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Thus a LOVERz martyred
Its mind, body, heart & soul
In the name of BELOVEDz

Now LOVERz entrusts the
Illuminating light of LOVE
In one's BELOVEDz hands

The breathing runs slow
The heart-beats are low
Let the LOVE streams flow
Let eyes sparkle and glow

Yet, one does not respite or rest
LOVERz everlasting LOVE march
In BELOVEDz LOVE journey

Even if LOVERz is humiliated
Let them cut LOVERz head off
Let them lynch & crucify a LOVERz

LOVERz will never let BELOVEDz
Head to bow in shame

A LOVERz slowly dies in LOVE
Singing songs in praise of BELOVEDz
In zeal and youthfulness

There are plenty of summers for
Life, living, work & gain
Yet the cold winter of BELOVEDz LOVE
Is blessed only once in a life time

It would be a shame
If a LOVERZ lives life normally
when LOVE bestows at heart's door

It would be a dishonor
If a LOVERz does not bathe in
Pain, sorrow and despair

In LOVE longing
The whole cosmos
celebrates LOVE
being LOVERz companion

Let not a LOVERz
Sacrifices go in vain

Let each tear of LOVERz create
Thousand new LOVERz in the world
To advance the caravan of LOVE

The real celebration in LOVE
Will come after fears of
life and death will disappear
In the spirits of LOVE

Belovedz, now it is your turn
To tie the turban of LOVERz call
And march ahead to embrace LOVE
This is what is going to set
The world FREE
From being scared of LOVING

Let no one build a WALL
Of fear and hate around LOVE
Let not a monster of evil
Dare trespass the Heart-in-LOVE again

Now you are the protector of LOVE
Let there be liberal progressiveness
To restore FREEDOM to LOVE again

Show LOVE for hate
Let kindness, care compassion prevail
Let no LOVERz become martyr again


Since you met me
I've only sung
your songs of LOVE

Who is it? It is "YOU"
The one who comes
In my dreamZ every night
The one who has made
A home in my heart

Don't ask me the joys
Of solitude and longing
In your LOVE

At every turn of moment
I've created a
stepping stone for YOU
Through by prayers

Such is the effect of
your illumination on me
You reflect from my being
Lighting every path I walk

And I wanderlust on
The unknown path
You take me through


Since you've started LOVING me
Everyone finds me attractive
I've become confident & kind
I've been successful
Now I appreciate your loving

Your LOVE opens every lock
On the heart doors to heaven
You are my LUCKY CHARM

(Both together)

OUR LOVE illuminates the world
OUR flame of LOVE never dies


That's why
The sky blushes redness
The clouds cry tears of LOVE
The flowers blooms in color
The fireflies illuminates in glory
The stars sparkle in harmony
The birds dance in emancipation


Thus even if...
We might die one day but
Our LOVE will live forever


The woods are damp
The wings are heavy

The fire is still burning
The bird is still in flight

My illumination is yours
Your sky is mine
My earth is yours
Your flame is mine

Our path still leads to one-another

Thoughts of 'NOW'
Possibilities of "Tomorrow"
Forgetfulness of "Yesterday"
Will burns us alive

Let our tears flow
Let our prayers seek us

Let not those drops blur our
Visions that seeks us

The earth is drenched in sorrow
Let despair not cloud our rains

If we leave our root of LOVE
Birth & death will haunt us forever

If we leave each other in disarray
The sun will loose its horizon

Melodies of our LOVE-songs are eternal

Let us Unlock our LOVE gates
And Utter those "ILU"z

Wherever you go - Wherever you are
I would like to tag along with YOU

When I am part of your being and blood
How can you leave me behind and go ahead?
When we are in LOVE...
How is it fair that you are living alone?

(Smiles and giggles - And walks on..)

Hey Z...!
I am your shadow
I am your being
I live within YOU
Even if you leave me behind
I follow YOU silently
Without your knowledge
I am part of YOU
Without YOU - I am wasted
Without YOU - I am dead
I am alive - only with YOU

How can I take you along?
What will everyone say?
I'm going to work -
So let me go to work
Is this the time for us to be together?
I will come back after work
I will be with you the whole night
Is that not enough?
And by the way
You are always part of me and my being
Didn't I also say? -
You run as blood in me

You are stuck in my being forever
Like a little itch that feels so sweet
Your LOVE irritates my eternity
You are my reflection within & without
Your compassion guides my soul LOVE
Your perfume scent emanates my being
I follow you by your smell -
Just like your Rasputin dog
I travel your footsteps - Your path & journey
Do I make you think, I will ever leave YOU?
LEAVE, Leave, leave....!!?

ZULIET: (Sings from far)
Hey... Come on..!
Come follow me
Come behind me - wherever I go
But do not ever talk of leaving me
I just want you as my ETERNAL LOVERz
That itself is enough
I do not want to live with your memories
I want you in person
To experience your LOVE presence
Do you know that
My happiness is only when
You are constantly besides me
If you are not with me as my shadow
I do not see there is even any LIFE for me
I was just teasing YOU
Wherever I go - Do tag along with me...

Wherever you are
Please call out to me
Call aloud my name
With LOVE...
And I'll be there with YOU

I am waiting in anticipation

Do not torture and
Make me suffer
So much in your LOVE

Since we've parted
My life has been
Full of miseries
Filled with pain

Even if I die in your LOVE
My ashes won't be
So distraught as I'm now

Just like a dying candle
Flickering in stormy winds
Don't let me burn-out slowly

I hide within YOU
In every breathe you take
I live within your heart-beats

Just try to look within
The inner core of your being
Inside your heart and soul
You'll only find me inside YOU
You'll only find my LOVE within YOU

If YOU won't exist on this earth
While I am still alive
I'll cry for YOU in LOVE
Drenching the woven fabric
Of my heart with your LOVE

Do not even try to ****
The one who LOVES YOU
Who has already
Annihilated in your illumination

Wherever you are
Please call out to me
Call aloud my name
With LOVE...
And Ill be there with YOU

I am waiting in anticipation agog

In the name of LOVE
Keep singing
The song of FREEDOM

A life is only worthy if
One realizes honoring LOVE

This is the promise I take
On the path YOU've shown
I will even give my life for YOUR LOVE

Let people scatter flowers
On your path of glory, success and fame
I will gift you with my blood and tears
I won't even hesitate to
Serve you my head - (my EGO "I")

You will find LOVERz
In Russia, In Africa
In Europe, In Asia
In America, In Australia
In Oceania, In Middle-East
In Arctic & In Antarctic

LOVERz may speak different languages
They may be white, yellow, black & brown
They may be called by different names
Romeo, Layla, Zuliet, Majnun
Rabia, Rumi, Kabir, Meera

All those who LOVE -
Surrender to the beautiful SOUL of BELOVEDz

- Illuminated by BELOVEDz inner LOVE
Their hearts are ignited with fire
Breathing only one chant - "BELOVEDz"
LOVERz sings -
The Song of FREEDOM...

Slowly the life disappeared
Thus road of LOVE widened

Slowly the thoughts disappeared
Thus the path to soul opened-up

The mundane lethargy of life
Lead to the glory of LOVE to bloom

The flower creepers grew
Beyond sorrow and despair

Everyone was swept with life's
Tsunami and hurricanes
Earthquakes and tornadoes

The cold and heat of life
Did consumed humanity fully

Now we understand why people are surprised
Oh.. It's LOVE blessings on them

Because "LOVE happening" breaks down
All the walls that life builds around

With ample hopes & no terror
No self-delusion and indulgence
Eluding imaginations & fantasies

Prayers of LOVE transcends
Millions of eons
Beyond visible contours of life

When the history of LOVE is written
Everyone will tell folk tales
Of how LOVE remained "LOVE"

Under the skin of every human's core
Flowing as LOVERz breathe within blood
Resiliently fighting invasion
That was driven by life's aimless goals

Through harrowing and courageous tales of LOVE
Those who feel and realize LOVE
Will seek and find TRUE LOVE within...

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