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Jesus, kid.

I had unspoken hopes  and expectations
when I first met and started talking to you..
but I had no idea just how incredible   your
responding heart would become.
I guess, in truth.. I knew it all along--
anyone as defiant and pissy as you were
is only that way because of a "**** the world"
form of a really deep self-love..
(tho I'm sure you want to punch me in the face for saying that.)

Everything about every single thing you have done
and responded to concerning things I have said to you
or written about you throughout the years
can only come through a brilliant mind's  
own self-understanding--  
that it deserves,  and in its core form..  expects..
nothing less than the best  that the Universe
                can bring forth, for you.
You have fought it within the residual insanity
that tells you that are unworthy..

or too "bad" inside..

or whatever, kiddo..  
but the greater, truer side of you  knows

                            and has always known.

Someone  long ago.. when you were little, tried hard
to smother away the beautiful view of it all in you,
But your Dad fought heroically hard for you so that  the view
that is now becoming more and more fully yours
would not be stifled to a place  beyond retrieve.
When I first came across you in all of your
"little troublemaker-queen of HP", glory,  I saw
what your father had so wonderfully done on your behalf
in what I immediately felt had been preserved in you..
                         even in all of your pissy, wildness.

Unfortunately, he could not stay, and you were left in shards..
devastated to the core..
now that the brokenhearted-champion  of your
nearly-broken spirit was suddenly gone forever.
I still through it all, could immediately feel what he had
done for you..  and I fought hard from day one
to help you get every single part of that back in you..

And now, here you are.  You are beautiful, Arlo.
              You are forever Yrlo. xoxo


"And I’ve lost track
Of all the time I’ve wanted him back"
You have become his perfect dream, young lady xo ❤️
Dave Robertson May 2021
Champagne corks pop
a cow parsley flourish
on your life’s roadside
after driving alone a while
someone to fiddle with the A/C
and monopolise the aux
with unrepentant cheese
is a welcome change
as the prevailing breeze
Philip Lawrence Mar 2021
the rain beats against the window and I see the

drops amass until each dotted soul swells, then

bursts into a rivulet seeking a path against the glass,

and some will pass through other streams, and I follow

their brief intersects, these capillaric rivers that fail

to merge, while others course boldly, seeking to

join, to find a parallel stream on likeminded journey,

and off to the corner of the pane there are drops

that fill and run, and then halt, and bump, and skitter

about, those carving a solitary course
I would like to go swimming in
a meadow filled with bluebells,
an image for the day.

but for now
we're all swimming against the tide
hoping that we don't go under,
but hope is a peculiar fish
best served on a sunnier day.

If I could have my way
the bluebells would sway
as I splashed through the colour

I'm going to do it
strip right off and
dive into it,

we may have to clutch at straws
and such is life,
it doesn't mean that we can't
something better.
How do ya feel now?
I S A A C Jun 2020
The wind whispers in my ear to take a leap
With blind fate trust divine fate
A fool balancing on a thin line, straight to heaven
But my death could be my investment

But if I don't go I'll have thoughts of regret that overflow
My cups of abundance
Always second-guessing your loving but never could really know
But I take off my rose coloured glasses and close my eyes

Let my intuition and your vibe be the guide
To carefully step, one at a time
Until next thing I know I am falling to die

The abrasive breeze suddenly carrying me
Spirit would never let me plummet to my demise
The wind underneath my wings eager to save my life
Next time I won't negotiate in my mind
Just simply walk the line
Fear of the unknown and what I've known
Francie Lynch Jun 2020
I watched the bus drive down its route
With all kinds of fares on board;
Heading to some stop;
Each on a personal journey,
As important as any you've got.
The cord will pull,
The door will open
To let some traveller off,
As another steps into the bus.
On and on,
On and off,
They travel on their routes.

I used to ride a bus,
And I knew this way back then;
Then I forgot for far too long, that
I'm still journeying friends.
Sillo Anderson May 2020
A life in fleet
Earning more than keeps
Reluctant by the many selfish acts of beliefs
Even through prosperity.

As a world would see
Wealth and prosperity
A life would feel
Disbelief and irony
Fighting for hope in dimmed sunlight
It’s all a journey we never reach.

A life in fleet
Will be the end of me
A life in fleet
Could be the end of me.
hazem al jaber Apr 2020
Journey's love ...

still remember so much ...
that night ...
and what happened ...
though , of those years ...
as it was yesterday ...
even before somehow ...
yes ..still
we were as two birds ...
build their nest ...
to enjoy their future ...
with love and fun ...

do you still sweetheart ...
that night ...
our first love ...
that we made madly ...
with craziness ...
with no scare ...
only with a pleasure needs ...
that we both fell in to get ...
do you ...
remember ...
those moments ...
when we start ...
kisses and passion ...
oh baby ..
i need that night ...
come back again ...
put kisses with my lips  ...
love pits on your neck ...
while we both ride up ...
one the other ...
with a crazy way ...
yes baby mine ...
i need that night ...
again with you ...
to run together ...
the journey's love ...

hazem al ...
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