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Kon Grin Sep 2019
Знаешь, будто бы обуглена
Отпечаток солнца на оттенке ее рук
И изящной пары ног, что короткими шагами
Носит Солнце по земле

Между облаком и небом
Душа усеянная светом
Звезд, что на ее лице
Оставили сияние.

Она блестит всегда.
Хоть улыбается, хоть нет.
Янтарная звезда.

И Слово, и молчание
И спокойствие, и счастье
И улыбка, и гримаса боли
И скала, и море
И цветок, и солнце
И секунда и семь лет

Я пою твой свет.
bbbbbenie and the jets
Kon Grin Sep 2019
Razored by torrential feelings
Fried between the scorch and sand
Bleeding, willing
To at last prosper in home land

I find a creature speaking seemingly the English
Though im the one who’s teaching her so what’s the deal
A form encompassing the all within the all
A pitch between eternity and null

A sweet delight she’s at
As I am circling her around my head
In thought i have to hide
Even from myself
Im willing not to catch up in the tide

September 19 - 2 years we met
as I was standing by the door
4 eyes and one realization
9, 4 and school

You’re sun, sunflower and a bear
You’re a bracelette id wear
For the rest of my
Life and I
Want you to know
I kinda love you,

Wont you please
Please wait
Until the “1 and 2,
Oh oh and 2, too oh and double two”
So I would do
Do anything at all
Not fearing hearing a reproach.≠
bbbennie and the jets
Kon Grin Oct 2018
For what its worth
We have travelled much
Out of school for several times
Starving for the journey and the ride

Bringing out the best we are
Heading out at midnight
Driving Hundred-Fifty mountain ride

We are living
We are living
Are we not the best that could've been

Dear Wisdom
I'd love to think
But my thinking cap has broken twice this rhyme

I'm conquering
But losing each
Drop of childish blood that we once had

See we are breaking bad
See we are buying heads
See its Hundred-Fifty down the sea

The juniper night
On the spring I was young
I spent all my brain for the reel

Not rockign the boat and
Not sailing abroad
Am I lucky, a fool or a bee?

Oh my buttercup friend,
I am girding for rest
So get on we are leaving the rest
So get on we are heading even more ******* West

And the sign of the wine
That allures me to dine
On the bones of the wasted time

Dont go lookign for fame and glory
You are doing great as you are
Dont go searching for fame and glory
Glory is another name for Love
When the night has come for our room
And the doggy sings bit out of tune
When the day blunts out a new Amen
Praise the holy light
Kon Grin Sep 2018
im trying to be
a knight in pocket on a knee
a flower on a bed of reed
a sunshine in the ****** up dim


perpetua in timeless home
a shaving boy, a cheap add-on
to beauty of your youthful old
twenty four y.o. cute face
Kon Grin Jul 2018
ive seen the world all people same
we love we fear, deprived, insane
absolute mass and no division for the HQ supervision
we are Trialed in side by solicitude at night
blindfolded OF!
superiority of those that are biting in our nose
medicating under-eighteen that appear so differently
and thus don't reap the boredom we are destined to live through
im sorry that I'm different
and I'm sorry that I speak
for the nation of the flowers
all fragile but not weak
A call out to generation X
Kon Grin Jul 2018
luv, kids, luv
meet plenty clovers-bowers on a bed of dove
bros lead bros
u can't predict them meeting ai fortuna, love
liv kids liv
be-tray all, but your myth
  Jul 2018 Kon Grin
As a flower thou wither in the absence of light
With no rays and no heed where the agony hides
When the bloom is no longer a forthcoming bright
And the singing is now not a prayer, but cry

In the wisdom and bravery thou reckon the faith
And the spirit takes over misdeeds that were made
As a flower thou wither in the absence of light
Though thy soul is remembered, embodying might

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