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Kristi Kaye Jan 24
Carry your scars
with pride, not shame.

What are scars,
but proof you’ve
survived your wounds,
for wounds
carry no scars,
only blood.

What are scars,
but gold stars for
lessons presented
and conquered.

What are scars,
but evidence you’ve
overcome life’s
most difficult obstacles.

What are scars,
but proof of
your success,
leaving you
not broken
but wiser.
Johnny walker Jan 22
No fear did I have of dying when younger for never did I give It a thought for I was so young and foolish then believed I'd never grown
But as one get older the fear slowing creeps In to
a body that once so strongly denied of any
For I was young and so foolish really believed I
couldn't be killed and therefore so many risks did I take It a wonder I'm still alive, but I am old and very much
When young thought I would never die but get older and you become so much wiser
Dazed Dreaming Oct 2017
I saw you today..
By accident..
Caught me off guard..
Wasen't expecting it..

You looked the same..
Head deep into your phone..
Unaware of what's going on around you..
Restored friendships...
With whom you hated...
All because I left you alone..
And all because you cant stand...
To be alone...

Cant say I'm surprised..
You were always high school..
All pom poms on game day..
All talk..
Loose lipped...
Knowing nothing of loyalty..
Starved for attention..
Mouth running constantly...
To whoever would listen..
Always kind of wide eyed..
And not really there...

Nothings changed...
Your still the same...
What can I say though..
I have no regrets...
Walking away...
From a ****** up friendship..
You did me so *****...
Like we were in high school..
And if you hadn't noticed...
I graduated years ago..

The life you choose to live with you and your kids...
Just isn't okay with me anymore..
You hang out with 21 year olds...
Girl, your 30...
Your Regina George's mom..
Quit playin...
This **** isn't funny...

I hope you invest all your..
"Extra time" into your kids..
They need you...
I'll miss them..
Ill miss you..
I use to love you like a sis...
But I grew up...
I've outgrown your *******..
I've hung up my gown and tassel...
Its time for you to do the same..
J Apr 2017
I will keep chasing,
Be better and grow wiser;
40-year old me
Inspired by Matthew Mcconaughey's Oscar Acceptance Speech
Nylee Sep 2016
Not everybody is happy ,
Not everybody is sad ,
Somebody from above the skies ,
throws obstacles and opportunities ,
and everyone goes through the test .
It is not about winning or to be the best ,
but more about learning and becoming wiser
and keeping alive the fire .
Nylee Aug 2016
I feel the soft sound of the falling snow .
The sound which retrieves some good memories
Of the untouched childhood ,those funny stories ,
Which has a permanent residence , always in my heart .

The empty streets , bring me back to the time ,
When I reached my adolescent , confused and stranded ,
Was moving forward , without knowing dangers ahead .
But reached somewhere , bruised and wiser .

Always in my heart ,these bits come alive .
Being a young adult , I have got a new road in front of me ,
With a dream shining through my eyes
And along with my past , my experiences of my life .

And all new things , all the efforts I am putting ,
The falls and the rises ,the victories and the fights ,
I want to add everything in my memory vaults ,
To keep them safe ,and to have a smile while reminiscing them .
George Krokos Aug 2016
The older we get the wiser we're supposed to become,
such is the general result of experience in life for some.
But with age there's also the prospect of the deterioration of health
and the wisdom that's gained is used to maintain the body by stealth.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Pat Adamek Jun 2016
At midnight I was mid breath in a new day
It felt like more than a year of stay and wait
I called a stalemate with this time in my life
and here was a day to celebrate?

So I exhaled in a new year
It became clear it was only new for me
with the news that's on T.V.
There must be a reason that I just can't see

Something to steer me and drive me along
It materialized there while they all sang the song
I am alive and that is enough
My family is here and I am well loved
It came in the form of a pair of beige sandals
I breathed in and blew out the candles
I guess it is a tradition now, here is a poem of my thoughts on this day of introspection
loveless May 2016
Is bad
It throws
Many worse situations
In whatever path we take

We feel
So weak, powerless
Fragile, exhausted, spent, hesitant
In front of those situations

The only
Intention of them
Is to make you
Stronger, wiser, mightier and better

Is your
Test of life
We all have to
Go through and top them

Stand up
No matter how
Or why you fall
Fight and become better you

One day
Life will lose
Seeing your brave heart
Bowing in front of you
Pyramidal poem
Just a try with first line constituting one word second two words and so on for five lines

Thank you elsa for providing me another idea for a poem.
Amanda Aug 2015
His lips told the stories of sleep & day-dreams.

Heavy on his tongue was a white lie.

Between the wink of his teeth was yet another.

And that is how she knows what truth tastes like.
We learn through experience, memories.
I wish you, you & you a really good day/night filled with lil surprises and wonderful things.
And if you are having a terrible day, *hugs hugs hugs*.
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