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Seher Seven Mar 2020
ever since I was young I have loved the rough ones,
the hard ones, born from a womb of fire.
ability to love the spaces others run from,
no amount of emotional obstacles tire me.
born when the faith is near gone,
rebirth on the horizon, spring guaranteed to return.
this season has a particular vibration,
notes of visualization, tuned to the chord of universal love.

universal love. what does that really mean?
are we really considering loving
everyone and everything?
loving the dark as we do the day
and the night as the light.
the building up of the next come up
and the guaranteed destruction of its life.
standing still in the center, neither seem far.
my hands reach out and can sense
both sides were required to start.
so which matters most?

If I chose to see, I continually turn to the light.

why? well because half of us must
energize that side. I flip, trust.
some days I find myself lost in the darkest
parts of us. drowning, forgetting to put my feet down.
those moments I earn more ground, I build
up for the next wave to come.
I keep my head up and the light always shines bright.
any time I look to the light, it shines,
distracts me from low vibes, keeps my
mind alive and aware both sides matter
so I ride these waves.
I coast this vibe, this patience for the other side,
the light always returns, rebirth is life.

to me, universal love is recognizing that
both sides are required.
death is required for life.
sound is required for quiet.
my peace is found in between.
piercing, I burrow into its sweet core,
the feeling of home is seen,
the frequency shifting the waters.
this season makes me believe these things,
later winter rebirth is coming type things,
universal love's guarantee.

our Earth always springs forth, new life
will always return, there is no final ending coming,
we are secured in her crown. the cycles move around
again, and then down shift again and love is still
what bounds it all. unconditional
universal love that is birthed from her core
over and over and over and over and over again
until she rests and then births some more.
this is a Mother's core, Our Earth, an all knowing
soul that provides us with everything that we have.
and anything more. all comes from the Earth and her core.
there is no thing that does not come from her back,
her heart, her sacrificial programming, knowing
rebirth keeps it going, so we honor before.
she guides us to honor before.

before our division, before our confusion,
mental conversation depression, disconnect
from our one. from the one that we are.
from the one that we trust, that we must trust.
trust she has birthed the ones needed to carry
forth the torch. she is prepared for all.
she provides her children all. never turning her back
on all of us.
believe in the return of the spring, it is for all of us.
and it is coming.

it is coming like every year before.
her cycles are the core. the magma turns
and prepares for the waters.
new life springs forth.
and we love it because it joins,
it forms.
universally creating, honoring before.
she encourages you to honor before. honor before.
universal love.
Seher Seven Feb 2019
we walk along the edge,
bodies lay, scattered, mangled,
we notice tire marks in the mud,
the rains last week weeped on this scene.

the concrete feels meek,
ready to bust. feet upon its back
too much. the scores of energy
pulsing up naturally relax its stance.
the plants find single slits of space
and reach for the sun.

the land prepared to bake in the sun
with bodies of friends, slowly breaking
down. life released into the air.
we breath it in as we approach the mesquite.
we knew from glances ahead
her home was raided.
we come to find the ground shaken,
dug up, ripped with a force to ****.
she is gone and her team of nourishing cousin
are too.
none survived the pillage of the
big white truck.

bodies, leaves, roots, blood of kin
poured into her skin, charging now.
the final message is,
rebirth! alive!
my eyes fill, my heart sighs.
the dark skies claim their victory.
the black fate of new.
all must return to her womb
and live again. i return to her womb
to live again.

we say prayers over our friends
and celebrate the time they had.
days before we were working with them,
right here, amongst living, breathing
beings of the light.
we harvested,
stored bits of their coding.
hoping their roots survive the assault.

in the city, we live cloudy visions,
manicured horizon, the eye shines
bright away from the skyline.
that night eye is watchful and we see
the life walk alongside.
we see the stars slowly twisting clockwise,
we know all the vibrations have been here,
before and will always prosper.
we reenter and the movements get
harder to see.
soon the night lights are on,
we are defecating in our water
and mass murdering healing beings.
and yet they still believe in us.
still grow for our shot at life.

at the very least,
they died knowing my children and i.
they died knowing they were seen and
and the block moves on swiftly.
we end our survey and we see
survivors! a small patch of community.
the roots all sing and stretch to
send these beings energy,
look, a new bud is forming.
Seher Seven Jun 2018
Human love
Seeming, tied to the ability of our speech,
Spoke of. Loved, we feel it.
We know when another has these feelings.

I vision a love of the Earth,
Found my home.
This being, merging with parts of me
I don't need to speak, unburied my soul.
Free ability to soar. I see you.
Perhaps you look like me,
Sense like me.
Watch things closely.

Then i wake up.
And ive watch the constellations shift,
Like they do nonstop.
Twirling around above head,
Faithful tomorrow it will happen again.
This massive measuring cup above my head,
Will move like this for another million years,
Taking with it the tides of time.
The flows are in its memory,

Look closer now, see past the lights
On the ground,
Adjust your eyes to the night sky tones.
The backdrop will be shown.
You'll see how close they are if you

These feelings Ive yet to share
In those moments of love.
The way the sky really makes me feel.
How my body ripples, delights in
The pleasure of its full embrace
By the heavens.

Its felt.
A signal within sends vibrations
Travelling down my spine and then
My lover comes.
Merged in One,
I arrive. The liquids pour down,
Erruptions from my core.
And my lover recieves it all.

He'll hear the call.
Love will already be in him,
I will look closely
And make sure i see your glow,
ill know as his body comes within.
Ill finally feel your soul.

Feed me your soul.
Allow me to vessel your gold,
And we will light the fire!
Seher Seven Jan 2018
when she,
asked me about lava,
the picture became so clear.

the stories told here,
all the ways to the truth.
my eye now views things differently.

like, the living being Earth,
She creates through the liquid.
She awaits the pulsing energy
of the sun,
and her blood begins to boil.
overspilling into the waters,
and her womb creates anew.

the blistering heat cooled,
crust instantly forms.
land rises from the core.
She then begins to call seed.
life springs forth,
breathing in this new ground.

She calls more seeds,
more diversity,
more paths to receive,
increased frequency.
the creatures creep, crawl and soar.
they heed her tongue,
knowing She creates all.

from her bleeding, dark womb,
pushing into the light of the moon.
forcing new life into the heavens.

awakening to the view of the seven,
self aware and open, awaiting more.
Seher Seven Dec 2017
Some years ago,
in December, I died.
my breathing skipped, the blackness came in,
and I was dead.
in the next few instances, a few moments past,
I took my first breath, again.
the light returned, my son was born.

before meeting him,
the days prior, I had yet to really see me.
I was living an identity, something taught over
taught to me, molded on to me.
it never fit well.
the closest moments to this rebirth
were filled with these recognitions,
awakening to the parts I had shunned.
the magical parts.

December, the month of the star.
the month of the dark. The moments of death.
in some parts, no god light.
the stars show up, guiding our paths.
walking us to the grounds that
await our rest.
the parts that refresh things.
my energy has always known this depth,
where all goes to die.

that darkness was waiting for me,
captured in my womb,
waiting for me.
no moment before could I break free,
soaring took time.
the peace to be felt at that level of the light,
gliding side by side with the powers
of the sky.

they came alive that night,
the beginning of things,
the ending of things,
nines divine right.
circling until the next cycle ignites,
no fear for death,
proven it births light.

my son's eyes opened bright,
a baby lion's stare.
aware, prepared for the work.
they will keep coming forth,
the call is loud.
the womb is birthing warriors in the dark,
quietly, carefully plotting it out.
eyes are watching, careful now,
pull the dark out and allow it to
light the path of One.

pull it all out.
standing I gave birth
and I will not sit down except to
rest, steady now, following my heart.
Seher Seven Oct 2017
repeats of past lives bubble through time,
awaiting to be relived.
they circle around, gliding
ready to give the experience again.
all our things we never clear,
the moments we skip.
they just wait out there,
prepared to grip any new moment that fits.
fingers slip into these.
cycles repeat, healing relieves...
past lives on repeat,
seeing to clear.
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