Deviate 1d
She was a masterpiece,
Colours exploding all over the page,
In a graceful, tender, loving position
It almost made me miss her.
Deviate 1d
I wish when I was younger
I had the sense to enjoy the simplicities
of having everything taken care of for you.

And at 17 nearly, I realise how hypocritical this is.
In no time at all, I'll refer to these years
much the same
i just wanna eat, sleep, and play
Deviate 1d
Gently please,
handle with care.
if you play too hard,
I might get scared.

If you shake me too much,
my curls will undo
The color will drain from
my face, cause of you.

If you grab me too rough,
I will try to break free
I have had enough
of your misery.

If you hold me too tightly
afraid to let go,
I will run away
into the great unknown.

so please, I beg you,
I'll beg and I'll plead.
Handle me gently,
don't make me leave.
Claustrophobic when it comes to people, yet surprisingly clingy. An enigma wrapped in a conundrum, thats me!
Like the keys on a piano
    Some are sharp
        Some are flat
           Some are white
              Some are black
Regardless of tone, size or color
No matter how you play it
Your story was written for you

It’s how hard you work to Stand Out
     To make yourself known
         When tickling the ivories
            To showcase your own story
Reminiscing through life, sharp and flat, shades of white and black

       The highs
           The lows
               Fast or slow
         Musical aspirations
                   Like those keys on a piano...
A different look on piano keys and how they are relevant to our own lives.
Deviate 1d
Boy, what are you thinking,
you really are just a stranger.
Trying to drag me into a mess,
treading over hidden dangers.

At first it was just us two,
and then I wanted four.
It turned into three
but now you want more.

You're getting greedy and you know it
You keep on trying to hide it
Well it's showing
You just aren't satisfied

Boy, I thought you were sweet
Someone I could eventually really like.
But all this nonsense has me beat,
I don't even know her, so why?

It all got way too complicated
way, way, way too fast
I was in it for the moment
You're just trying to make it last.

It's cool, It's cool, I get it,
you really like my thighs
But to do what you wanna do?
Well, you'd have to get me high.
Just a funny little end to a very simple turned complicated scenario.
Deviate 1d
I don't know my own name anymore,
It's like I stare into the mirror, and someone else stares out.
I'm trapped, and I can't get out
  1d Deviate

We all wear a mask
To hide whats beneath
locking away our true selves
Setting it in place, with hard concrete

Painting and decorating
It becomes colourful and bright
Our own unique mask
That we work on each night

Enhancing the features
Till its just perfect and right
It hides away our feelings
So everything will be alright.

Our souls are ugly and broke
Boring. Ghastly. Shameful.
Don't allow them to be uncloaked
Everyone else will surely revoke

Everyone will hate you
Everyone will lie
Nobody will love you
So don't even try

Is it really everyone else who made you this way?
From the way that I see it
Its you,
who lead yourself astray

I've been betrayed and forgotten
Thats what we say
Blaming everyone else
As we carry on with our childish play

A life so caught up on the outer appearance
just leaves you feeling empty
And you forget your own existence

Don't allow yourself to live this way
Because surely there will come a day
You're mask will become forgotten
And your hard work will be undone

Where your mask will slip
and crash to the ground
The decorations will shatter
and be scattered all around

And at this certain point you will come to learn
You worked on your mask so everyone could see
But you forgot that you're true self will always break free
You never allowed anyone to love you from the start
And yet you expected them to learn what was  hidden under your Beautiful Mask.
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