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If I will have wrinkles,
let them be from too much smiling.

If I will have bad vision,
let it be from looking at good for too much.

If I will be starved,
let if be from me feeding you all the good I've had.

If I will have broken bones,
let them be broken because I
have taken the pain that would've gone to you.

If I will be weak,
let me be weak from being too strong.

When I will die,
let me die because I have done enough good here.
Jonathan Surname Nov 2018
Who's the boy with the sickly eyes down the hall?
He looks so familiar. But his name I can't recall.
He's on my lips, I can feel him right there,
hope he didn't catch me with my mouth open stare.

He looks like he needs a nap, to get some rest.
His clothes all wrinkled, his posture's a mess.

But he has a thick line of laughter creased in his cheek.
His smile has some tatters, and he's got coffee stains
for teeth.
His glasses are fogged up ***** with that day's grease.
If he took a bit of care for himself he'd be looking,
better than what I've seen.

Too bad he isn't better than he is right now.
some ideas ive had, some remarks ive heard, and a few insecurities i need to face
JJ Inda Nov 2018
The youth
has gone away.

Only lines
of fun stay.

When I smile
they go astray.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
I  look In a mirror
what do I see looking
back, reflection but
I'm old now can't
remember the last
I took a good hard
look at me but
what I see now
I'm unrecognisable
Where now that
the young man who
played about with
his hair more like
girl with bad hair
day, hair I dont have
anymore "Oh for the
joys of getting
The joys of growing old look in a mirror
what you see looking back you don't like
Anya Sep 2018
Our task in class
to draw really
depressed people
for a competition
I wanted to draw
a really
drooping cheeks
flawless skin

She said no
I get to draw
an old person
which is fine
HOW am I to draw
And especially
a value scale
of shading
as well
the issue
isn't that
I am unwilling to draw
I, consider myself
at big picture person
NOT as much detail oriented

I, consider myself
who relies
at least half
if not more on
NOT to say
that I lack
technical skill

my strong suit
would be
the idea

she's challenging me
by giving me a simple idea
And having the key portion
be the
According to my mom
it's a good thing
And I agree too,
I suppose I'd better go draw
Leonardo J Jul 2018
I.   I often look at your beautiful face, but that isn't why I love you.

you are looking in the mirror forty years from now,
and you have long surrendered to time,
your beauty will betray you,
it will betray us,
this you already know,
the heavens and hells tug at your flesh
slowly carving wrinkles
at the pillars of your youth.

II. The Ocean Blue

For on the surface they swim, and on the surface you look
but few so ever dive where a madman would go
to the dark chilly solitary crevices,
of where true beauty lies,
that is where I found you,
in the deep darkness
that is where I saw you,
alone, so beautiful, pristine,
cold in the dark.
Logan D Jun 2018
If my watch breaks
Then I will show you the wrinkles
On my heart
So you know how long
I've been waiting for your love
Rose May 2018
Seeping sadness
eating me alive
while I sit here aimlessly
to the buzzing of the stove.
Wingless appetite
of a girl
who brainlessly bargains
as her soft
little soul
drifts away.
She heartlessly mutters
of love
she doesn’t feel.

All that she feels is steam
puffing past her face
as she slowly
her wrinkles
day after day.
To those who've felt aimlessly waiting for life to carry on, as the days carry on.
She Writes Apr 2018
When gazing upon her reflection
She doesn’t see wisdom in grey hairs
Or find memories in smile lines
She sees bags and wrinkles
Pain and stress
Tears roll over the hills and valleys
On her aging cheeks
Oh how I wish she could see
There is simple beauty in living
A long and happy life
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