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Let the breeze whisper
Maiden songs the river knows
You loved like the kiss
Under that fair mistletoe
While the hourglass stood calm
Lily Dec 2018
~I want to kiss you under the mistletoe and hold you in the candlelight~
abeille Dec 2018
Baby it's cold outside
So snuggle up closer

If hot chocolate was alcohol
We'd be well past drunk by now

I could lay with you for hours
Until we drift off to sleep

I want to wake up in your arms forever
Listening to the crackling fireplace

We don't even need mistletoe
Just kiss me darling
Knit Personality Dec 2018
My eleventh toe is green.
    I take it out at Christmas,
Hold it above my head,
    And ask around for kisses.

Simpathi Jan 2018
Christmas lights,
Crystal snow.
Always so bright,
Always unknown.

Beautiful snow,
Arching mistletoe.
Wishes to blow,
Love can only grow.

Hanging plant,
Meeting place.
No more rants,
Only your face.

Take me in,
Pull me close.
Touch the brim,
Brushing my nose.

Only lasts seconds,
But lasts forever.
We don’t mind,
The chilly weathers.

Smoke of magic,
As you talk smoothly.
Don’t know what happened,
Just felt so soothing.

No flying reindeers,
No crimson sleighs.
Don’t need to see magic,
It lies within us, forever to stay.

Crackling wood,
Endless warmth.
You know I would,
Make you adored.

Nature’s winterhold,
Brisk cold breeze.
When you are cold,
I’ll be the one to freeze.

You need warmth,
I need humility.
Treasure of lore,
Gifts of opportunity.

Taking my breath away,
I can’t even recall the words to say,
Telling you’re perfect,
Endless fate, still worth it.
The Christmas I didn't spend with her S.B. <3
mint Dec 2017
i think of what i was looking forward to this season
most of it was you
untouched promises of kisses under the mistletoe
we were too far away to pull through
shattered remembrances of my love are swirling in my brain  
something i bet doesn’t happen to you
heartbreak is the flavor this season
it always has been but now i can add onto the list of reasons

Falling in love with you was something I shouldn’t have done
Namu Dec 2017
When the sky was black and the earth was white,
your silhouette was the focus of my sight.
I walked closer, to where you were under
A trademark of romance, oh! it shocked my heart like thunder.
Warmth among the cold snow
Your face and it's beautiful glow
It was there that our lips met
a kiss not of love
but to bid me farewell
Under the mistletoe, I wished for us to grow
but it was "us", the present that you chose to throw
Merry Christmas Y'all!
Anne Scintilla Dec 2017
This is how it starts,
A coincidental kiss–
And where it must end.
not all stories are love stories. and not all live stories are fairytales.
Lady Ravenhill Dec 2016
A new dawn breaks this
White Yuletide Morn’,
Light tickles scraps of paper and
Pine needles that still litter the floor.
The window sill a glitter
With a fresh sprinkle of snow,
And gentle Sun through frosted panes
Makes the Ol’ Mistletoe glow.

Do you remember when we lay
Beneath the Ol’ Holly tree,
And all the sweet nothings
You whispered to me?
Now the Ol’ Holly’s pointed leaves
Adorned with ribbons o’ red
To honor our Ancestors
Both alive, lost and dead.

This Yuletide Morn’ sees us through
The longest of winter nights,
And brings blessings of life anew
With each days growing light.
For with the springs’ bloomin’ tulips
And the new wobbly fauns,
The next Solstice will see
Our own new life dawn.
@LadyofRavenhill 12/13/16
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