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Jan 8 · 1.0k
Amanda Jan 8
your eyes look like sunset today
don't close them just yet
Oct 2018 · 343
Case for the laundromat
Amanda Oct 2018
cherry stains knotted into cotton shirts,
the sunlight has baked your cologne into the threads and
a half-smile of lipstick on your left shoulder sleeve
Jan 2018 · 818
Amanda Jan 2018
I learnt what 17 meant: recklessness, glassy eyes and a firestorm in someone else's chest.

19: a smile carelessly left in the crook of my neck, an hour shy of a sunrise and a firestorm in my chest.
Jan 2018 · 600
Amanda Jan 2018
$8.75 popcorn butter stains my fingertips sweet,
and there's salt on my lips and in my hair.

A restless hand finds yours in darkness
rudely interrupted by blue light and washes of pinks.

And I find my heart tearing itself underneath your easy smiles.
tongue-tied and shy.
Dec 2017 · 557
All in one
Amanda Dec 2017
The mouth is a killer, the sinner,
the kinder,
part of you.
It's December now but my heart is still in July.
Sep 2017 · 520
& exhale
Amanda Sep 2017
She had violets blooming in her eyes.

They hold the night
a daybreak's first breath.
Apr 2017 · 1.0k
Amanda Apr 2017
Let gravity do its damage.
Slow and soft. Short and sweetly.
Apr 2016 · 1.2k
pixie cut
Amanda Apr 2016
He said he liked her hair long:
messy and unruly against
upturned cheeks and winks.
Braided secrets running
between lilac
blooms and plaits.

He tasted of *** and berries
Short. Sweet. Sin.

He is a wisp of an
inferno eating
all the words playing

tip toe

on her bitten lips.

Winter came as a painter’s
brush dipped in blue and grey.

Secrets that taste of sleep
syrup and honey  f r o z e
Drunk bees dance in
pale and grey roses.

A careless mistake came
in bruises, a stain of
an indigo sunset.

Rusty kitchen scissors snip,
snip, snipped away all
the bad, sugary tartness
eating a toothache.

Spring crept up on a
bare nape and shoulders
Her sun-baked eyes burned,
softened like butter,
maple syrup and something
harder than life.
It's been a while.
Feb 2016 · 830
Weather forecast:
Amanda Feb 2016
I saw my days in your eyes,

the flecks of gravel, a little grey cloud
a deep warmth between the hazel specks.
through rain & sunshine.
Feb 2016 · 792
Amanda Feb 2016
Daydreaming of rain & dry spells.
For the many loves that felt like a desert blessing.
Jan 2016 · 831
Amanda Jan 2016
He said he liked her hair long.

She just had a pixie cut.

So, she put down the kitchen scissors.
Letting spring and summer warm her bones.

And then he dared to say
"I miss your high cheekbones and the nape of your neck."
You do you.
P.S There's a drawing that accompanies this nonsensical piece.
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
Amanda Jan 2016
I drew specimens carrying XY chromosomes as sharp, angular.

But really you're this
gorgeous, warm, breathing breadth of muscle,
tendons & bones.
Jan 2016 · 1.2k
Rabbit hole
Amanda Jan 2016
On the inside,

I'm a wonderland.
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
On a train,
Amanda Jan 2016
you tend to realise several things.

1.  Infatuation and love affairs with phones.

2. Everything and everyone is a variable.
The probability of being on this lonely carriage again as that stranger with 5'o clock stubble sitting across you is infinitesimal.

So, when you find a constant, that is when things get interesting.

Uninterrupted eye contact.
The same dated train tickets stuffed deep into pockets.

3. All these people. All these faces.
I think I am getting to know love.
scribbled on the 45 minute train ride back home.
Jan 2016 · 1.3k
Amanda Jan 2016
I am no princess,
I am a queen.
I got into the University of Melbourne today!!!
Ridiculously giddy with excitement.
Jan 2016 · 795
Table for 2
Amanda Jan 2016
As I throw out the plastic wrappers, I can't help but wonder
if one day, someone will enchant me with a real meal;
homemade heaven between our teeth. And dessert that smells like bites of vanilla, raspberries &
a bitterness of the night ending too soon.
Excerpt from a story I am writing.
Night night sunshines!
Jan 2016 · 1.0k
Eating rosebuds again?
Amanda Jan 2016
That stranger had cheeks stained by berries & a summer's day.
Hihi sunshines!
Jan 2016 · 1.2k
Amanda Jan 2016
A smirk hanged off his lips as if it was a semi-colon.
Half-opened lips as if in midsentence, when in fact he has said nothing.

And all this time,
his eyes was on you.
ooh la la.
Jan 2016 · 634
Right turn
Amanda Jan 2016
There is something wonderfully intoxicating with youth.

The crash & burn of foolishness.
A shipwreck of lost treasures and mirages.

The wiseness that will come over glassy, pink-rimmed eyes.
Honesty and maps found in the bottom of beer bottles and glasses.

Here's to the loves that felt like a desert blessing.
Jan 2016 · 606
More than bones
Amanda Jan 2016
She wants to feel a warmth;
the stirrings of something far too good, too much for her heart.
Hiya sunshines!
Here's to the bad, the good and everything imaginable & slightly wild with wondrous, raw, ****** feelings.
Dec 2015 · 603
Amanda Dec 2015
She had a very sweet heart & a tooth.

Which one turned bad first?

You tell me.
Dec 2015 · 1.5k
Amanda Dec 2015
there we were under december lights and burnt out matchsticks,

looking like we've fallen in love tonight.

It was all eyelashes and hastiness drawn out.
You braided secrets & warm murmurs into my hair;
then a smirk into my left shoulder blade.

Your lips tasted like something,

I wanted more of.
A little cheekier than usual?
A very merry christmas, sunshines.
Dec 2015 · 1.0k
Amanda Dec 2015
We have to wither and die a little.

Prune, snip off all the bad, no-good things.

Even the parts that grew another home in your veins and bloomed roses around your ribcage.

Thing is, it is a place you need not visit anymore.

Burn down all the empty houses
light-bulbs still on & unlocked doors.

You need not wait.

From the ashes and bones,

there, you're *blooming.
Hihi sunshines!
How have you been?
Melbourne weather is going to be 42 degrees tomorrow!!
Time to bust out the cookies & cream ice-cream AND chilled water.
Night night!
Dec 2015 · 1.2k
Amanda Dec 2015
"Stop, you're tickling my heartstrings."

"Don't ******* over there-
You'll feel a half-moon smirk and laughter in your left shoulderblade."
Dec 2015 · 892
Never mind the doubts,
Amanda Dec 2015
let her staunter through twigs, broken leaves and buds of cigarettes.

{Nothing will bloom from them.}

Let her know the difference between the innocence of a white dress and white flowers.

Let her realise the uselessness of a lighter with damp, soggy cigarettes.

{You never needed the latter.}

Let her feel the nervousness of a stranger bandaging a wound,

& then the shyness of the fiftieth kiss.

There is a difference.

Let her know she never needed you, but

The big but is that

she loves him
he loves her.
Hihihi gorgeous sunshine.
Today has been one of the most memorable days of my 17 years.
I got the results I wanted and needed for university.
*fingers crossed*
I hope it's enough in the very end.

// you're always enough in the very end.
Dec 2015 · 937
Amanda Dec 2015
In the crook of their necks,
the two thieves fell in love.

Hi sunshine!
Dec 2015 · 377
Like the sun
Amanda Dec 2015
Instead of trying to find the galaxies in someone's irises,
look up.
Right into the sky.

So, then, when you do find a star;
that proverbial twinkle
one's eyelashes,
wouldn't you be sure?
Hey sunshine!
It was such a hot day in Melbourne. I did some cleaning out of my drawer. I found so many old letters and cards. Ah. The nolstagia was strong.
Dec 2015 · 1.0k
Amanda Dec 2015
I would like to be that girl;
the protagonist that doesn't cry.
Where she is able to push aside fears and tears, like fog on a mirror.
Her hands aren't afraid to be ***** and ******.

But bitterness and anger drool stickily on mine.

Right now, I am what I am.
This is all you get.
And it's not up to myself
for you
want me.
Good night starlights!
ex & ohs.
Dec 2015 · 566
Good night
Amanda Dec 2015
Sleepy eyes,
a truthful tongue.

Slow breathing,
a curious heartbeat.

Eyelashes and hair;
a messy scrawl.
Reminiscent of careless ink sketches.

{you're a kind of beautiful.}
Hihi you!
Nov 2015 · 1.2k
Amanda Nov 2015
They wrote


in the centre of the page.

Word connotations tranfusing into veins of ink.

Pretty synonyms { eyelashes, flowers, cherries, collarbones} lilting with virtue.
A marriage between dainty and fragility.
A wink of buttery pastries & flushed cheeks.

Why the **** did it take so long to put
brilliant { sun & stars }

This was a true realisation for me. I was trying to draw a map of synonyms for the word 'girl'. Perhaps I was too sleepy, frustratingly,I thought of the most fragile things associated with the word.
We can be all things sweet, but we can also be strong.
Regardless of gender.
Yes, I mean, you.
Nov 2015 · 1.5k
Come here,
Amanda Nov 2015
for the fact that
counting stars seem to be a pretty lonely thing to do.
It's my Valedictory Dinner tomorrow. Eeek. I am so excited.
Time to bust out a pretty dress and lipstick?
I think so. 
Nov 2015 · 845
Amanda Nov 2015
" But then again, life itself is a paradox. All in betweens and slow dances between yes & no.

Maybe what I would like is certainty and promise.
I want a sunday morning, 2:49pm phone calls,
unwashed dinner plates in the sink, two towels needing a tumble-dry.
Two tooth-brushes. Grocery bills worth two & a half stomachs.

To know the taste of someone's laugh.
Something that started as butterfly kisses
that burned into
                   a slow bloom of an inferno.

But Monday will come and life continues."
I can finally write & continue mini novellas.
So, the above^ is the very start of a new short story I wrote today.
Eeeek. I cannot wait to write without the pressure of school work. I have missed this very much.
Typed to: Youth- Troye Sivan
Night night lovely.
Oct 2015 · 578
Amanda Oct 2015
Love will come back to you in nameless ways.
Pale imitations of it finds itself in buttery cookies
& all kinds of sweetness.

In the catch of someone's laugh.
Your fingertips try to recognise their rough & sharp edges.
It is not theirs .

It is the hum of summer hot against your skin.
Though, the fire burns brighter inside of you.

It comes back, even if the night speaks of ravens and inkiness.
Ah. It feels good to sit down and write again.
I hope you, you and you have been well.
It's the biggest exams of my academic life in a few weeks.
Wish me a pinch of luck?
Sep 2015 · 505
Invitation: Lunch Date
Amanda Sep 2015
Show me a way,
I'll give you a will.

Till then, let's continue lighting
Hello you, you & you!!
I cut my fringe today, I have bangs for the first time as a near-adult.
What changes have you guys made the past week, day, month, year?
Sep 2015 · 700
Amanda Sep 2015
Something odd, warm (almost the temperature of balmy summer nights) stirred the tendrils of veins, muscles and blood.

It felt like hot showers, bare skin on sheets + ice-cream against azure skies.

It is a something so very lovely.
Spring is finally here!
I took a walk around the park with ice-cream in hand, it was honestly one of the best things I  have done in a while.
Good night sunshines.
Sep 2015 · 754
Amanda Sep 2015
He tasted like *** & winter berries.

Short, sweet & ****.

Words fell between the lips like spilt sugar.

It is far too sweet to be a wondrous kind of good.
Continuing the Cookbook series!
Hihi sunshines!
Aug 2015 · 714
Amanda Aug 2015
The shallow breaths & hot air.

We will need it later.

Pepper the words & syllables of anger over 'I want you' s.

Let all the unintentional bitterness settle and rest in chipped porcelain bowls.

We can wash it away with soapy bubbles.

P.S Remember oven mittens over hands that have already been burned.
Hihi you, you & you! How have you been?
Check out Cathy's new song (my dear london friend)
The lyrics are wonderfully sweet.
Aug 2015 · 722
Amanda Aug 2015
I ran out of vanilla beans & rock sugar.

The porcelain bowls were left with this peculiar mush of bitterness.
An odd sharpness shuddering down into my empty stomach.
My fingers slipped:
I added a pinch too much of regret
a tablespoon
of sadness.

One day, airy concoctions that taste like summer memories will flit in and out of the kitchen window.

It's okay, & maybe if I am lucky someone's knee will playfully bump against mine.
Flour on noses & cheeks.

One day.
Starting the cookbook series!
(I don't get the opportunity to cook often, but I plan to do so asap. The first thing I want to cook is creamy pumpkin + garlic bread.)
What do you like to cook?
Aug 2015 · 1.2k
Amanda Aug 2015
He had a heartbeat like a hummingbird.
Not entirely sure what I mean by that.
Maybe, you, you & you could give me an interpretation?
Sigh. It has been a long day.
Aug 2015 · 751
Amanda Aug 2015
And there we were drinking in the stars,

syllables, rhyme & reason, sweet nothings
burning down
our tongues and throats;
a wisp of an inferno.

The sun rise was our full-stop.
Hihi you!
Chin up. Come on, you've got this.
(Everything else in my book is all way too blue right now. Sometimes one has to write a little yellow sunshine.)
Aug 2015 · 966
& Vice-versa
Amanda Aug 2015
She lit up the unfound constellations of sweet syllables
the recesses of his mind.
Hey you!
Aug 2015 · 1.0k
Just to let you know,
Amanda Aug 2015


at dawn.
Hihi you, you & you!
I really wish I could incorporate drawings for this.
Aug 2015 · 1.7k
Amanda Aug 2015
His lips told the stories of sleep & day-dreams.

Heavy on his tongue was a white lie.

Between the wink of his teeth was yet another.

And that is how she knows what truth tastes like.
We learn through experience, memories.
I wish you, you & you a really good day/night filled with lil surprises and wonderful things.
And if you are having a terrible day, *hugs hugs hugs*.
Aug 2015 · 971
Smiley Face
Amanda Aug 2015
It's time to be happy,

happy to the tip of my toes & flicks of my rather short eyelashes.
What I need is to stop repressing my real thoughts for the possibility of your approval.
- Frida Kahlo
One of the best quotes I have ever read and it is time to live by it.
Aug 2015 · 377
Amanda Aug 2015
We all go through life punctuated
*lies, loss & love.
Aug 2015 · 658
Cook-book series: #2
Amanda Aug 2015
She does not speak of metaphors & rhymes.
She's more than pretty things & sweet excuses.
Her skin will not smell of sugar,
I have fallen sick. Sigh. I feel hot & cold simultaneously, my throat is so sore and sand-papery.
Any home remedies?
Hope you all have been well.
Aug 2015 · 918
Amanda Aug 2015
Eventually, the letters will just be letters.
{But they will always be mine.}

The syllables of lovely words will wilt a little. After all, blooms & daisies die.

His scent will never linger in your hair or on the edge of collars.
The kind of heart I wore on my sleeve will just be something I used to wear.

And he will wish someone Good night
in the way it is
a goodbye.
I had a cup of green tea whilst studying before, it was great.
And so it begins, my continued love affair with green tea.
What's your favourite cup of tea?
Night night buttercups!
Jul 2015 · 743
Amanda Jul 2015
Crushed strawberries bled into freshly-washed white shirts.

Fingerprints upon hand-prints.

Breaths captured between smudges of sunlight.

The wink of bare rib-cages between hands and curious eyes.

Shyness blooms between gaps bubbling between
freckled noses & mouths.
I've been saving this one.
Chin up, buttercup!
Jul 2015 · 706
Bed time story
Amanda Jul 2015
It is the oldest story we know.

They all lost their innocence.

Rib-cages became prisons,
the daisies plaited and knotted into hair wilted.
Hihi lovely
As a little kid, I loved bed time stories, it felt very safe and I felt rather invincible.
Do you like bed time stories?
Jul 2015 · 2.1k
Amanda Jul 2015
She has felt the rough edges
anger marrying sadness
against her
The way happy tasted on her tongue.
And she has yet to find a right constellation of syllables for love.
One of the greatest lessons I have learnt is to never suppress your feelings.
I did that for the past month, and it was like an inward explosion.
None of it very good.
So, cry it all out if you need to, honestly.
Now, chin up, buttercup!
P.S This piece is meant to be happy. Here's to all the wondrous, dizzying, insane feelings of the human condition.
Here's to the good, the bad & the in-between.
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