Roisin Sullivan May 2014

Let me fly

                              Quick cut the rope tying us together
                           And I soar on the wind's wings.
                       You can't feel my heaviness
                   Up, higher and higher until
               My sails until I start to lift
           Let the breeze creep under
       On the ground as you go.
    Trailing me behind
Sprint ahead

read from the bottom up :)
Miche Griffin Apr 2013

Everyone has his or her sport.
I run. I run like there’s
No tomorrow. You can call me
A cross-country runner.
I’m quite gifted
At running—from East coast
To West—away from my

Hannah Lorrelle Jan 2015

Kith and kin of Pheidippes
she knows nothing else
lays everything on the line
throws herself into the task
the task of protection.
To stop means of harm, or sorrow
the curse of the coward,
knowing only flight
never knowing love
never finding rest.
She has yet to learn
you cannot outrun the past
for the past is too strong.
Sometimes, dear runner,
you must be still.
Sometimes, dear runner,
you must stand your ground.

Maybe I am a runner…
Stretched out as a wet canvas,
waiting for the stroke of the brush
While drops of rain splatter slowly,
spreading me  into a sea,
overflowing off the edges onto the ocean floor…
I rise up swimming,
in a pool of colors, for a breath,
a taste, a lick
Water beaded on my skin…
I am a green lizard climbing into my papaya cave,
Sticky moist and sweet
I wish I could wear all the shades of blue,
in the sea, diluting all that is not me
Onto a canvas, to believe
Blueness of eternity…running

when you're at the airport
you may see those flat escalators,
the ones that move,
they're just sitting in the middle
of the airport,
waiting to be stood on,
waiting to move you?
you know those?

You walk on,
you may stand or
you might walk.
You could run.

I run.
I run down the path,
watching the luggage trail
their people along,
zipping by.
I see bright signs,
rushing across my
brain in streaks of

And all too soon,
the path ends and
I'm thrust back onto solid
back to reality,
back to

Danielle Joanna Oct 2014

There was never a safe way out.
The maze, its in us.
Though we want to get out
We can't
Wherever we go
It follows.
Whatever we do
It's here.

Though we want to stop feeling
We cant.
Because the maze is with us
Wherever we go, whatever we do,
It's just a matter of choosing east or west, north or south, wrong or right.

It consists of decisions
Along the way,
It can help you or destroy you.
But if you take the risk and let it in you
You have a better chance of surviving.
Ironic, I know
That is what love is.

It can kill, it can encourage, the maze is something everyone has. And it is not a trap. There is really a light after  the black shadows. A rainbow after the pouring rain. A smile after the several pain
The maze is what keeps us alive.
Without it, we are already dead.

Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2012

Universal love
Corresponding hearts
Beating tandem
In tune
In tune
Ohh if I was sure
Id let it be known
Cause we've been here
Taken me there
High upon high
Laying beneath soil
Touching skies
In bloom
In bloom
Tell me of something
Has poison ever sex'd lips
Making it unreasonable
To mistake this
Tune in bloom
Sweet David and Joseph
Blasted hits
Beyond stars
You've dragged me closer
Still so far
In tune
In bloom
Vile bitter taste
Sucked from a tip
Drank slowly
Drunken sips
I've dreamed
Excuse nightmares
Visions of you
Sweet you and I
One hell of a guy
The face that kills
Murderer of the night
In tune
In bloom
Given up fight
Ohh Mary
Martha too
It wasn't I
But demons
That chased you
Sweet David
Dance your jig
With a fiddle mans tune
In bloom
In bloom
Only by the day
Has the end come clear
Holds Martha
Out of fear
David clutch his hand
Beg for mercy
On our behalf
Once again
Universal love
Corresponding hearts
Adam loved Eve
As the time starts
Ohh what a lovely garden
Hidden between thighs
Cause we've been there
High upon high
Laying beneath you
Scratching skies
Sweet David and Joseph
Has poison ever sex'd your lips
Sucked from a tip
Mary visions of you
Murderer of the night
The face that kills
Martha too
Dance your jig
Forget the demons
That chase you

The runner

Emma N Boyer Apr 2013

Sweat glistens on her brow
She’s ready
The sun shines behind her head
She’s ready
Her shadow dances on the track
She’s ready
Her teammates’ eyes are on her back
She’s ready
The starter’s arm brings up the gun
She’s ready
Her muscles loose; prepared to run
She’s ready
She hears a whisper to her right
She’s ready
The gun goes off with blinding light
She’s ready
Nothing at all can stop her now
She’s ready
Blood slips slowly down her brow
She’s ready
She breaks the ribbon; wins the race
She’s ready
A reddened mask covers her face
She’s ready
The starting gun had shot no blank
She’s ready
The crowd’s cheers died and their hearts sank
She’s ready
The finish line is painted white
She’s ready
The runner lives until that night

Christian DeBuys Oct 2011

The runner
sprinted on
the rubber

of the track
now the heel
of the shoe

slamming down
to the roll
of his foot

to the toe
then the leap
through the air.

Charlie Mar 2015

I walk outside, it's forty degrees and the grass is twinkling like your eyes do.
I stretch and sigh and feel tears prick my eyes, the same tears that I had when I put an end to this.
So, I ran. I ran and I ran.
I ran like I was Jesse Owens and I ran like I was drunk and  I ran like I needed to be drunk.
I stopped and I cried and I sighed and I loved.
I don't love you anymore, Madison, but I did at one point.

I stopped like I stopped running and  stopped caring and stopped drinking to get rid of your smile burned into my eyes.

I met someone new, Madison, I met someone else and I'm happy now.
I'm happy without you, Madison.
I don't need to get drunk and I don't need to run.

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