do was cry. and I did. And I took a deep breath, and realized that it's not *over*. Try getting back up, you'd never know what you can handle until you actually handle it. Take my steps, one, two... breathe.
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2016

Her door was the sanctuary to inner peace; a sudden enlightenment
Engaging the candle of lit eyes.
Mindful to the calm hush; Disappearing in self.
Body, Mind, Soul.
Beside her door there was a lake wide awake with open ears.
I stood there Absorbing her wisdom.
A depth of kindness with each interchanging current.
I learned to speak without words. Connecting thine eyes with hers.
All else was swallowed; Exhaling, then breathing again.
Fingers extinguishing all else that threatened a light shone from her.
Her Eyes.
She'd shone me courage, grasping my hand. Entwining her path with mine.
I bowed to her and her alone in guided mediation.
At that moment there was no need for mirrors, realizing that she was my reflection.
My spirit animal, my refugee.
She taught me the language of her heart, being shown in silence.
I journeyed a place ears would have no use, my tongue becoming a stranger.
A total embodiment to the gift of her and her alone.
A beautiful lesson in poverty; Clinching my hands in prayer.
                                                         ­     Blessed in her presence

As I age, sometimes, I just like to relax and be comfortable.
I'm sitting next to a pretty young woman in this Tea Shop.
I don't need to know
All her private business
I'm just sucking in the vibe.

This poem was composed at the Platform T Shot, and the Irony of this poem is that I DID get to know this "pretty young woman" quite well. She was a Medical School Student from Venezuela named Alicia, and she had a LOT to say for herself.
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