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Mr Quiet Oct 2018
Driven by the rush of blood that flows through my veins,
Eyes wide open as the raindrops fall on my face,
The storms have stopped,
My hurricane.

Yet I still keep going,
I don't care what it takes,
I'm going to be happy,
I won't let myself make me prosaic.

My caricatured heart,
You made,
You put it on display,
Laughed at what you hate,
Yet it was yours anyway.
We got too satire,
A monotonous childish play,
That everyone will eventually execrate.
Nevertheless, don't be ashamed,
Because you're not the only one going through the pain.

As the sun shined through my dismay,
I lie awake at a commonplace,
The continuous mess that I used to numb away,
I'm leaving this abyss of heartaches,
I'll climb 'till I see the light of day.
just some of my final thoughts about my situation before
Emeralda Mar 4
I really want to cry myself out,
for not being able to trust,
your resplendent, beautiful smile
trust me, i really want to
L Sep 2017
Looking up at the ceiling;
Its all I could do to keep myself busy. Sometimes I'll find myself staring into walls trying to think of what to think of. Sometimes, everything just feels like a ******* mess. My room, my face, my clothes, my body, my hair, my head. I try to clean it up, but where tf am I supposed to put all this ****??
late-ish night thoughts?
Nuna Nov 2018
Forgive me if my pain has touched you in ways my hands never have
You’ve got wounds I should have kissed gently and fire beneath your skin

Instead I bought you flowers you’re allergic to and wrote poems about your tears

Some days I tend to over-romanticise your bleeding lips that you never stop biting
Other days I can’t stand the way your lips curve when you laugh and the freckles on your hands

I’m a mess but believe me when I say my hands are clean
I’m just trying to love you
Even if it’s the wrong way
I hope you get the message
LUNA Jul 2018
i hate being so intense
i hate to love so hard
that i get mad at gravity
for making me fall so fast
and want to rip my heart
out of my chest.
i hate to think about you
since i wake up
till i fall asleep
and wish that you think of me
at least for a minute
so i don’t feel so stupid.
i hate to miss you
every second that
you’re not talking to me.
i hate to want to feel your touch so much
that i “accidentally” bump our shoulders
or our fingers
or our knees
or i poke your cheeks
or your arms
or your thighs.
i hate to relate every song about love.
i hate that you became my favorite flower.
i hate that your taking every piece of me
and making it about you.
i hate to still feel your kisses on my neck
or on my back
or on my lips
days after you actually kissed it.
i hate to smell your perfume out of nowhere
cause i know it’s just my head
sabotaging me.
i hate to find your hair strands on my pillow
and remind that you were part of this scenario for one night
and i hate that you seem to fit in it so perfectly.
i hate that i have so vivid in my memories
the face that you make
when i squeeze your waist
and you close your eyes
and scratch my back.
i hate to enjoy so much
the sounds that you make
when i’m kissing every inch of you.
i just hate everything
cause if i don’t
then i’ll love it
and it’ll be too late to control the damage.
esther Sep 9
i'm a bit of a mess right now,
i fell in love with two people.
Tyler Jones Sep 11
The love we fight for, the love we lack
The heights we soar for a heart attack
To look at you while you’re looking away
Suddenly sends me rolling in flames
I see where I’m going, what would’ve became
I forget myself, forget my name

My favorite kind of numb
The mess that you made true
My one and only prayer
No getting over you
Butterfly Jan 4
I made you cry,
Way to many times
But you keep saying that you're fine
And babe....
Am really trying to love you more and hurt you less.
Why won't i find a way?
I made you cry for a reason i don't get
But i can't get it of my chest.
So i still don't get why you love me?
Am just a bad dream,
That won't let you sleep.
It's messing with my head
Why won't i find a way to love you more and hurt less.
Yaser Mar 13
The longer you pull
the further it unravels
and when you finally break away
you'll find in your midst
an impossible tangle
Be the mess

Be your own Best.

Let the light be the light.

Be actress or gymnast
Or a U.N. Ambassador
Or just yourself.

Be angry,

Be uncool.

Make the rules up
And don’t follow.
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
She was beautiful,
The moon scowled at her beauty,
The Sun shied away from her,
The stars flickered with jealousy.
Nothing mattered to her,
She was complicated,
Her mind was a tangled mess of thoughts.
All I wanted was to sit beside her,
Gently untie the knots  in her neurones,
Connect to the correct ends of the
Let her talk,
Spill out her secrets and frustrations
See her awaken,
Hold her tight and never let her go.
A-McIntyre Sep 2018
what happens when you are so in love with a thought you could never dream.
       not like being on a timeout, or friend zoned.
  like wishful thinking of a perfect scene, or being.
Can most of us say that we ever truly fell in love at first sight, i can.                  
      i can tell you how the sun shines for the birds and blooms. i can tell you how the  diamonds are hand painted into the night sky and even have their own stories.
   i can tell you all the angles of the prisms, in the colors of a rainbow.
i can describe in perfect detail sculpted cheekbones and a smile so warm everything
    melts inside. 
 i can say how my heart aches to even be known. in the world, in the universe,
   in the front of someone's mind. not just known but really, and truly known by something, anything, anyone.
      i can tell you that my soul aches for more...
   i can tell you how my life essence is tied to more.....
after everything so far.
          i can also tell you that i doubt if anybody even knows my name.
its a mess, im used to it...... (:
Keiri Aug 16
It wasn't an impossible goal.
But I did give it all of my soul.

I wanted to be a teacher.
Be a duller, rules abiding preacher.

I saw me with glasses, and my hair in a dot.
Proudly presented in the hallways I'd trot

Everyone would see me and assume
What an ancomplished woman I presume

I wanted a simple house with children and a dog.
In my classroom, I would endlessly monologue.

I'd have two children I'd teach everything myself.
There'd be a successful book I wrote on every shelf.

That was my idea of success.
Before it all became a mess.

However I still truly believe.
I'll get over all this grieve.

And still make it work.
Without meeting another ****.

That took all away from me.
I'll get there, you'll see!
This litterly is my life in a nutshell
What a wreck such a mess.
Some say This poetry is such a wreck.
She shared a beautiful mess.
Some say I have no words for this mess.
Poetry needed a way to be released of its stress.
Other saw her Poems as a awful mess.
The village gave poetry such loneliness.
Gone and forgotten poetic protest.
Some said the Poems were flawless.
Others said They couldn't tap the keys for such dialect
It's ok curtain will cover, windows will close on Beautiful Mess!
s.a.m 2019 protected
@risky messes..creative challenges..
usagi Sep 2018
We wreck havoc on one another in the name of love. We leave inoperable scars upon each others souls and leave one another strangled for air, plundered of all vitals. We call this love, and we recycle these events, these feelings onto the next person without realizing that we are generating and regenerating feeble souls, stripped of their ability to love. What a tragedy love has become.
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