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Nylee Jul 8
i expect today a sad day
a silent day
a tiring day of waiting
it is calm
with its restless way
the unknown
creeping up on my face

the first half, left up
the next right, the second call
a building floor
every home in discord
a frozen time
clock moving its hand hour
the patience
is just a thread long

the work is third cup done
the coffee cold
a look into cynic's mind
it is hopeless pit
wonder when star's align
and time be right
it has turned out plain and trite

a bare notepad,
my current head space
working for what
the life is continuously stale
it is mundane
at boredom's highest scale
i should shut down.
Em MacKenzie Nov 2018
Tell me I’m not stupid for allowing myself to feel,
searching out for the next wound before letting the former heal,
I’ve been convincing myself that the invisible path is real,
but it’s not wide enough for two; one can stand and one can kneel.

If there’s anything in this world that tightens my chest,
it’s the moment I am strangled by vulnerability.
I keep it chained away to the very best,
to the very best of all my abilities.
Take all those thrown away phrases
and piece them back together to hit my ears
it’s funny how the long silence still amazes,
amazes me after all these quiet years.

Are you Sonic the hedgehog,
‘cause this is a chaos emerald.
Wipe away the tears to see the fog,
my world shakes when once it trembled.
I’ve got an easy road ahead of me
where the path could be so easy,
but I’m drawn to walk into the sea,
I wish that instinctive pull would leave me.

We humans are such destructive creatures
we turn soil to scorched earth with just one touch.
It’s the curse of emotions and all it features,
makes us decline a cast and accept a crutch.
We fall prey to our monsters like a disease,
do I pick life support or a clean cut cure?
A solid steel spine or weak and shaking knees?
Toxic lungs or a gasp of air too pure?

Should I swallow this gulp of mundane routine
conform and erase all individuality?
The white picket fence in photographs is so pristine
but it’s covered in dust and mold the naked eye can’t see.

My storybook ending is incomplete
as I didn’t much care for the ending.
I traded in tragedy instead of something sweet,
‘cause I’ve never been so good at pretending.
All along there are holes both in the souls and plot,
and I wish to roll but can’t afford the toll as empty hands are all I got
Marilyn Heavens Oct 2018
I am asked so many times
Do I love this man of mine
My answer is there for all to see
For in my heart I hold a key
But now the years are rolling by,
My oh my how time do fly
I think about it long and hard,
Our life together, so unmarred
I ask myself do I love him still
And answer yes I love him still
But another question hangs in tow
Am I in love?
I answer no....
To be in love is to be obsessed
With *** and lust and a cosy nest
To be in love is for new affairs,
For holding hands and hidden lairs.
No No! I am not in love not now
but once I was and this is how.
My man and me we fell in love
Walking hand in hand together.
Swore our vows and led each other
Let no man put our love asunder
Natalie Bowers Sep 2018
I am the wilted roses in your vases,
I am the stale water in your glasses,
I will always be bittersweet;
A reminder of past kindnesses.
Abandoned by your neglect.
I linger.
Amanda Jul 2018
I am sorry if I've turned into a mess
You're so strong, you cannot break
I have my fair share of sins to admit
My well-being is at stake.

Your girl was all I wanted to be
Do I ever let you down?
I am not sure if I have it in me
To turn that beautiful smile into a frown.

You say all the special things I wanna hear
Words I've never been told
But it is time to admit I fear
This romance is starting to grow..

Do you like what I did at the end there? I thought I was being pretty clever haha.
Jordan LC Murphy Feb 2018
Lost and confused
Dazed and bemused
Bored of the news
Bored of myself
I tried hard not fail
And stable my tred
Instead I was trampled
Life is stale
Stale old bread
No matter how hard you try sometimes it's just not meant to be :)
YieShawn Scutt Nov 2017
like spoiling bread
my control is beginning to crumble
I use to be so strong I could walk for days
But I blindly ran due to being afraid
and now all my legs do is stumble
I'm dying to cry out
release the toxins in my head
but my words never pass a mumble
James H Butko Oct 2017
I knew I had truly given up
when I didn't even bother to hurt myself
'cause I knew no blade could cut as deep
as the dull blade of monotony
and another day without you
The only thing I seem to be able to do by myself is **** things up.
Sometimes I'm awake,
thinking about all the thinking
that holds me from sleep,
and I lie there and ponder
why i'm lying there asunder
just a little too tired to weep.

Sunlight probes my eyes
come the morning,
a Monday calls my limbs to move
but i'm dead weight not shifting
though the sand of time is sifting
but i'm playing dead, lying aloof.
KKM Mar 2017
-iced coffees and knife tattoos couldn't justify the broken glass glinting off your back, so water down the orange sadness in your grey eyes and start pulling apart the summer nights' convenient secrets
- the gas station 6 minutes from home can teach you a thing or two about energy and mileage but no matter how far you go, the moon will always being its stars along to remind you of brand new ideas and bright eyes; don't blink or you'll miss a gunning thought
- with the loose thread on your hat's embroidery, stitch together 24 dandelions and swallow the ink that runs from the moments that you put you on a golden high; speeding down the highway on the road to a fresh, green burst of adrenaline on the coast is one that turned into silver
- your walk to the white laundromat down the street required a soft cold slurpee that would quench more than just your summer vibe but you picked up a medium iced hazelnut coffee instead and called it 'starting over' so your best friend would be proud of the way you handle new beginnings and stale cookies
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