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Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
You look like art
Male and female
Way beyond the veil
Hard yet soft
A drink and a cough
You're the up
When there is down
You're the sun
For ever moons around
Heat to the cold
Fire to ice
I'll  be your lover
Not once nor twice
You be my husband
I be your wife
We be together
No ***
No strife
Cause you are art
And I flow inside you
As life and all that is due
You be art
And I be you
We be one
Art is true
You be art

I'll be the art
You the muse
For me to bring to light
Only for me to use
I am the art
But you the inspiration
Taken to my blank canvas with much dedication
Delicate strokes
Paint a vivid picture of us from the mind
The art and inspiration
Two in a pair
One of a kind
I'll be the art
Neither feminine or masculine
You're the beauty I draw from deep within
You the muse
For me to bring to light
And only for me to use

A muse for you to use
A light
Beyond the shadows of night
You be art
I be light
We be one
In the moon
As her light
Im the secret
You long to keep
I'm the essence
That make you weak
You be art
I be muse
Your lust
Your passion
Your love
Never would I refuse
I be bright
You be brighter  
You be heavy
Making me lighter
Eclipse of the sun
Where you stay
I begun
You be fuse
I be muse
We be art

Nova St. Paul & Naomi Sa'Rai
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
I love you
Though we've never met
You're the sun on which I've longed to set
Your eyes
Your skin
Your lips
I've longed to be within
The flesh of you
All that you are
Could be all that I ever knew
Your taste
Your touch
The very essence of you
I drink you like the moon
You are my taboo
Though you are far
I feel so close to you
Here I walk in freedom
There I'm restricted from you
I want to kiss you
In the light of the moon
I want to walk inside you
Half past noon
I want to feel your manhood
In my garden so sweet
My strawberries in nectar
They yield as you do eat
You're so far away my dream
My child
My today
My smile
I want to lose me inside of you
Release my nation
Find freedom in your taboo
The love
The kiss
Of a beloved
Who I never knew
The love
The kiss
Of my beloved
One I never knew

Nova St.Paul
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
You are my friend
I reached out to you
I remember all the times
And the things we would do
You made me happy
My smile was with you
You were my friend
We were one never two

One instrument and of one sound
Always in harmony
Nothing taboo or out of bounds
You are my friend
And the truest love I've found
For you I'd give life
My joy of future I'd lay it down  
Just because we are one
Beyond all that can see
We are one
I love you
As I love myself
You love me as though there is no one else
you are my friend
I would die for you
I am your friend
Your life is my view into all that is and all there is to be
We are one
Flowing in harmony
Not many know of a friend
Like you and me
You are my friend
For now and throughout eternity
Blood, bone, flesh life
Forever and eternity
You are my friend
You are me

Nova St. Paul & Naomi Sa'Rai
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
For I was made not created
Carved from the very bone of you
Therefore you were deep inside me
Before I even knew
Your blood flows like a river through mine
As I'm sipped like wine at dinner time
Languid, slow
Breathe me in
Let lust take control
Famished and starved
Take my bread and eat ye all of it
Holy sacrament
Because we were made in his image
And HE died for our sins
I've bathed in your iniquities
Time and time again
For I was shaped in innocence
But my ***** contained original sin
You had me for three days
Felt like I'd died and arose 'gin
My worlds been in a drought
But the Father sent the rains
That brought a sensual flood about
Because we were made in his divinity
Fingers grasping, breath hitches as the world spins
Blurred visions of you
More than the trinity
I me and him
You he and we
Born flesh and infinity
Divine and humanity

Naomi Sa'Rai and Nova St.Paul
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
It was not love
That stayed me here
I need you to listen
Open mind be clear
Love never stayed me
Want kept me
With you
Flowers to the wind
Things I thought you knew
Want stayed me
By your side
Want of the life we've made together in our pride
Me wanting the life I had with you
Our beautiful children
And all the things that were in view
I wanted the life we worked hard for
I wanted you in spite of your *****
Ohh really
You thought I did'nt know
Lisa was your side piece
Your ever loving *****
She knew me too
I made it my business to let her know
You could never have this unless I let it go
It was want
Want for all I had with you
My past, my present yet not in view
But on today I give you back to you
I want you no more
I've found love
One that is true
I close the window
Set shade on I and you
Tell Lisa you're hers
walk in her view
Things I thought you knew

Nova St.Paul
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
I hate you!
From the look in your eyes
To the bitter sweet words you choke out
I hate you and everything you're about
The way your hands caress my frame
Leaning in close to whisper my name
I hate that I can never...NEVER love you again
How I thought we would last a lifetime
An eternity
I hate how now you've decided that can never be
I hate you and all that you've done to me
Bewitched my mind with thoughts of you
Cursed my soul with your witches brew
I hate that I love you more now than I use to
When I dream at night it's never a dream come true
I hate that I hate myself more than I hate you....

You hate me
As I hate you
For all of the things that you put me through
I gave heart
Mind to you
You ******* me literally
Slapped me
Played with my blue
My blue that rained for only you
I spread my wings just to be cut by you
You drink me deeply
Swallowed me whole
Played with my intellect
Straight ******* my soul
Yet you hate me
That cant be true
Just last night
I received all of you
You came into my intellect
Seized my soul
******* my mental
Made me your  own
You say you love me
But that's not true
I hate you more
Bout time you knew
My flowers yours
your horn I've already blew
You hate me
But i hate you too
Where do we go from here
Is what I ask of you

Naomi Sa'Rai & Nova St.Paul
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2019
I kissed you in the sunlight
We made love in the rain
I held you close
You pushed me away
I've opened up
There was no straight or gay
I was pink
You were blue
We made love it was true
We blew up
Black and purple
Made me **** on your blue

You caressed me under the pale moon
After we made love in the afternoon
You cuddled my entire being
I ran from everything I knew to be true
There was no gender
Only you and I
Me and you
Hands running through the red of your locks
Animalistic love making
Prowling like a fox
I was blue
Hands tangled in red
As i suckled, teethed and stuffed my mouth with everything you fed
Black and purple
Bruises above and below
The artistic connection of our beautiful souls
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