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Isaac Aug 2018
Time is quiet, but deadly,
Pushing us all.
Neither angry or friendly,
A universal wall.
Converting future to past.
The present a thin line.
No moment can last.
Everything will decline
Into history's arms.
It takes it all.
It gives no alarms,
nor listens to our call.
It has death on its right,
And regrets on its left.
Act now with foresight,
Prepare for its theft.
Written 28 August 2018
I’ve been wondering why you love broken pieces,
If we have to behold how this love ceases.
I’ve been sinking and drowning,
Love, my only air, I have to breathe.
Oh, Misery, I didn’t see you coming.
I’ve been wondering why you love broken pieces,
My heart was wounded up, beaten up, and bruised,
It can give nothing... Yes, nothing,
But the scream of my own agony.
I’ve been wondering why you love broken pieces,
When, someday, you have to leave me alone.
Time is running faster, even better than we do.
Someday, we will be done and finished.
Time is pursuing us, yet we did nothing...
But to hold onto things that can’t be ours.
I’ve been wondering why you love broken pieces.
Oh my soul, an inexplicable puzzle,
That you tried to fix and figure out.
You picked them up for me,
You reminded me,
You would always be there to make me smile,
When I break into a million pieces.
And you’ll be the one loving me for who I am.
I’ve been wondering why you loved me...
Cause, you knew that...
Someday we have leave and go.
But no matter how hard I try to leave,
I would always be coming back for you.
To you my heart shall belong....
You are my only beat,
I had become your only tune.
I will be the smile in your blue,
And will always be the one loving you
When you turn into broken pieces.

You will see and grasp,
Someday, your words will be running after you....
Someday you’ll remember...
Someday you’ll perceive...
Why I cherish broken pieces.
Mane Omsy Oct 2017
Threatening the mind of a brave soldier
The dark forces will remain unexplained
Tell the generations ahead what’s colder
Tyranny or democracy, peace maintained?

Hell may fall upon those who tears apart
He chose to dispatch the strength acquired
Howling the deeds he did from the start
Heathen, called himself to meet the required

Eventually, we will foresee the future now
Evolving a supernova to explode by then
Even the universes need a leader to bow
Ever will you believe the lord by then?

Vanished theories, then will rise from
Vegetating brains, once hesitated to form
Vigorous thoughts, soon will drum
Violently, watching the prophecies form

thanks to Elizabeth Squires

Trolaan, created by Valerie Peterson Brown, is a poem consisting of 4 quatrains. Each quatrain begins with the same letter. The rhyme scheme is abab.

Starting with the second stanza you use the second letter of the first line of the first stanza to write the second each line beginning with that letter.

On the third stanza you will use the second letter on the first line of the second stanza and write the third each line beginning with that letter.

On the fourth stanza you will use the second letter on the first line of the third stanza and write the fourth each line beginning with that letter.
AndSoOn Dec 2015
Along the shores of your mind,
You were passing by, watching the stars.
In the sky, the storm made you blind,
And your emotions became your prison bars.

The waves of feeling are still flushing away hope,
And all you are seeing is blue.
The memories are gone, so you scope
For a nicer view.

Seeing a bright light, across border,
You run for it and the dark fades away.
The sun on your skin, feeling no disorder,
You try again to swim in the unknown bay.

The weather is calm again
And you finally foresee something.
And the water is so clear after this hurricane,
That you can feel and see what is coming.

— The End —