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TinaMarie Sep 2019
Seconds can feel like an eternity as I anticipate your warmth and taste burrowing through the dense froth that binds us.

©Tina Thompson
Love note to a moment of bliss
TinaMarie Jul 2017
We're like two Pendulums
Made from the same source
     Once One
Split through creation
Drawn together
Each swing moving us closer
Writing our destiny in the sands
Magnetically pulling us back to Unison
          Becoming One Again


Harmonious with the Universe
And Purpose

©Tina Thompson 2017
TinaMarie May 2017
Cinnamon aroma
    Warmed fingertips.
Approach eager lips
     A gentle sip.

Eyes close
      A blissful smile.
Deep breath...     In
     Exhale...     Out.

Mind replays
      The joy of last night.
As My Love
     Enters the room.


More Coffee?
#love #coffee #romance
TinaMarie Mar 2016
I want to
      Kiss you the morning
...after bringing you coffee
               ...with loud laughter
   ...and uncontrollable smiles

I want to
      Kiss you the sunlight
...with waves crashing at our ankles
            ...or amidst the clouds on mountaintops
    ...sharing adventure
I want to
      Kiss you
     ...surrounded by trees
      the delight of the wild
   ...and the serennade of birds chirping
                         ...with excitement

I want to
      Kiss you crowds of people
  ...with raindrops falling on our heads
        the musical harmony of life
...and feel your heartbeat

I want to
      Kiss you
     ...alone, beneath the stars
                   ...caressed by the moolight
  ...filled with passion voyeuristic opportunity to the nocturnal

I want to Kiss you when you least expect it
And perfectly timed for when you need it most

I want to
       Kiss you

Every Night


For all time



Then again

                              The next morning

I want to
      Kiss you
With you in mind ❤
TinaMarie Nov 2015
I keep licking my lips
trying to re-taste you
remember you.

Using my tongue like a
defibulator reviving
the moment.

Reliving the gentle soft press
of the sweetest lips
in the world.
For you
  Nov 2015 TinaMarie
K Balachandran
Foaming sunlight makes love
                 with the tender purple leaves of mango trees,
light crafts a crust of luminescence,
                  over the profusion of yellow and blue blooms,
avenue trees vie with each other to  hold forth
                  their  flowers on sun's water fall of light to bath.

Evening doesn't show any sign of waning
                   the ebullience  the day had sowed in the world,
"ANANDA" though unspoken as a word, aloud
                    is heard by  inner being, making everyone rejoice,
living and nonliving seamlessly join in,
                    and swim in the swelling  waters of force of life.
past invisible floats gently to the present
                  flows towards a sea of tranquility crossing nights.
*According to Vedas, the ancient texts of India, "Ananda"(Happiness) is the true state of humanity.Pain and suffering is due to habits developed over time by mind."Satchitananda"(Eternalconsciousness bliss) is the experience of the absolute or "cosmic consciousness".
  Oct 2015 TinaMarie
K Balachandran
Ocean currents exuberant, spell out what turbulence, really is
expressions of brute force, takes over the whole of ocean depth,
a puny little fish, blinded by thick foam, navigates alone, finding path,
sheathed in a silence going beyond mind,to a destination luminous,
never perturbed, calmly exploring that state, not fully discernible yet,
an impression abstract, getting infused with more and more clarity
each passing moment,then the orchestra of waves resonates with heart.
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