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Elexer Sep 2020
And at the end of life
She will have said my name
But I would never know
What it’s like to feel love
From someone that perfect
Elexer Jul 2020
The day will come
All the lives are gone
You came to me
A knife between your legs
When you scream
The earth shakes of fear
I don’t know what you said
But something’s horribly wrong
The knife behind your back
Tells me nothing to say
You fell, you died
I screamed, and cried
And carried you away
There we lied
Finally awake
Elexer Apr 2020
Depression and sadness
Alone on the road
Get to the intersection
Approach a crossing
There I see the fire
Like hell on wheels
Like my life in the world
Full of danger and pain
Turn left,
Away from the fire
Going down another road
Full of hope and happiness
With the flames in the mirror
On my way to new things
Leave the fire behind
With all my fears
Until it disappears
Elexer Nov 2019
There’s only one way
I can keep from ******* up
Ever again.
Elexer Nov 2019
You don’t know me
Let alone my intent
Actions do not always
Self represent
I don’t feel urgency
In explaining
My conscience so vaguely clear
Words from nofx
Elexer Oct 2019
Whoops I od'd,
Shortness of breath,
Call ambulance,
Tell my wife I—
Error in judge—-
—-ment cut my life,
No second chance
No guiding light
I never meant
To cause you pain
I never thought I'd be the one who took the fall
I got lost in the moment,
******* like to test the limit
Six minutes down,
Breathing  machine,
Brain not feel right
The look on you
Is killing me,
Drowning in shame
But don't feel bad,
Cause I
Never feared consequences
Hate regrets more than apologies
A year has passed,
Like photographs, my life is just
A scrapbook of
Old friends and faded memories
Looks like I pulled the rug from under myself
The falls too much for me to recover from
It's been real fun
But now I must say goodbye,
I'll see you all at okie dogs
See you all at okie dogs
Lyrics from NOFX
Elexer Oct 2019
When memories are all you’ve got
It’s hard to let go of the things they’re made of.
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