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Karijinbba Jan 14
The traveler's wife?
I get it! You showed
that movie in the
magazine pages
long before the movie
came out

Pt, I finally did
watch it each time it rains
and when the sun shines
i search for you still;
shoes shirt and pants on hand
 place them behind the bushes
in search of you and amidst
pine tree branches too
thinking of you dearest
How i love you.

Not a day goes by
I do not seek you.
Please don't go hunting
but if you do I shall run
to hug you beg you to stay
traveler dearest
twin soul divine.
I love you. 
By: Karijinbba
And Mrs and Mrs Andrews.
Coleen Mzarriz Jan 2022
It was as if her old shirt has tightened its grip unto her — slowly spreading crumbs of itch and scars from her last night's episode.

And sometimes, she would often wear her old clothes to feel its tightness and grip her unbalanced body, so she would look at herself and roll her eyes in disgust. And often, she would toss around her big shirts and compare the two, while her wounds slowly turning into scars, she would see to it and add another collection,
and she would call it a day. Eat a lot more than yesterday and hide in her memories, until someone finds her, but she's never found.

Sometimes, she will serenade someone but no one can hear her. Give some pieces of her and turn it into songs, but no one listens.

And she would call it a day, spend a lot more than yesterday, and hide in the present realm of her new found friend, her favorite scent from her old shirt.
January 2022!! Starting this year with a poem like this that I wrote last December. Reminiscing some emotions I felt last year.

Thank you for continuously reading my works. I hope you have a great month. :)
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2020
I think I am falling but don't really know
how to vocalize it.
I think I am falling like the shirt that reveals your shoulder.
I've revealed parts of myself no one knows.
A thin layer exposing true desire.
Opposed to you picking out something to wear,
even if it's just to take right back off.
I've given your face my stare to do with what you please.
My stare trailing your eyes, your nose.
I've ordered from the menu of your lips, casually staring
spending time with you.
I think I am falling, becoming more envious of the shirt
that hangs from your shoulder,
How I'd love to trade places. Being that much closer to you.
To your heart. At arms reach whenever you'd prefer.
To match your shoes, your purse.
Or just when you need comfort.
I think I am falling.
I think I have fallen with no place to land but on top of you
in seasonal bliss.
To be stretched & worn at least one day out the week.
My lips a loose fitting collar sliding kisses between your shoulder,
your collar bone.
I think I've fallen & can't pick myself up
I think I've fallen over you
M H John Jun 2019
hearing your voice
and hearing your name
brings back the pain
of what was yesterday

i found your coffee stained shirt
hidden deep in my drawers
and it brought back all those memories
of us at the corner cafe

and days where we’d sit along the bay
and count the stars
as we’d name them after our dreams

these days i find myself
trying to let the time heal eventually
all our memories
all our history
and all you meant to me
Ilonka Mar 2019
Shadows play pirouettes in my soul
and they reveal unwritten secrets,
the taste of love is lost in a whisper.

I'd like to be your tough wool jacket
that you wear in all the seasons,
you hang me on the half-broken hanger
only when you go to sleep in the middle of the night,
then I smile at you in the morning
when you take me out of the darkness.
I'd like to wear you like my favorite shirt
made of mulberry silk with fine lace buttons,
to feel you at my chest and dance with you
the dance of the common days,

I'd like like you to be the nectar of the Manuka flowers
from which I could feed for the whole year
then I would fly in search of the sunset,

I'd like to be your footprint
on the wet sand of the hot sea
that would take me away in distant worlds,
I'd like to…
km Feb 2019
i always hated its color
but you gave it to me
so i kept wearing it

i always hated the way it fit
but i liked the way it felt
so i kept wearing it

it had that stupid little hole in it
right in the front
but i kept wearing it

i hated that shirt
yet i wore it every day
because you gave it to me

until one day i stopped
and i realized just how
ugly this shirt was

and then i realized
you are the shirt
in every way imaginable

i hated the way you were
like i hated the color of your shirt
but nor you or the color will change

i hated the way you fit me
like i hated the way it fit me
but i convinced myself i looked good in that shirt, and with you

and the hole, well, it just showed your imperfections
you had a huge hole in you
i was just ambitious enough to think i could sew it
February 25, 2019
indigochild Dec 2018
isn't it such a shame when we tie people to objects

it was my favorite shirt

i buried it in the back of my closet
i never wore it again
today i picked it up
it all came back

you came back

i want you to go away
but i hung you back up
along with my dignity and pride

and told myself i'd wear it one day

that day will never come
I am
one here
under the
sun and
water grass
this higher
ground with
floods of
deals with
claws by
lake sanders
made a
red dye
that 'twas
sky that
red scare
thread bare
Op-Ed be quiet
Shannon Aug 2018
i steal your shirt that i know you didn't wash
just for me.
i wear your shirt and it turns into the embodiment of safety  
and i wear it to sleep in your bed;
and takes me back to that safe place when i am alone in my own.
i steal your shirt for the smell and the feel
the knowing that its touched your skin now mine
the smell, oh
the smell puts me to sleep faster than the pills do
and the love.
love in each and every fibre.
I sit here with the fabric pressed against my nose
breathing it in
breathing you in
because although you are not here
when i need you
you are here

who knew fabric could smell so sweet.
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