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A Watoot Apr 2016
A slap to the face but you're all
Dense *******.

Give me my life.

You gave me life but
You do not plan out what I should be doing with it.


I chose to step out.
A lie for a lie.
What'd I become if I let them eat me alive?
*Where'd I go without holding on to dear life?
Give me my life.
A Watoot Dec 2015
...and it should never be THAT exciting.  It should be calm.  It should never make your heart beat so fast that it feels like you are gonna explode.  

You should feel calm.
A Watoot Sep 2015
Moonlight strikes my face
It's getting harder to breath

I just came out from the dungeon
I tell myself this is freedom

To see and believe, the air is thinning
What do I have to lose

Running wild, breathing night dew
A swordsman stabs me twice

Puncturing my lungs, I breathe out blood
Spurting everywhere from my mouth

*Where do I stand?  Where do I start?
Tell me where I should go.

How do I breath? How do I live?
My lungs are punctured.
Just feeling dark and gory suddenly.
A Watoot Sep 2015
Take it easy. Take it slow. Enjoy the ride.*
There's no need to rush things.
A Watoot Aug 2015
break the habits that are all too familiar
A Watoot Aug 2015
When you take me out,
Intentionally take the route of a heavily packed road
or or you could bring me to your special place.

Let's talk about all sorts of things-
From physics to metaphysics;
From our dreams to our favorite scents.
Let me invade your mind and just chill for the night.

Let the world move and we'll take a pause.
Let the people be in chaos and let's watch the world burn.
Let's just take a sip of a perfect night- invading each other's minds.
I know a night is not enough.
We need a life time of it.
To the one.
A Watoot Aug 2015
I'm hanging on a piece of thread as I
Carefully unravel my heart and myself.

Don't catch me just yet;
You're not ready.
Don't wait for me to fall;
I will. In the right time, you'll catch me.

I'm finally free.
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