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If I only live once then this is my best bet
To live the life I want
Not to suffer from regret

Waiting for salvation isn't in the cards for  me
I will do what I think is good and feels good,  what I believe

I will run my body in the ground with drinks and drugs and fun
I will stay up till dawn and push it, lie every day, crispy in the sun

I will love with my heart, choose the one who makes bad decisions
Because that is who I am and the one I want to live with

I don't need another parent or someone who would be best for life
I need a companion for the ride, a truth, a love, a wife.
Today I began all the projects I’ll never complete.

The toolbox is out

Everything is ready to go

Annnnd goodnight.....
I love you but you died

You flew out of my life forever

A casket with wings, never to return

You still live in my walls, our books, and the kitchen table

Your fragrance on the tip of my nose when I see your picture

said, my father

I'm my own person

said, I

I'll never be like you

What a wonderful surprise

I was wrong
a whisper of a scent when you walked by

I knew

I followed your passion

I died happy

Thank you
Be yourself in a world of fakes
Walk alone  and let it grow you

Be undone when everyone is together
Some strings are better left loose

Be true after all the damage has come and passed
Let your eyes speak the volumes they hold

Be alive in the day and well into the night
Keep the fire burning
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