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FloydBrandon Feb 2020
Why can’t you notice me
I’m standing right here
and I know that I’m real
because I slapped on rocks and they grew some feelings
and knew they were rocks
and knew they were real
but they couldn’t move mountains
because they were rocks
and rocks can’t move
and mountains don’t care.  

Why can’t you see me
I’m more than just see-through
and I know you feel breezes
because I sneezed in your ear and you made three wishes
but wishes are for wells
and air can’t feel
and rocks can’t move
and mountains don’t care.
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Yoshino cherry tree, blossoms glistening in the sun
Most vibrant display of white-pink blossoms, with faint almond fragrance
Delightful moment, overcome by a massive sneeze attack
10/15/2019 - Poetry form: Sijo - A Sijo is a type of poem that has three lines containing fourteen to sixteen lines each. The Sijo is a poem of Korean descent where each line of the poem having its own role. The first line is used in order to introduce the theme or topic of the poem. In the second line is meant to delve deeper, give more information about the theme that was introduced in the first line. It's meant to change or agree with and give detail on what the poem is about. The last line of a Sijo poem is the conclusion line. It takes the information from the second line about the topic from the first line and ends it in a way that is both beautiful and satisfying, or challenging depending on the poet. The ending line is not meant to be predictable, in fact, it's meant to twist what you know so that it is unexpected and enjoyable. A Sijo was originally meant to be sung so each line should have its own natural break. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Anonymous Writer Jan 2019
His sneezes threaten her peace

He quivers in every problem she faces

Twinflames, two bodies one soul
Ever experienced it?
How is the relation now?
mlk Dec 2018
A cruel injustice, a terrible tease!
Oh, how it annoys and displeases!
When I'm about to expel a feel-good sneeze--
but then the wretched sneeze ceases.

(A feeling of desperate unease
an almost-sneeze.)
Everyone knows the feeling!
Nis Aug 2018
The sun makes me sneeze,
Like Plato's prisoner I reach for the light
but I'm answered with closed eyes,
Like Icarus I fly in my glory
only to fall to the unresting sea,

I fall back on my seat,
a poet's seat,
and I write,
I write about the sun
and the cloud that just protected me
from the powerful influence on my nose.
I cry.
Funny thing, in English this word has two meanings
that not always go together.
I  could wheep, I could shout,
but I just cry,
cher Jul 2018

not love

not of that sort

the dissatisfaction that overwhelms
overwhelms your soul,
your mind,
your being,
when your body be a traitor;
when it retracts a sneeze from your grasp.

it's a crescendo of buildup! anticipation!
that cadence you so physically crave
your body aches
begs the deities that be
to let you have that ******* release.

but alas,
you were betrayed.
i needed to sneeze
K Balachandran Jun 2018
billowing black clouds,
a silly sneeze of a rain;
such an absurd scene!
Steve Page May 2018
I sit
beneath the sign that reads silence
conscious of my imminent sneeze
and the threat of its violence.
Library fears.
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