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15.4k · Jul 2014
Amanda Jul 2014
Honey seeps off the tips of our sugar-dotted, pastry flaked fingers.

oh, your lips are
your soul.
Hey you, you & you lovelys!
Fun-face: My favourite sort of cake is one..
shared with that special....
KIDDING. ;) Okay, tiny white lie.
Orange Butter Cake makes my taste buds sing.
What's your favourite cake/ pastry?
12.3k · May 2014
Amanda May 2014
I cannot wait for that someone,
those little sprinkles of moments where I can tell him about the scar on the bottom of my left foot.
The crinkled and creased edges of my heart gently tugged out,
finally he can see the dinky mark on my right knee.
Slowly, the blemish on my lower back can meet his eyes.
Sure, my cheeks will be crimson,
hey, I found Brave hiding,
it is peek-a-booing at me,
now to

Hey you, you and you! Don’t your eyes look sparkly today?
AHAHHA, how cheesy can I get?
(No, don’t answer that.)
9.5k · Jan 2015
Amanda Jan 2015
Dust flits gently on its arm; slowly & lazily.

As if not to cut, tear the patiently sewed seams.

Cotton against yellowing white thread.

*The sanctuary for reminiscing about mesmerising scenes

The throne for Kings and Queens without crowns to be seen

I'm overwhelm by ecstasy as I bask in this endless elation of delectation.
Hello there you, you and you!
TAH-dah!! First ever ever collaboration with a brilliant writer, Jamie King.
I am so eeek. happy, at how two different writing styles can meld together! :')

Thanks Jamie, again!
Italics (Amanda)
Bold (Jamie)
8.1k · Jan 2014
Amanda Jan 2014
I adored the very action of blowing dust-motes off a box.

Watch it dance in the distilled air.

I like the sight it presents.
One where the past snaps the silence of today.

Slowly but surely
re-etching how much time has passed
on the corners of my bruised heart.

Once, happiness and sweetness, those dust-motes are just greyed out.

They kiss my cheeks and eyelashes.

I never blew the remnants of time again.
Enjoy darling readers!
7.9k · Jan 2015
Amanda Jan 2015
Waiting at the airport is bittersweet.
For you watch the planes sit lonely on the tarmac, and with the knowing feeling that in half an hour, 5 hours; in a handful of time, it will be gone.

All the space, matter, whispers, hushes will be swept up before your goodbye felt like it even existed in the very first place.
7.3k · Apr 2014
Sleepy Eyes
Amanda Apr 2014
Her eyelids cracked open slightly.

Momentarily, they slowly close again.
Sleep was still languidly dancing across it.

Then she sees sunlight peeking through the little gaps of her curtains.

Dust-motes whisper 'Good morning' as they flit in the buttery-white light.

And, goodness me,
just like
her sleepy gaze
9:39am Saturday Morning.
Hello there sunshine!
How are you doing today?
4.5k · Jun 2014
Sleepy Mondays
Amanda Jun 2014
My eyelids are so sleepy,

my soul is dreamy; bubbling effervescently.

Little pops of airiness,
those little gasps and slow breaths
fill the empty gaps
upturned lips.

And his fingertips kisses yours,
  your wrists
then the tip of your nose,

as if he is saying
"Yes, mine too."
Hello beautiful soul!
How are you doing today?
Let me introduce you to my bestfriend, Chris!
He is one of my oldest friends and pretty **** fabulous.
Our friendship began with a stolen chocolate croissant. ;)
He does a variety of stuff on his channel, check it out!!
P.S Good Morning Sunshine/Good Afternoon/ Sweet dreams to you, you and you, where-ever you are!
4.4k · Aug 2014
Wine Cellar
Amanda Aug 2014
I'll hold your hand through the wizened wrinkles; even if your beautiful mind will eventually crinkle.
Crinkled & crumpled into creases too deep for sunshine to peek through.
(My fingertips will still slowly but surely fix it.)

Even when the hair tickling my bare shoulders, collarbones & necks on lazy sunday morning is no longer quite the same.

I'll be right here.
Hey hey hey! :')
Whoo. I wrote this after I discovered a strand of white in my hair.
I MEAN, I am not even at the age to HAVE white hair.
Anyhoo, how have you been darling readers?
4.3k · Sep 2014
Amanda Sep 2014
As her fingertips brushed through the fragile pages;
familiar notes of handwriting flit onto her lips, then her ears. She could almost hear his voice again.
The thin, ribboned memories sweetly tie themselves into the hollow spaces. The one on the left side of her wrist, the little corner behind the eye socket.

And especially, the ones where she holds her breath, hoping her very heartbeat would be enough.

Enough rhyme & reason to stay here.
Please, stay.
This is for you.
Yes, you.
4.2k · Jun 2014
Inked Soul
Amanda Jun 2014
Don't be scared to write in ink.
Bleed your thoughts,
let it carelessly infuse between the spaces of blank paper.

You see, sweet-heart,
at least one sliver of your soul will not feel so

*e mp ty
Hello there lovely!
3.8k · Dec 2014
Sweet nothings
Amanda Dec 2014
We cannot only think of the pretty things in life,
then where would we find ourselves?
Hello there gorgeous soul!
Merry Christmas to you, you and you!
*love heart*
On a personal note, we all celebrate Christmas each to our own reasons, but at the end of the day, it's not quite about the presents.
It's the people and family by your side with possibly over-cooked turkey that makes it special.
3.4k · Jul 2014
Magic x Magic
Amanda Jul 2014
You are the most wondrous dizzying
mess of cells,
deoxyribonucleic acid,
thoughts & b
                                                 e a t h s.
Hey you, you and you!
Isn't your soul looking lovely?
can I just collapse into a puddle of sweetness & *hugs*?
3.2k · Jan 2014
Forget Me Not
Amanda Jan 2014
I wonder with all my heart,
how does the land of all things forgotten look like?

We would never,
ever know.


For, once you fall in,
you are gone and above all
hopelessly lost.

Your very being
will be
kissed away and yellowed
*a dusty wisp of the past.
Forgetting is such a bittersweet thing.

Hope you enjoy it.
3.1k · Oct 2014
Mirror On The Wall
Amanda Oct 2014
"You're a very selfish human being."
The mirror
word or breath back.
2.9k · Feb 2014
Amanda Feb 2014
Never have I felt so acutely
a l o n e.
How can such an   empty, empty   feeling swallow every little bit of me?

As I stare at the ceiling, darkness blurs and dips into the spaces of my vision.
I can barely make out the corners of where each wall connects to each other.

Inevitably, I wander how something so seemingly vast and big can come to an end; closure.

A limit.

I feel so very small.

How about me?

I feel very lost indeed.
It's sunny outside but I feel very blue and grey.
I guess it's just one of those days, hey?

Have a lovely, lovely week, wonderful readers and people alike!

2.7k · Apr 2014
Lovely Soul
Amanda Apr 2014
You remind
sweet tea,

honey cornflakes on sleepy, sunday mornings.

That **** of a smile is like thick socks over cold ankles.

Your 'head back; don't give a ****'
little sunshines
the dark, empty
s p a c e s
in me.

You remind me of artfully ruffled hair,
messy white sheets from pillow fights.

You, sweets,
have the loveliest soul.
Hello there, aren't you looking utterly gorgeous today?
Okey dokes,
it would be utterly brilliant if you, you and you checked out the link below.
My very talented and gorgeous friend, Cathy has recently released her first EVER E.P.
It's rather fabulous and amazing.
Have a wonderful thursday, y'all!
2.5k · Jan 2014
Lost & Found
Amanda Jan 2014
She is an orphan of love.

But, you see, sweetheart,
didn't stop
The kind of thing my mind conjures up at 11:39pm at night.
One day, I will fall over due to the fact that I run for pen and paper when moments like this happen.

And also to my incurable clumsiness. ;)
P.S The first poem after reaching a significant amount of views. Thank you to you, you, you darlings for reading my nonsensical writings.
Much Love,
2.5k · Nov 2014
Pocket Watch
Amanda Nov 2014
I'll be your 4am dream.
Could you be my 7pm kiss on lipstick-faded lips?
And fingertips meeting yet again at 11pm?
Just one of those days.
I hope you, you and all of you are well!
2.4k · Apr 2014
Irises & Falls
Amanda Apr 2014
People tell me with hushed lips and pained irises,
(pain really only flickers and quietly sinks deep within the absolute oblivions of you.)
that it will get better.
"You grieve, I have done it. Every person has."

Not for this one.

Not for him or her that is.

She had the sort of wittiness that would cut right though that
buttery feeling of warmth
wisped from
one **** of
Guess whose?

He had one of the loveliest voices, one that lulls your tired eyelids to much needed sleep.
A voice that will inexplicably grasp your fingertips when you feel utterly lost and breathless with pain.

And, I could go

Just that my very voice will be cracked
sweet, bitter
whispered by
the yellowing memories

Hello there darling!
Good morning Sunshine, Afternoon Madam/Sir or Good night & Sweet dreams to you, you and you!
2.4k · May 2014
Half & Half
Amanda May 2014
I wonder how many eyes met across this
coffee-stained, wooden-grained table
with half dimples of shyness
1 teaspoon of sugar
Hey you!
I tried green tea infused with lemon today. I wish I can say: It was a wonderful 'blend' and be all cultured and sophisticated.
But, I think I am a black-tea + sugar  kind of girl.
Hope you, you and you have the loveliest day!
2.4k · May 2014
Amanda May 2014
"Mistakes are like constellations.
They inevitably lead your blind footsteps to places that are utterly dizzying. Tailoring that disconcerting sense of still inebriation pooling between your two ears.

But they are also lead us to places and people who liked me as much I did to them.
Hey you!
Oh yes, you lovely soul!
Tah-dah, this is a quote from the short piece I wrote a week ago for an English exam.
2.4k · Apr 2014
Amanda Apr 2014
Little bits of fallout are scattered at my very feet.

Mingling with dust motes and spilt tears.

These little shards of time.
Whether, they were fragments of clocks & antique watches
the very iridescent pockets of dusty memories.

I am not sure.

Few things that I do know is,
please do not try to pick them up.

If you do, be careful, be cautious.
Hold your breath
you need to.

One little cut is the doorway
those creased and crinkled memories

I did both.
I held you in my hands.
Wisps of your warmth flitted through my outstretched fingertips.

You flowed gently in my veins,
kissed my ribcage,
gently nudged my heart.

n o t h i n g.

I gasp on some days at this emptiness that fills me up.
The silence lends itself to hear my words;


The present is one my eyelids cannot close to,
not without your heart-beat saying
'I am here'

Little bits of fallout-
burnt and crinkled memories
Hello sunshine!
I hope where-ever you are, you are having a wonderful day.
*hugs to you, you and of course, you!*
2.3k · Jul 2014
Blush of Rust
Amanda Jul 2014
There's always an
inexplicable something
about all things old.

Maybe, these yellowing, crinkled, slightly forgotten
-slipped off the inky azure of the mind's corners-
have felt the way a pair of lips
moves & crinkles
they make
wide-eyed wishes and closed mouth good-byes.
Hey lovely soul!
2.3k · Jan 2014
Mister Stranger
Amanda Jan 2014
I am not sure who I am talking to anymore.

Your voice sounds like a stranger;
someone whose voice was never privy to the corners and edges of my heart.

Certainly, not the kind of voice that wisps the rhapsodic notes for my soul to ****** away with.

I don't even wish to know who I am to you now.

Mister Stranger.
Wow, this is so bitter, sarcastic and brimming with rancour.
Usually, I would never write such a thing..
The mind surprises you everyday.
I hope you enjoy it nevertheless?
x x x
2.2k · Jan 2014
Amanda Jan 2014
Is this how happiness feel like?

Oh, the way my lips gently curve upwards is like..

Sleepy eyes kissed airily by sunshine,
                                                                ­               buttering toast on a bitter cold winter's day.
                                                   When it is so very cold,                                                            ­                
every breath feels like toothpaste and mint.    
It is the worries being unknotted.                                                       ­ 

                                                               ­                  Little inexplicable sparks that can light even the darkest        souls.
There we go! Smile sweetheart.

2.2k · Jan 2014
Amanda Jan 2014
The soft, gentle pitter patter of rain lulls
unspoken wishes
a quiet, mellow

As, the beads of rain curve into something bigger,
the reflection those glassy orbs hold become

Her eyes once vague.
Now lucidly clear.

Lightning cut across the sky, dotted with stars.

A brilliant spark.

Enjoy! x
2.2k · Mar 2014
Winter Bitten (10W)
Amanda Mar 2014
Softly, her winter-bitten cheeks lifted
up and up.
Hoho! I've never written a 10W! :OO
It's incredibly fun!! EEEK!
Second last day of being 15.
Have a wonderful day to you, you and you darling!
2.2k · Jan 2015
Silver Cutlery
Amanda Jan 2015
I remember how sweet your lips,
your cupid's bow,
the very corner of your mouth was
after we made a mess in the kitchen.

(Flour dotted cheeks and noses, the great big wooden spoon sitting dully in the sink, egg-shells laying lonely in the pastel pink ceramic bowl I insisted on buying.)

We made lemon tarts?
If only I could do this. AHHAHHAHAH. :")
Daydreamer here
How are you today, lovely?
typed to: Love me like you do- Ellie Goulding
2.1k · Jul 2015
Amanda Jul 2015
She has felt the rough edges
anger marrying sadness
against her
The way happy tasted on her tongue.
And she has yet to find a right constellation of syllables for love.
One of the greatest lessons I have learnt is to never suppress your feelings.
I did that for the past month, and it was like an inward explosion.
None of it very good.
So, cry it all out if you need to, honestly.
Now, chin up, buttercup!
P.S This piece is meant to be happy. Here's to all the wondrous, dizzying, insane feelings of the human condition.
Here's to the good, the bad & the in-between.
2.0k · Mar 2015
Pins & Needles
Amanda Mar 2015
On some days, the sky is greyier as if it is shaded in by a 6B pencil.

Black as charcoal with a very shaky weak wrist.

Everything that passes through chapped & soured bitten-back lips tastes like weak tea.

(I think sugar cubes were all eaten.)

Oh, your head hurts, aches, like bad bruises from hitting the sharp edge of the table.
Cotton bandages and one light kiss above the left eyebrow helps.

And your chest is too tight, the kind of feeling from shoelaces knotted hard against your ankles.

*Use safety scissors.
Sometimes, you will not hear the things you wish to hear, but rather what you need to hear.
School stress is insane, but it's okay, it's nearly friday and easter break.
Hope you are all really really well!
2.0k · Jan 2014
Inane &
Amanda Jan 2014
"You are inane,
   That's why I love you."

"Are you calling me all things, unintelligent, nonsensical and lacking sense?"

Her eyebrows knit together; the corner of her red lips twitch upwards slightly.

A soft line brackets her mouth.

Parentheses to all the words she has ever voiced and will say.

"Well, clearly not then. I was just checking."

His eye winks; curving into a
upside down moon crescent.
I don't know about you, you and you but deducing from what I wrote, I am a hopeless romantic.

1.9k · Feb 2015
Boxer Shorts
Amanda Feb 2015
You make me feel pretty,

delicate as fairies, a bit cheekier than usual

in an old faded grey -stretched by the tumbles of the washing machine and dulled by the sunshine- t-shirt and old boxer shorts.
There is a beauty in being at home, laughing on the carpet, not giving a **** about how you look.
Hihihihi lovelys!
1.9k · Sep 2014
Amanda Sep 2014
Every vein and exhausted cell in my brain, ankles and lower back- my body bleeds out I hate you.
Like broken record players.

I scream: "I hate you" for making me look like the kind of monsters I would run away from.
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you

I scream louder to punctuate a full stop.
Then my voice finally cracks, perhaps making empty escapes for oxygen to come into my burning lungs.

Broken everywhere and everything.
And behind me, the sunrise was the colour of bad blood.
Hey you, you and you!
Okay, this is completely and utterly different to anything I have posted on here. It is not about tea, coffee, sugar, sweet things and little kisses.

Again, an excerpt from my narrative I wrote a few days ago!
Take care, lovely. xo
1.8k · Nov 2014
Button-Down Shirts
Amanda Nov 2014
I was doing the laundry today.

For once in a few grey days; blotted with far too many ink stained hands and only blank pages, the sun finally peeked shyly.

I dug out my old jeans, emptying the cotton-lined pockets.
My fingertips are met with a navy blue button off one of your many dozen flannel shirts.

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you

And I cannot even sew.
But that button would have to wait, I need to sew myself up first.
Hugs for you, you and you!
1.7k · Mar 2014
Bless you
Amanda Mar 2014
He shyly looks at her.

Everything seemed to quieten to this lovely silence;
a stillness which is pierced by
steady and sure heartbeat.

By the way her nose twitches slightly and her red lips flutters a little,
she is just about to sneeze.

Ha. Adorable lady.

Bless you?

Bless those eyes that inexplicably managed to see through the
gossamer veils of good and the bad and
above all,

Bless those crimson -No, it is actually a meld of strawberry and raspberry stains. But I won't tell her that just yet.- cheeks.

Bless that lovely soul that you have, the kind that lights up your eyes and peek-a-boos in your smile.

Sweet-heart, you could never be scary anyway.

& And &
bless that smile which can flicker one on my lips.

She sneezes, blissfully oblivious to all these little words that flit around her.

"Bless you, sweets."
He whispers, like
Hi there lovely reader!
Hope you enjoy this little piece.
1.7k · Aug 2015
Amanda Aug 2015
His lips told the stories of sleep & day-dreams.

Heavy on his tongue was a white lie.

Between the wink of his teeth was yet another.

And that is how she knows what truth tastes like.
We learn through experience, memories.
I wish you, you & you a really good day/night filled with lil surprises and wonderful things.
And if you are having a terrible day, *hugs hugs hugs*.
1.7k · Mar 2014
Commas, & Full-stops.
Amanda Mar 2014

"Yes,yes, it's so very lovely."
She slowly says;
as her fingertips dances across the wooden table.
"Now, hush those alarmed and worried eyes."

"But somehow,
when your lips speak
every syllable
my name;
it's like a lost and forgotten
piece of me

"Oh really?"
And like a full stop to a sentence,
he gives a
her crimson cheek
Oho, hi there *insert your name here*!
The above words are cheesy and so "Oh my goodness, it's so. so. ugh."
*Warning: May induce goosebumps due to the cheeeeeeeeeesiness.*
If you are reading this now,
yay! You made it!
Hope you have wonderful Tuesday, lovely!
1.7k · Sep 2014
Metaphorical Metaphors
Amanda Sep 2014
Truth is, there is nothing poetic about sadness, anger or numbness.

It's your eyes looking at the faceless, and artificial sheen of objects around you. It is the sugar in cold coffee and tea settling at the bottom, as your thoughts flit in and out of your eye-lashes.

Hoping you can still be tied at the very jaggered edges of this universe.

& yet, we write anyway.
For the truth we hide, hide and never seek will be black, navy, blue on those blank pages.
Funny how we reinforce  our words by placing a synonym in front of it.
Hey hey lovely reader!
How are  you today?
1.6k · Nov 2014
Cellular Respiration
Amanda Nov 2014
It seems like the cells in the spine of my body ache for another to fit against it.

Perhaps not a mirror image or unflawed symmetry,
rather just a presence.
Something beyond the lilt of a shadow and shallow breaths.

My fingertips unconsciously linger & idle on the place on my collarbone. Left side, a kiss's width from my chin.

Notice, the word, 'place?' I felt a tad bigger of a human, a bigger piece of this starry starry universe with you.

Eyelashes still flutter, giving way to soft gravity. Hoping your eyes would be reflected against mine again.

I am so very human
with & without
Remember to breath deeply, sweets.
Then, you can only start living.

Hello darlings!
1.5k · Feb 2014
I hope, sweet-heart
Amanda Feb 2014
One* day, I hope you know, sweet heart.
That words spoken from your lips to mine were tied by that smile
ribboned by wispy threads of memories,

the way you stared at me in off-handed moments;
your eyes
playing peek-a-boo with mine
across a place filled with beating hearts.

Mine was the fastest, that I do know.

That you pulled pieces of my heart apart
slow & soft
like a promise,

then jigsawed it back together.

But surely, it splintered into indecipherable pieces that escapes my hopeful fingertips.

The irony is I don't wish that upon you either.
I hope you do know,
I truly think that sweet-heart is a gorgeous thing to call someone. :")
Oh my goodness, about to reach a milestone in Hello Poetry.
*happy dance*
Hope you enjoyed this nonsensical writing!
1.5k · Feb 2014
6.02214 x 10^23
Amanda Feb 2014
According to Chemistry,

one mole = 6.02 x 10^23.

Equivalent to
A computer counting 10 billions times every second would take 2 million years to reach that number.

And that is what we are made of,
the things that we kiss, hug and live in.

We are infinite

universes ourselves.

Please, please don't let anything

The ones that glitters your eyes,
the subtle ones that effervescently lights your very soul.
And above beyond,
the little winks playing
Sunday Nights leads to this.
Hey-hi! :')
And for those lovelies who have read my poems,
this one is for y'all.
P.S Don't worry, if this is the very first time that you have read my nonsensical writings. It's for you, you and you too!
1.5k · Nov 2015
Come here,
Amanda Nov 2015
for the fact that
counting stars seem to be a pretty lonely thing to do.
It's my Valedictory Dinner tomorrow. Eeek. I am so excited.
Time to bust out a pretty dress and lipstick?
I think so. 
1.5k · Apr 2014
Broken Home
Amanda Apr 2014
B r o k e n

muted lips,
words with indefinite
spaces & pauses

dot around these floors in

Where once upon a time,
there was
heart beats
instead of

One slow,
Hello there! How are you? X
My goodness, it is so cold here in Melbourne!
If wintry weather is coming your way, stay warm and cosey!
However, if you, you and you are having spring/summer dotting your skin, stay cool.
1.5k · Dec 2015
Amanda Dec 2015
there we were under december lights and burnt out matchsticks,

looking like we've fallen in love tonight.

It was all eyelashes and hastiness drawn out.
You braided secrets & warm murmurs into my hair;
then a smirk into my left shoulder blade.

Your lips tasted like something,

I wanted more of.
A little cheekier than usual?
A very merry christmas, sunshines.
1.5k · Apr 2015
Amanda Apr 2015
One of the bitter-as-burnt-toast kind of things in the world is when a writer's (1) book remains empty for a time where even their clock ceased

{She used to write in the way flowers needed a cold snap before they could bloom.}
Footnote (1) The kind of writer that wrote to give her lungs a break.
Hello you, you & you! I have missed writing on friday nights.
I hope you are all well.
1.5k · Oct 2014
Amanda Oct 2014
Plastered wet t-shirts against bare skin, sun-shine evaporates H2O into transparent bubbles of ecstasy.

Bruised tailbones from

                                             f a
it­'s just your heart giving way to gravity.

Let it.
Hello there lovely!
Man, have I MISSED writing. I hope you all are well.
Whatever it is, chin up and go go go!
You can do this.
I got some news for you, you and you,
a) I just did my Biology Final today.
b) I got told that I attained the position of Vice-Captain in my high school!
c) Taylor Swift's 1989 album. Sigh. *fangirls*
Good morning, Good Afternoon or Good night & Sweet dreams, where-ever you are!
1.5k · Dec 2013
Mr & Mrs Procrastination
Amanda Dec 2013
I have precisely not one but two stalkers, two malaise menaces in my hands. Well, not quite literally.

Its all in my head, you see.

They pervade my robust, iron clad, sheer willpower.

Hmph, not really.

The two little rascals, attractive ones at that, present themselves during frenzied times of scattered notes, inked fingers with frustration crashing in the air.

Frustration grows ever-so-slightly when they efficaciously whisper to you, it will only be five minutes.

They leech time off my circadian clock, inevitably painting black under my eyes.

A pair of smooth-talking liars, the scourge of the Student Underworld.

Their flamboyant, beguiling gestures of distractions, alas, it is far too much even for

Even doctors cannot prescribe a medical concoction to rid me of these pests!

Beware these criminals!

They need to be obliterated, removed, pruned away from us, young innocent seedlings.

I introduce you to... ughh...

*Mr & Mrs Procrastination.
Yes, this is completely and utterly different feel from my other poems.
But I figured a few light-hearted giggles won't hurt! ;)
(This poem was originally posted on
1.4k · Oct 2014
Amanda Oct 2014
A deaf boy once wrote
"Mama, the silence is too loud."
Hello there lovely!
I haven't written in quite a bit, exams and study really leeches out time and moments to write.
Hope you, you and you are doing well!
1.4k · Apr 2014
Amanda Apr 2014
Sun + Shine
The sort of warmth that dapples across bared collarbones and shoulders.

Honey + Comb
The scent of honey itself gently tugs the ribboned memories of summer.

Sweet + Mittens
The sort that are utterly perfect for hiding behind those little winks and sweetness peek-a-booing from that **** of a smile.

You + I =


Could it be love ?

"Now, don't ask that like a question.
Say it like it should end with
a comma (,)
a semi-colon (;) at least!
He says carefully and measuredly.
His lips kissed the tip of her nose
Hello there lovely! Doesn't your soul look gorgeous today? ;)
HAH! Am I making you blush?
I hope you enjoyed this childish, cheesy nonsensical piece!
P.S *whispers* I have reached a rather significant number of views. AND, it is crazy.
So, I thank you, you and you for giving my writing of little daydreams and experiences
School term starts tomorrow, eeek!
Take care, loves!
Much Love,
1.4k · Aug 2014
Amanda Aug 2014
Footsteps chasing after overly-small ones.
Little gaps of space between their lips & hearts;
flitting in between are voices like little notations on crumpled maps.

Carelessly inked shortcuts to a
dainty dabble of
yellow on
ones soul.
Hey hey hey gorgeous reader!
How are you doing?
I have an english essay to write tomorrow about the film Gattaca!
Have any of you seen it?
P.S The above is a little backstory of how Mister Him walked me home.
*nervous giggle*
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