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basil Aug 2021
i wear a bracelet i made
with rainbow beads around letters that spell out
"g a t s b y"
because we're both gay as ****
and i think i'm funny

you asked me if there was a
"n i c k"
pointing to my wrist
and i just blushed as i realized what you meant

because i wish it was you
i want you to be the nick to my gatsby
**** ******* STOP MAKING ME LOVE YOU *******!!

Wolftrax Apr 2020
This was supposed to be your year
You were supposed to rule the halls
The things you had planned
Spending time with your friends
One last year, making memories
Sadly, they were cut so short

Told to stay home, keeping a distance
The rest of the school year, gone like that
I hope your school reschedules a prom
Nothing else, have a gathering later on
Your teachers, they really miss you
The sound of your laughter, shouts and jokes

Things were not supposed to go this way
Sitting at home, losing track of the days
You were supposed to have an amazing year
Instead, you feel like it's a scene from Groundhog Day
Are you taking time off, will you stick with your plan?
No matter what, just do the best that you can

To the class of 2020. I wish you nothing but the best!
After about a year away from writing, I decided to try and write something to the Class of 2020.
Lady Misfortune Oct 2019
This is a story begun
Never ended

Everytime I try
Just shush, just listen
It's all fuzzy, glitching

I can not seem to find my motivation in anything
Unless prompted by a grade

I can pass your course, yet I'll fail my life
I'd dream myself to be something other than a student
If your class didnt take all my time

If I did not spend my nights trying to find a reason why ...
Knowledge makes me want to die
Consume my mind

A few more credits to accredit my worth

Unassisted, a lack of support tore my nature to explore
and gave me the power to put on a wry smile and lie

Mutter, "I'm fine"
Created 10.1.19
Elisabeth May 2019
they say these are the best four years of my life
and i never believed it for a second
with only weeks left
i finally understand the amazing experiences i’ve had
and the connections i’ve made and lost
i’ll never get anywhere else
these times pass through my head like a well made song
that is able to bring you to tears
with only a few notes
memories that i can never recreate
or fabricate
for once in my high school career i’m thinking
i might actually miss this
getting up at the crack of dawn
riding a bus through a foggy autumn morning
to go to classes that i hated
but that i now want to repeat
with this ending
i’m actually growing up now
Katelynn Aug 2018
It’s our final year,
Of high school here,
Then soon we’ll leave our mark,
To make a world of our own.

Though we are just a speck,
Drifting through time.
It seems through all these years,
Gone in just a flash of light,
That moved way too fast.

We’ve made it through the stress,
And moments of being depressed.
Now we are waiting for our moment,
Where we will be best dressed.

Some will apply to move forward,
And others prefer to stay,
But we all will make decisions,
To make our own way.

Ordering our gowns,
Removing our frowns,
Planning for prom,
Not realizing,
How much we might miss mom.

But until that day,
Here we’ll stay,
Waiting for our taste of freedom.

But until that day,
Here we’ll stay,
To a new chapter,
To a story that has just begun.
Now that I am a few days into my senior year of high school, I can't wait till it's over. But I have to remember that I should really relish in this school year because it only happens once.
Breeze-Mist Sep 2017
Tonight I sit lackadaisical
After a week of the last routine
I think back to the start on the mall
The roaring chants of the scene

Has it been a decade
Or only a month
How much longer do we have to go
As shovel by *****
Both millions of times and once
We find the final, finishing blow

Tonight I sit, exhausted
Just thinking about what comes next
Because one senior week, I've lost it
And, politically, I don't have a plan for the rest

Then I think of that day in D.C.
Shouting "This is what democracy looks like!"
Pink ***** hats as far as eyes could see
And millions worldwide trying to get things right

I sit in this booth, so ******* worn out
Just knowing that we've still just begun
I chastise myself for being inactive
It, and sometimes I just want to run

But then I see comics speak on air
And I see some postcards in a store
And I feel like we can really get there
If we keep at it a little more
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