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Andrew Choo Jan 2020
All these fake friends,
Playing pretend;
Until they have to repent
To a God, among men.
Casey Feb 2019
A long time ago, a friend said to me,
"Hey, Ren, you need to know something.

You're an awesome person, but you're letting other people control your life.
I'm not only saying it's her, but there are others, including myself, that you're letting take the driver's seat.

I mean, I see people trying to adjust what you think. She's trying to make you kick us out, but I'm not just sitting there either.

I mean, I guess here I was trying to make you stop talking to her because she's a bad influence. But, I also made you watch our shows and other things.

In fact, I made you become friends with all these people. I'm just saying it's time to kick people, not out of your car, but out of the driver's seat.

I'm not saying don't be friends with me and her, you can keep us in the passenger seat if you want. But, you also can kick us out. Otherwise, the road others will send you down will not be marshmallows and unicorns,
I can tell you that.

Of course, we aren't the only ones, but we are the main people doing this to you.

And I believe, you should be able to speak for yourself."
The person who told me this has been my best friend for my entire life, she's awesome. She's always there for me.
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
When I was a little girl
Playing with my rocket toys
I was fascinated and confused
By the world of boys

I told my mom what had appeared
The boy's odd ways and such
She said "honey, boys will always be weird
But when you're older, you won't mind so much"

And as I've gotten older
I've certainly grown to see
When it comes to the other gender
I know exactly what she means
Cecilia Jones Mar 2016
Sometimes two wrongs
will make a right,
but only if
you try to stay strong.
Two rights
will rarely make a wrong,
but when it does,
you’re *******.
wth i found this written in a doc when i was organizing files so here take it

— The End —