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MBishop Mar 2016
Here we are again, lights off on your bed
And I'm convinced there's nothing more
meaningless than words strung together
They don't make any sense
Here we are again with your hands around my neck
And I'm content to let you go feelingless
like words strung together
They don't make any sense

But there's a difference between loving something useless and letting its
uselessness be what you love
It's dark in these rooms, but between me and you
I'd rather never leave any one
Because even though I cannot see, I've never felt more at home
Than when I cannot breathe
And when I am not shown
the things that can make me bleed, I'd rather
Cut up my throne
I'd rather be all alone

Here we are again, killing with a deadly pen
And I'm offended you thought I'd be reading this
Your words are strung together
They don't make any sense
Here you are my friend, a free man's head
But I confess, it's not the bearer of solace
His head is strung together
He does not make sense


Here we are again, we seem to start at the end
And I must digress, the blood on the wall is not red
The words are strung together
They don't make any sense
So once more my friend, I really do regret
But I won't forget the fateful story that begins in bed
The words are strung together
They will never make sense
MBishop Sep 2015
you think you have all the time in the world, and that is your biggest mistake. you can't rely on something that doesn't exist.
MBishop Sep 2015
This right here, this exact situation is the reason I keep my hopes down low. Why I practically walk over them, keep them dragging under my heels. I didn't want to end up like this. If you don't expect anything, you are contented with what you knew was inevitably going to happen. You can go about it in an I-told-you-so pessimistic manner.

But when you have even a slight hope of improvement, the reality drags you lower than where your hopes should've been. It's the lesson they give.
Now, things are complicated with too many loose ends. Too many people. People are loose ends. Too many appearances to unwillingly keep up.
Things would be so much simpler if there was no one.  I would spend my days blissfully alone, maybe even get done what I need to.
But now there are bridges that would be burned if I let loose the hermit inside me.
Lousy excuses for bridges, more like strewn pieces of driftwood in a creek, but passage nonetheless.
And however feeble they may be, they're still there, and destruction always leaves an aftertaste.
A smell of ashes in the air clogging your lungs when you come near.
Not to mention the other bridges that whisper about the fallen and create gated barriers of words.
Soon enough you're not in blissful solitude, but rather isolated speculation. You don't go unnoticed, but rather alone under watch.
Well, consider my lesson learned. Never make ties out of hope. Both with be weak and unfashionable. A fallacy at the very least. And you?
You'll end up being water under the bridge.
MBishop Jun 2015
I won't be the one to disappoint you

~Kaiser Chiefs
MBishop Dec 2014
If our love was a gas tank, we'd be running on E.

Our love is a gas tank, you light your cigarette, and it explodes.
MBishop Nov 2014
My heart is  afire
I can't *breathe

But I don't want to
Because it's so good it must be a hallucination
And I want it to keep going forever
Even it makes me crazy
'Cause that's what it is
It's ******' crazy I tell ya
Love is an alignment of two beings who share the same level of insanity
MBishop Nov 2014
The days are so contrasting
Yesterday I was broke and under hell
Crying the sadness out of me in salty waves
Today I am placid with soft music in the background
There's so much emotional whiplash
I don't think my head can take much more of this constant motion
Take me off this ride
I need to fix myself inside
Find the source of my discomfort
Because if I know anything its that
Something ain't right
Depressive nature
But something in me is fighting
The will to stay alive
It's me against my mind
I'm not you're not alone
No we have allies
We have allies
We have allies
I don't know if I can stomach what you're about to do
I hope I can get through
But there's still a part that doesn't want to
Clashing bodies in a perpetual war
The war cries are so loud
I drown them out play lists and Blink 182
The tumult cacophonous
Discord with every note
I oughta tell someone about this life
But out my mouth comes only lies
But I bet I couldn't even if I tried
No no couldn't even if tried
Where the **** are my allies?
I had allies
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