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Amaris May 13
Walk a tightrope as thin as a wire
Practice until your feet are on fire
Perform amazing feats, hear the applause
Smile and feel proud your life has a cause
Everyday I reach for the same thrill
Without it I just can’t feel fulfilled
If I’m not making people around me happy
Then what’s the point? My heart is empty
Tony Tweedy Apr 8
I remember being son.
I remember being brother.
I remember being boyfriend.
I remember being husband.
I remember being father.
I remember being employee.
If you have had your fill can I make a memory of being me?
Have you asked yourself...."is this all there is"? I suspect we all get there at some point.
Shruti Dadhich Sep 2018
I won't fear or run away,
       If my death comes to me now,
But I will always regret for my unfulfilled wishes,
My wish of going to a sea beach & spending a whole night talking silently to the moon & the brightest star,
My wish of breaking this jail & run away somewhere far,
My wish of having at least a boyfriend,
My wish of leaving at least one person behind to cry on my end,
My wish of planting plants on my 18th b'day,
My wish of spending a day without tears & full of ***,
No I won't fear or run away,
     If the death comes to me now,
    & no I won't be filled up with the sorrow,
Cause I know Almighty will send me again to fulfill them maybe today or tomorrow!!!
A thought craving in my mind since last sleepless night!!!
Anonymous Jul 2018
There is only plenty of time in the moments where impaitence and lonliness live.
Every other moment is wrapped haphazardly in a smattering of mortality, daunting, looming,
inevitable - optimistic.
I wake up, pack my mind so tight I can't get a word in edgewise, button the blouse, pack the suitcase and stare blankly into a dark circuit box full of all the things that the rest of the world crowds their minds with.
Daydreaming of rolling hills, people I haven't met yet but miss dearly, pretending I'll capture life. Feeling the energizing twang of possibility.
There's plenty of time I said to myself ten years ago.
I'll fall in love, I'll feel beautiful, I'll taste success tomorrow. Soon.
I wake up, shovel in the to-do lists of meaingless filler, fill the suitcase, and stare blankly into the hungry circuit box where everyone seeks solace while they make their plans.
Theres plenty of time, I say to myself every day.
amber Jun 2018
the idea of you
weighs me down.
sinking to the bottom of the ocean,
I attempt to quiet the commotion,
of my emotions.
my heart is too frail,
to withstand the hail,
that your being releases upon me.
amber Jun 2018
you say you need someone,
but ill never be that person.
even if somewhere deep down,
you still want me.
i will always long for,
the idea of us,
side by side:
and emotionally,
but you have your loyalty,
and i have my pride,
so maybe one day,
these feelings,
will subside.
the great bard and Elizabethan play wright
begetting complete dramaturgy
     explaining fate hollowly airtight
succor starved, riddled smitten tattered
     sir real body politik blight
under whelming enthusiasm
     witnessed blank quarto copyright
more tragedy than comedy

     visited mine biography to date
     expressed as dearth decayed delight
devoid absent audience
     hip...hip...hooray three chairs to excite
zero non-exhaustive effort
     summoning stagecraft
     imagining hardened faced spectators
     muted nonexistent ovation,

     sans anticlimactic action
     superfluous stage fright,
thus retrospective stance taken
     billeted envisioned anachronistic gunfight
signifying emotional crisis,
     especially high anxiety pained height
incorporating mine every birthday
     newly aged since

     LIX January thirteenth orbitz insight
oppressive ominous gloomy glum
     obscuring highland dale light
whereby substantial sole action
     asper arrival of midnight
celestial curtain call enclosing
     somber static theatrical night
hoop fully explaining deadening

     copious heavy breathing
     followed by extended lapses
     of utter silence outright
spartan mise en scene absent props
     nsync with holographic thespians
     staid theatrics displaying plight
uneventful sleepy representation quite
leaving entire cast

     (singular char actor his shun
     of myself) remaining
     soporific steadfastly right
lee measure for measure
     much ado about nothing
hermetically sealed, NON GMO

     vacuum packed no sight
worth seeing on the twelfth night
starkly barren aimless
     padlocked mortal soul asylum
     no, not even Romeo and Juliet
     love's labor's lost passion

a comedy of errors, viz unbridled trothplight
mock king lear ring alls well that ends well
     where me crushed psyche doth unite
with death vis a vis
     as demise of Julius Caesar
     et tu Brutus I in vite.
Garry Jan 2018
What's the point?
a nice house,
a conservatory,
a 4K television,
a loft conversion,
a beautiful bathroom,
a pretty garden,
a garden-grill ten feet from
a fully-fitted kitchen,
organic box deliveries every week,
holidays abroad every year,
a shiny car with heated seats

It's all just ******* ****
that you'll spend the best hours
of the best days
of your ONLY life,
Bent double over
a desk or
a machine or
a counter
to earn the money
to pay for it all
before you die
What's the point?
Yeah I was in a bit of bad mood, I guess, but **** it - this is what came out for better or worse...
Anton Jan 2018

Maybe meeting you was fate,
But loving you was too late,
Being loved by you it just a dream,
But I think we aren't destined so it seems,

I thought we can be together,
I thought that you'll be mine forever,
I thought you could become my only,
But now you just made me lonely,

Wish i could wash away the pain,
All the heartaches that still remain,
No matter how much tears I cry,
It still won't fill up your feelings so dry,

I still keep on wishing we can be together,
Still want to spend life with you forever,
But you leave me out here and the cold,
Leave me to choke on the tears and pain,

How can this broken heart mend,
When all you did is just pretend,
My shattered heart can never be healed,
For my dream of you will just remain UNFULFILLED.
My 2nd Poem Back in 2015 submitted on the school poem writing Contest.
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