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Kit Aug 4
Arch your fingers, clasp your palm,

touch the keys as if pulling

at the heartstrings of a lover;

back in the looming financial crash of 2007

when a family bought a piano

and a new house,

and a young girl ached Chopin.

With your hand out of the window

and the car on the motorway,

talon hands, poised,

feel the air as a shotput;

smooth, round, permanent -
oxygen bubbles

puppeteering pale fingertips

until the window goes up

and the radio is heard again.

Speaking three languages,

la mort, la mort, la mort;

D – E – A – D 

the keys cannot spell ‘childhood’,

but her fingers reach

more than an octave now

(her thumb still ******).

Chopin welcomes her

to her final decomposition;

her piano, dusty

and blooming with flowers

through each key,

plays discords

that don’t quite make

a funeral march.
Something I wrote for a creative writing portfolio in first year of university.
Kit Aug 4
I’ll lie to you tomorrow,

but tell you today

that the next 24 hours

will be the start

of something beautiful;

a lie only becomes so

when the truth is impossible –

for all the times 
I say tomorrow

will be wonderful

there’s a possibility


So get a load of this,

me, again,

smiling to show my gums,

me, again,

writing down plans

and burning them,

me, again,

hoping that the ash

will be taken by the wind.


Sunrises are the start 
and the finish line;

it’s so easy to run,

but it’s harder to stop

before I’m not

Here we are again,

the peak of the trough,

and I’m telling everyone

once more

that tomorrow

I will be (un-)

Something I wrote for a creative writing portfolio in first year of university.
sara Aug 2
The silence makes me sick
I don’t know why I put myself through it.

I was told I could feel whole
in a heartbeat.

But my heart beats
Each time I eat lovehearts for dinner.
A poem about the unfulfilling nature of social media
Bee Burnett May 18
I am an empty vessel
Swaying in the water,
I am a still pool
Under summer heat,
I am a willow
That feels no breeze,
I am a sun
That never rises.
A meal never eaten, a song never sung, a rug never beaten, a bell never rung.
A railing never held, a stair never troden, a river not sailed, a sponge never sodden.
Not reaching full potential or amounting to something
Hamies Mar 19
if you would look close,
you would see the agony kept inside my chest
and dead butterflies killed by myself ages ago
you'd see the unspoken thoughts
repetitively playing like music in my ears
no one can hear
you'd recognize my shadows dancing on papers of unwritten poetry
kept inside my treasure of hope
you'd understand the scribbled words written on the walls of my heart secretly wanting to be noticed just by someone who looks close enough

but if you decide to look closer,
you'd see the pain running through my veins demanding be felt in every inch of my body
you'd see the little girl that lives inside me
still trying to be let free
you'd see the hatred trying to be restrained by the idea of destiny & that tomorrow will be better
and the whisper in the back of my head always telling me that it is not good enough yet
but after all,
you'd still think it's pathetically miserable
what a wreck i actually am
you'd never think i'm worth reading
never worth looking closer
and you'd put me next to all the unfulfilled stories remaining in the shelf of yours
and always kept in mind that some day
you may rummage in your old books
and find me again
i am sorry
Anita Daniel Sep 2019
Here I am at this adult stage          
Step by step flipping a new page    
Dare to wish I was caught in a cage  
The life I have lived ain't fair              
Cos I never got my fair share              
Fooled myself that I didn't care            
Seconds, minuetes, hours, days, weeks, months, years even decades has passed                                            
After each heartbeat I wish I had asked                                                      
I have been told lies                              
Each time tears filled my eyes              
I have been told that weak is she who cries                                                
Deep inside my heart silently  I could cry
your eclipse Jul 2019
never fall asleep
or never wake up
that way you never dream
satisfied when it's crushed
—there is no use in dreaming. wake up, give up.
Amaris May 2019
Walk a tightrope as thin as a wire
Practice until your feet are on fire
Perform amazing feats, hear the applause
Smile and feel proud your life has a cause
Everyday I reach for the same thrill
Without it I just can’t feel fulfilled
If I’m not making people around me happy
Then what’s the point? My heart is empty
Tony Tweedy Apr 2019
I remember being son.
I remember being brother.
I remember being boyfriend.
I remember being husband.
I remember being father.
I remember being employee.
If you have had your fill can I make a memory of being me?
Have you asked yourself...."is this all there is"? I suspect we all get there at some point.
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