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It was Bronx
The most controversial borough of New York
Notorious gangs
Bowery Boys and Dead Rabbits
Fought their battles daily

John lead the Dead Rabbits gang
John's cousin brother's 18 year old son Rock
Fell in LOVE with
The 17 year old daughter Zane of Bill Poole's
Bowery Boys Gang Member

Rock and Zane
met as rivals, fell in LOVE within 4 days
of meeting each other..

This ballad presents their secret LOVE hidden
behind their false exterior animosity


ROCK: (to Zane)
I drink LOVE
I drank nectar of Venus
From your gorgeous eyes
Don't make me drink more now
I'll fall right in your feet of LOVE

I am your enemy - The Bowery Boys
Your LOVE eyes turns me into an infidel

(Looks at Rock with a smirky smile)

Oh NO! I told the truth
I broke the law of my gang
I will be now sacrificed by Dead Rabbit Gang
For the dis-loyalty to his gang ethics

(Sarcastically laughs out loud, and starts
walking away from ROCK)

You walk away as if You've shot me dead
If I fall dead in your LOVE
I know, YOU too will lose your life
because YOU carry the LOVE in your heart for me
You won't be able to live without me

Get out of my way
Otherwise my boss Bill
Will shoot you dead

I'm not that type
I'm not one of those kind
That will be scared of Bill
I'm in LOVE & I'm not scared
I will not run away from YOUR LOVE
No one should come in my way of LOVE
Zane, I will embrace you with my whole heart

(joins the song with a smile)
I too am not kindda of girls you meet
I'll not feel shy, and coy
I won't submit to your LOVE
And curl within your arms
I myself will take a knife
And cut you into pieces
If I can't **** you with my own hands
I will cut myself to death

Z, In the hurricane of my LOVE
Your fake anger will blow away
Like a thin small twig of grass

R, Before your breathe touches my skin
You'll be fallen under my feet
Kneeling and broken into pieces

Z, If that is the case
You take my knife
I surrender to YOU now
I'm ready to sacrifice my head
In the path of your LOVE

Oh.. I do not like such emotional blackmail
You call yourself my LOVERz
You are not even my friend
Today I will decide
Here and NOW
Whether you'll be alive to LOVE me
OR I will die in your LOVE

YOU need not cut me into pieces
If you look at me
Once with the LOVE in your heart
I will die in front of YOU

R, Who are you by the way?
YOU are my enemy
The member of the Dead Rabbit gang
Who am I to YOU?
I am your enemy
The member of the Bowery Boys Gang

So let me tell you this
We can't LOVE each other
One does not LOVE arch rivals & enemies

Z, It is YOU who shot me
With your LOVELY gaze
Let me tell you this...
YOU can only **** a person
with a two barrel pistol
Not with your two oceanic eyes

I'm not a fire-fly you think I am
But I'm a deadly ILLUMINATING lightning
That will convert YOU into ash
Even if my breathe crosses path
With your breathe
YOU will fall down unconscious
Under the spell of my LOVE

At that time
And puts his lips on hers
They kiss each other passionately
They breathe within each other
They swirl into each other's arms

And we hear a CHORUS behind:

"They are not the kind of people
Who are scared of being born as enemies
They are not the type of people
Who will run away from FALLING IN LOVE
Now, no one should come on their way
As they have FALLEN IN LOVE
They became ONE"

The lights in the silent night alleys of BRONX
Lit up and the members of two rival gangs
The Bowery Boys and The Dead Rabbits
Choreographically fight with each other
Surrounding ROCK and JANE
Who are dancing in the center
Kissing each other in LOVE embrace

It is in my fall is your rise
It is in my dark is your light
It is in my lows is your high
It is in my small is your BIG
It is in my loss is your gain
It is in my night is your day
It is in my humiliation is your appreciation
It is in my descent is your rise
It is in my poverty is your wealth
It is in my begging is your charity
It is in my moon is your sun
It is in my clouds is your rain
It is in my internal is your eternal
It is in my stagnation is your flow
It is in my desert is your ocean
It is in my decrease is your increase
It is in my small is your large
It is in my hungry is your eating
It is in my cry is your laughter
It is in my absent is your presence
It is in my sleep is your dreamZ
It is in my heat is your cool
It is in my fire is your water
It is in my dusk is your dawn
It is in my blame is your forgiveness
It is in my sufferings is your help
It is in my last is your first
It is in my few is your many
It is in my slow is your fast
It is in my vulnerability is your empowerment
It is in my victim-hood is your assertiveness
It is in my earth is your sky
it is in my idiocy is your smartness
It is in my minus is your plus
It is in my foolishness is your cleverness
It is in my heart is your mind
It is in my despair is your hope
It is in my evening is your morning
It is in my end is your beginning
It is in my shrinkage is your expanse
It is in my silence is your talks
It is in my prisons is your freedom
It is in my solitude is your wander
It is in my unknown is your famous
It is in my sinking is your floating
It is in my ignorance is your education
It is in my demotion is your promotion
It is in my trivial is your importance
It is in my injustice is your justice
It is in my indignity is your human rights
It is in my leaving is my staying
It is in my being lonely is your friendships
It is in my sadness is your merry
It is in my dive is your soar
It is in my crawl is your flight
In is in my valley is your mountains
It is in my exploitation is your sustainability
It is in my rebel is your loyal duty
It is in my defeat is your success
It is in my scarce is your abundance
It is in my failure is your achievement
It is in my rejection is your acceptance
It is in my dislike - there is your adoration
It is in my retreat is your advancement
It is in my "against" the world is your "for" the world
It is in my dead is your alive
It is in my NO ONE is your everyone
It is my amateurishness is your professionalism
It is in my leaving is your arrival
It is in my slumber is your awakening
It is in my ugliness is your beauty
It is in my end is your beginning
It is in my end-note is your prelude
It is in my worst is your BEST
It is in my death is your birth
It is in my bitter is your sweet
It is in my blame is your praise
It is in cursing me is your blessing

It is in my timidness is your bold
It is in my being weak is your strength
It is my being at bottom is your being at top
It is in my idleness is your busyness
It is in my tears is your smiles
It is in my captivity is your LIBERTY
It is in my sad is your cheer
It is in my child is your adulthood
It is in my innocence is your maturity
It is in my adolescent is your aging
It is in my gulp of helplessness is your courage
It is in my spark is your lightning
It is in my destruction is your creativity

And over and above all what is said and written
It is LOVEz understanding and realization of YOURS
That WE are two bodies and ONE SOUL
OUR togetherness makes us YIN-YANG
It is in my veins is your blood
It is in my pulse is your breathe
It is in my womb is your cosmos
It is in my heart is your soul
It is in my LOVING you is YOU LOVING yourself
It is in my LOVERz is your BELOVEDz
It is in ME is YOU is me

I was sitting as a bride
I was waiting for my groom
I was wearing my bridal dress
I was adorn with gold jewelry
I was about to venture
Into the brand new world of
Bride and Groom- and honeymoon
Excited, fantasizing, eager...

And there YOU come
And our LOVE happens...

You took away my heart
With just a little glance of your LOVE
Just when I was about to get married

I left the ceremony
And was ready to run away with you
Thanks to your little glint glance

I broke all the traditions
I broke the glass bangles
The removed the red "tilak"
I pulled away the marigold garland
Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE
When I felt your LOVE within me

I disobeyed my family,
I argued with my friends
I resigned from my job
I fought with my inner demons
I made enemy of my intelligence
YES, thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

Since I could not be with YOU...
I wore a black dress, alternatively with white,
People thought I was your widow now
I stopped eating and went on fasting
I walked a 1000 miles to be with you
Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I walked away from life
I stayed awake at nights
I dreamed during day time
I climbed the Himalayas
I drowned within the Pacific
I burned myself in Sahara
I froze in Arctic
And that's how I melt within YOU

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I lost sense of learning
I gave up my education
I donated my knowledge
I stopped reading books
I burned my school/ college certificates

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I held your hand without fear
I hugged you in front of our family
I kissed you in front of the world
Just to walk away with you
Desiring to live a moment of LOVE with you

Thanks to YOUR little glance of your LOVE

I gave up drugs, smoking, drinking
I gave up harm, hurt, hate
I gave up jealousy, envy and pride
I gave up wealth, money and power

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I gave up my life for YOU
I gave up my everything for you
I gave up my dreamz for you
I even gave up my desires for YOU
That's how... - thus I became YOU

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I live for you and I die for you
I breathe my last for you
I feel you in my bone marrow
YOUR love moves my nerves
YOU run as blood in my veins

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I became young in your LOVE
I became old in your wait
I became alone without YOU
I became wise with your wisdom
I became mad in your longing
I went through so much pain of LOVE
By the way...
YOU kept on giving so much joys of LOVE too

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

YOU took away my name
YOU took away my identity
YOU took away my gender
YOU took away my self
YOU took away my EGO
YOU took away me from me

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I slept on the pyre of fire
I jumped into the ocean of flames
Now I wear a new bridal dress for you
From a run-away-bride to

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

From the seeds of your sparkle
My world gets illuminated
From the seeds of your stars
My crescent moon sprouts

It is your fish like eyes
That swoons my moods

When YOU cried on the soft pillow
When I felt your raindrop tears
My heart soaked your LOVE within

When the flowers on your hair swayed
My heart beats skipped life moments

When your pulse cried for LOVE
My soul found a ground in your womb to play

When your eyes spoke
To the winds
The breeze traveled thousand miles
To convey the essence of your LOVE to me

Even the time tick of clocks asks
To the space around...
The reasons for your absence

Just like the first rain drops
Are soaked on the desert sand
Such ways - your LOVE drizzles on me
And enters my innocent heart

I may have felt LOVE earlier
But YOUR LOVE seems my first TRUE LOVE

All it has done now is
Completely filled my being
With your LOVE thoughts in me

It is thus that when
YOU and I last met
LOVE became our symbol of
Two bodies and one SOUL

My BELOVEDz - YOU are naughty
Very flirtatious
A little risque I may say

In those times
What could I - your LOVERz do?

My eyes sees BELOVEDz in every thing
Everywhere, anywhere,
The places and people I see
Yet my BELOVEDz is not present
Physically in front of me
I do not know where and why
My BELOVEDz is hiding from me

Like a bird my BELOVEDz flies
From south to north
From west to east
Along with the clouds
The winds, rains and sunshine
But never comes to sit within my nest

In such times,
When YOU are so mischievous
What could I - your LOVERz do?

YOU are the only dreamZ of my life
YOU are my only desire
YOU are born of me so that
I can be born out of YOUR LOVEz

Whoever meets YOU
Feels your warm LOVE
Whoever sees YOU
Feels good about life
That our LOVE created
YOU are adored by all

The way you live
The way you work
The way you walk
The way you talk
Everyone wants to be with YOU
Your smiles & your eyes

You seem to be with everyone
But, YOU are not with me
My BELOVEDz - YOU are gamey
Now tell me,
What should I - your LOVERz do?

Come - leave your risque
Leave your mischieves
Leave your games
Come near me
Let me see you
Let me embrace YOU
Let me hide you in my heart
Put you against my breast
Let me show you my LOVE
And FREE you from life's prisons

Whatever you do in life
Life always pulls you away from LOVE
My LOVE will bring you back
To your inner self
The one you truly seek

My BELOVEDz - I know - within
YOU are very loving
But a little coquette I may say

In such times
Just tell me dear - BELOVEDz
What could I - your LOVERz do?
I am @ your LOVEz Mercy

The only truth
Is your LOVE

The only truth of being born
I saw it in your eyes

You are my BELOVEDz
I knew with your LOVE

The whole world
Is a fake acquaintances
YOU are the only one
One of my true LOVERz

Every relationship bond is broken here
Every candle light extinguishes here

Yet in every color of my life
YOU accompany me
You are my life-long-partner
You are my LOVE-creator
You've given birth to me - my LOVE

In every season, in every hour
Any-time, & any reasons
YOU have taken time
To be always besides me

I'm always lost in YOUR thoughts
There's no one else for me to seek
Whether I'm awake or asleep
It is YOU, You, you, u -
Only "YOU" is there in me

When every moment,
The world thinks
That I'm destroying my life

But in every those moments
You have given
A new lease of life to me
You have given
Birth of your new LOVE in me

Life's happiness and sadness are just flows
LOVE's shore is what one seeks in BELOVEDz
My life's flow has found a shore in YOU

YOU are the charm of every soul
YOU are the angel of every heart
Everyone desirez you; everyone LOVEz you
But YOU are the only one who has
Provided me the heart beats to be alive

I've broken each brick of
The wall of thoughts of my mind
To build a statue of YOURS in my heart
So that we can find a heaven within our LOVE

The only truth
Is your LOVE
The only truth of being born
I saw it in your eyes

You are my BELOVEDz
I knew with your LOVE

I promise on everything I LOVE
In your LOVE, I'm ready to die
I'll fight life at every longing
I'll sing your LOVE tunes every moment

It's our messenger of LOVE that proclaims
It is only worthy to live
If only one lives and dies for LOVE

With each progressive footsteps of yours
I will live a new life with my death
So that you can tread towards happiness

Everyone comes with something for you
I come with my LOVE
To gift my EGO "I" for YOU

Let people shower red rose flowers
On path of your success
I surrender my head on a plate
As a present of your achievements

Whatever name you call me as
Whatever name worlds teases me with
But my intense passion is to LOVE YOU
I will ignite the fire with LOVEz flame
YOU have blessed me to live

If any thing, if anyone
Tries to come on your way
With my prayers and devotion
I will stop them to protect YOU
From any adversary to come your way

I will remove all the traces of
Any misdoings from your way
That may be a reason for any hindrance
To your riding the path of glory

If you encounter a prison
If you bump into a wall
If you face the shackles
I will break them all for you
With the power of my LOVE

I've borne every agony on me
I've gone through every pain
I've embrace your sorrows
I've drank your sadness

Yet BELOVEDz I'm still not done
I know this is just the beginning
I'm prepared for bigger sufferings

Be aware that till I'm alive
I'll walk with the flag of your LOVE
Carrying your victory medals on my chest
I'll never stop LOVING YOU
Even if I've to suffer more
And in the process I'll die for you
I'm ever more ready for that too

I've tied the shroud on my head
I'll embrace miseries and plights
I'll hug humiliations & subjugation
I'll invite sacrifice and forfeit

I'll smile on this path of your LOVE
And show you - how much I LOVE YOU
So that when you see and feel
My sufferings and my slow death
You can TRUST me and my LOVE

So promise me that
You will never cry - my BELOVEDz
Promise me - YOU'll never be sad

YOU are my LOVERz - my BELOVEDz
In sufferings and death
My LOVE for you will live forever

It is for YOU - I became your LOVER
I've stopped existing
Since YOU became my LOVERz

Everyone rides the horse of life
Let the world see me as a LOVERz
Galloping riding the horse of death

We'll FREE each other with our LOVE

Such LOVE STORIES are rare
Created once in a millennium
Only with BELOVEDz like YOU
One gives birth to a LOVERz like me

Let the world raise
The benediction of our LOVE
While seeing our LOVE
Let the world learn to LOVE

Martyr's LOVE Cry
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