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Bobbie Longo Sep 2011
What I feel for you
Feels like forever
As if there's never been
A time we weren't together

Thousands of years
I've known those eyes
Thousands of tears
For you I've dried

One arm wrapped
Around my body
The other
Holding my hand

The way that
My skin shivers
Is more familiar
Than I can stand

I can't contain myself
Around you
I can't contain myself

I couldn't possibly live
Without you
I couldn't possibly

You for all you've
Done for me already
And what you
Promise to,

Spending my life
Giving all my love
Is what I
Plan to do.....
Another for my beloved....
Bobbie Longo Aug 2011
You're always there
Even when you're absent
In fact, your absence
Makes you more apparent

When I can't see your face
I replay your expressions
In my mind

When I can't hold your hand
Or kiss you lips
I know you're the kind...

Of man I need
To see
The real me
For my baby 8/25/2011
Bobbie Longo Aug 2011
The pieces of me
Were falling through the cracks
The pieces of me
Shattered from the past

These pieces I've
Been missing so long
You've put them back
Where they belong

In your shirt pocket
Grazing your chest
Where those pieces are safe
And can be loved best

You've found those shards
Where someones thrown them away
You're now who will
Keep them safe

Be careful because
My thinly severed parts
Hardly resemble
What once was a heart

They may embed
Themselves within
And splinter you with
Broken passion

I may not give you all of me
But I can share my pieces
A bite of me is all you need
The bite that never ceases
Bobbie Longo Aug 2011
I can't form a single word
Write a single note
Lyrics in my head
In my mind they float

Seeing all these letters
No phonetics in my mind
Feelings swimming
No meaning do I find

Dark in this cold room
I'm told seek until it's found
Here the emptiness' loom
When no one is around

In the dark I see
No further than my hand
All that I can be
Swallowed in the sand

Pulling hard is the tide
Swallowing me down
Pushing me as I cry
To the locker I am bound

The depths I see
I'm close to bottom
Dragging me
I'm nearly forgotten

End is near,
To be renewed
To start afresh
Views slightly skewed

To live and give life
Cycle of our being
At its worst
When we're simply beginning

Adjusting to the stress I hold
Suffocating me tightly
Within this mold

Broken free
To start anew
These jagged views we've slightly skewed...
Bobbie Longo Aug 2011
Beauty beyond what others can see
Radiating warmth to all of us in need.

In my heart the empty space you once filled
Aches for your presence,
All motion stilled.

As far away as i am
I feel your absence every moment
You will never fade from me
My memories lasting vibrant.

Your touch and your soft words
Imprinted on my soul
Even though it hurts
We will not forget your role.

I love you my angel
Your impact will never leave
I know now your life is tranquil
And full of eternal peace...
Written in memory of the most wonderful woman in my life, my grandmother, Isabell Roberts. I love you and miss you with all my heart...
Bobbie Longo Aug 2011
Down inside
Touch sweet

Serene sweep

Bitter taste

Never changed

Gone forever
Set free

Blind emotions
Wander through

Peace given
Security within

Place deep love
No sin


My past,
My present,
My future.


My Love
Bobbie Longo Aug 2011
After our days have died
And all we have is gone
I look into a stranger's eyes
You used to be the one

Waiting for our love to live
Put life into my silent heart
After all that I give
I watch us fall apart

I wait for you but you never come
My Romeo, my dream
Your love I thought I won
But nothing's as it seems

Everything I gave to you
Cannot be returned to me
Giving myself complete and true
So that "I" might become "We"

Today the wind blew through me
Like I wasn't there
Nothing I can see
Emptier than air

One day you will rescue me
And carry me away
Forever in love I'll always be
Waiting for that day
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