Faces covered with
All shades of

Yet, her sweaty face after the dance was the most radiant.
"Thank you for everything." She said.

"Thank you for being everything." He replied with a smile.
Well, is it better to have and lose,
Or to never have and never lose?
Well, is it better to see and cry,
Or to turn a blind eye?
Well, is it better to live and die,
Or to never be born so that we never say goodbye?
Well, is it better to love and then hate,
Or to never meet the chosen fate?
I know, you would choose the later,
For you fear the pain which loss brings,
The blood which tears see,
The scars which memories carry,
The hatred which loves hides,
But, my darling,
Why do you forget the contentment having brings?
The beauty which the eyes capture?
The magic which the life brings?
The life which love showers?

Now if I ask you again,

Well, is it better to pick a rose and get hurt,
Or, to fear the thorns and never touch the flower?
Well, is it better to kiss and ****,
Or, to never touch those lips for you think it is a sin?
Well, is it better to hope and regret,
Or, to never expect and never live?
Well, is it better to dream and speak and fear,
Or, to never be able to think or hear?

Will your answer still be the same my dear?
People tell me to live my life without any expectations,
Well, is that even a life?
They said she was 'too sweet',
I knew she was 'too meek'.
He loved the way she laughed,
With all his heart
No effort.
To the girl,
he is going to marry,

   When he comes home drunk,
   And calls out my name,
  Just kiss him and whisper,
  "I'm here, honey."
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