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Man Apr 2021
what is it to be 40
twice the man, you were at twenty?
four times the man, you were at ten?
is it being wiser
and having your means meet the end?
finances sured up?
with no need, for to be the miser
a divorce or some
perhaps a strong marriage
polyamorous loves
to your heart's desire
addictions? vices? troubles stifling?
death breathing down your neck
to the thumping of your heartbeat
beads of sweat, gather
and run off your chest
like your shoes on the concrete
you are dying
even while you're living
and you know one day
it'll be your last
cause we only get so long
and time goes fast
a baby is born
the next afternoon
an old man is buried
tomorrow could never come
would you ever know it?
As we age,
let us not forget
to share the wisdom
we have gained
with the coming
We are not getting any younger.
Ken Pepiton Jul 2020
Look, grand pa, that yoostbe a mega mall.

At the edge of paradise, just there, where those sunflowers,
and mustards are making little canyons for trickles
to form rills and eventually, streams to carry away
all that water can dissolve, though, if I
fret I can
wonder at where the asphalt pitch will be,
it being hydrophobic,
insoluble unless we get some more acid rain,
-- yeah, that might work
over time.
the tower in Babel was mortared with bitumen,
what did the destruction of that edifice of mud pollute?

Nevermind, all the empty malls shall make fine villages,
and where the parking lot was,
there will be a meadow of the sort seen where green
is given back
hope, wait… do you imagine
the earth can groan?
do green things hope? do they grow happy or are they
statelessly happening,
verily being  the hypostatic form of
homeostasis in
the pursuit of life for life's sake, slightly weighted toward
happy state expecting
good, so for common sense,
we use the colors common to life's attractors
green means go
red is stop…
straight edges, where nothing grows,
those say stop, look and listen
we all know the warning signs, or do we get those in lessons
along the way,
along the way of course, I knew,
I was testing you.

once the course is mapped though, then we must learn the way,
before we may go outside and play,

that was different when I was a child, then
I thought readily as a child, with no need of grand kids
to remind me,
this is 2020, but some things never change.
Joni Mitchell crossed my mind as I pondered the paths water takes
through vast empty parking lots of abandoned factory outlets along I-40. It was Route 66, last time I walked by.
Cailey Weaver Jun 2020
My skin gets thicker every time the world strikes me with a backhand blow.

My bones strengthen every time someone I love disappears without warning.

My heart beats more insistently at every attempt someone makes to tear it out.

My soul grows deeper with every ounce of pain that cycles through my being.

Every time the world tries to crush me to its core, I generate resilience. My mind becomes wiser. It takes a certain amount of pain to make a person better. For, in order to rise, you must first be knocked to the ground.
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2020
I'm starting to question
What is family?
What does that word really mean?
Thought I knew the definition
Contradicting what evidence I've seen

As kids are told that our parents have the answers
Zero reason to believe otherwise
We trust, obey, and rely on them
They nurture us with lies

Like "We do not have a favorite child"
"We love you and your brother the same"
You'd rank two different colors equally
As long as sharing a similar name?

The words, stories, and advice passed along
From elders through the years
Vague clique anecdotes
To pacify our fears

But we cannot be anything we want
We aren't perfect just the way we are
Wish my mother had warned me
Some goals are just too far

We try hard to make them proud
Opinions matter so much
You grow up and realize
Flawed they are so you lose touch

Honor mother and father
Commandment known to all
Guess the Bible's author never shared his
With pills or a bottle of alcohol

Blood thicker than water?
Sayings a joke to me
Thinner than sheets of paper
About the same transparency

Family above everything
I dont think that's fair
Sick of putting people first
When they don't seem to care

Relatives are supposed to lend a hand
Express unjudgmental support
Every time I need help from them
Always somehow come up short

Hastily taking others sides
No matter what arguments about
Assuming I must be totally wrong
They refuse to hear me out

Unconditional love I will always have
That doesn't equal unconditional respect
Don't extend the same courtesy to me
What do they expect?

I have friends treat me better
Than own relatives
Who don't hold over my head
Favors or gifts she/he gives

My parents jealous of my boyfriend
They refuse to understand
I always put him first
Against them take stand

Maybe because he strives every day
Does all he can just to see me smile
Isn't perfect
But when it counts,
He will go the extra mile

They do not care about my happiness
In fact
The last thing on their list
Just want to control me
Push away but they persist

My brother thinks he is superior
Lecturing how I should live the right way
Disagree with a few of his own life choices
The difference is I don't say

I will always be there for them when I can
Even though they aren't always there for me
Mom and Dad sure set great examples
Examples of what NOT to be

Family is a meaningless word
I learned that long ago
Just because someone created your life
Does not mean to them your life you owe

I know they love me as I love them
It's difficult to see
The messed up **** they do
Is because they care for me

But the word "family" lost meaning
The older (and wiser) I became
Now only really matters
When referring to last name
This one has been clawing to get out of my heart for so long now
It will grant you mistakes
And hurtful blisters
But it will make you wiser
A poem every day.
Kristi Kaye Jan 2019
Carry your scars
with pride, not shame.

What are scars,
but proof you’ve
survived your wounds,
for wounds
carry no scars,
only blood.

What are scars,
but gold stars for
lessons presented
and conquered.

What are scars,
but evidence you’ve
overcome life’s
most difficult obstacles.

What are scars,
but proof of
your success,
leaving you
not broken
but wiser.
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