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Yenson 17h
And they woke
and showered in
hot lies and deceits
then dried themselves
with delusions and fantasies
let's go rule they all dribbled blindly
each carrying their own Emperor's new coat
as they wait for pink elephants and pigs that fly
Yenson 2d
The whole thing is a con trick. But what is interesting is why so few adults exist in our societies willing to stand up to it.

THERE is an ugly intolerance in the air. It is sometimes called “cancel culture”, but that doesn’t quite catch the whole horrible trend.

This trend insists that everyone has to think the same thing. We all have to say the same thing. And this trend has zero tolerance for, let alone delight in, the fact that people think differently from each other.

Instead it insists we all conform to one narrow view of everything. It is a wretched, life-limiting vision. And it must be opposed. By people from every side of the political aisle, and none.

A classic example of the trend emerged this week with the launch of GB News. This new news and current affairs channel includes a host of famous broadcasting names, including former BBC grand inquisitor Andrew Neil.

It has said that it is going to challenge the BBC status quo and give more diversity to UK broadcasting. But it had not broadcast even a minute of programming before the cancel mob came for it.

Activist groups decided to portray the channel as “divisive”. Because some of those on the platform have said that they would like to end “cancel culture”, these groups pretended that the channel was somehow extreme.

The channel has said it won’t follow the boring, left-wing group-think of so much media. So the activists pretended it was “far-right”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

But “truth” is not something  the woke activists care about. As a result, they decided to make the most outrageous claims possible about the channel. And they then decided to pick off the advertisers one at a time. Hoping in the process to destroy the channel’s business model.

It is the same technique that has been tried in recent years on a number of newspapers and other media in this country. Target the revenue and you can hope to close them down completely, or at least change the editorial decisions.

Before you know it, we don’t have a free Press, but a Press dictated by mobs. Mobs carefully directed by sinister and unaccountable groups with a deeply political agenda of their own.

Such people have already chalked up some successes against GB News. Within hours of the channel starting to broadcast, the cancel mob were taking notes. They then started the  campaign against every company that had advertised on the new channel.

Outrageous claims
The Swedish furniture company Ikea was among the first to agree to withdraw its advertising on the channel. The retailer said  the new channel is not in sync with its “humanistic values”.

Who knew, as they were struggling to assemble an Ikea flatpack, that the whole thing was based on “humanistic values”? I’ve felt a lot of things when struggling with their wretched furniture. But “humanism” has never been one of them.

At least Ikea has quickly seen sense. Yesterday it reversed its ad ban, saying it was “too soon to make an informed decision” and adding “it was not our intention to polarise our customers or others. A decision on our future approach will be taken in due course.”

One of the other advertisers to buckle under this stupid pressure is a cider company called Kopparberg. Person- ally I’ve never been able to stomach cider of any kind, so Kopparberg wasn’t on my radar. It  certainly is now, after the company claimed that its adverts had run on GB News “without our knowledge”.

A post on the company’s social media account  said: “Kopparberg is a drink for everyone and we have immediately suspended our ads from this channel pending further review of its content.”

What is this *******? “Kopparberg is a drink for everyone”. Really? Is it a drink for children? Probably. Is it a drink for grown-ups who like a decent pint? Clearly not. But is it a drink exclusively for people who think exactly like whichever woke idiot  put out that statement? Definitely. So not “everyone” then.

Just look at that level of sanctimony. It’s a ***** company, for goodness sake. Yet here it is preaching away about “further reviews” and much more. Who does it think it is?

The truth is that the whole thing is a classic woke mob attack. The mode of operating is now clear. It makes a set of outrageous claims against a political target. It then megaphones those claims and asks anyone at all connected with the target how on earth they can live with themselves.

So people are tarred by association with an imaginary enemy. Normal, mainstream opinion gets repackaged as “far-right” or some similar nonsense  then companies and others are asked how they can bear to be associated with such toxic views.

The whole thing is a con trick. But what is interesting is why so few adults exist in our societies willing to stand up to it

Yenson 2d
So how are you.......

Great, you know my default stance,
“Do not look for happiness outside yourself. The awakened seek happiness inside.”

Some say you're numb.......

Not at all, you see
" As a bee gathering nectar does not harm or disturb the colour and fragrance of the flower; so do the wise move through the world".

What about this thing about you suffering and being in pain......

Well, they are un-pleasantries and grossly ill-thoughts actions from
others and off-course. depleted finances but
" It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

so what about Love.......

I tell you an interesting piece
A man asked a wise sage, I want love. The sage replied, first remove the 'I' that's ego. Then remove 'want' that's desire. See, now you're left with only 'Love'.
I have always had love and I remain most grateful and Blessed for that

Ok, if you say so. What about things of the flesh........

Hahaha, that's easy, remember
'Man does not live by bread alone' but “When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better. ” hahaha

Are you lonely.....

Put quite truthfully and simply
“If you're lonely when you're alone, you're in bad company.”

So are you a strong person....

Balanced, I'd say, you see
“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

So what about this 'Broken hearted' business......

Yes, about thirty-two years ago, but thankfully I healed. You see
its about
“In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?”

Are you haunted by anything.....

Yes, a forever image, my loving father, who will walk randomly
past me and would always reach out and either pat me on the shoulder or ruffle my hair and call out my name like it was a precious word. Yeah those times and images visit me quite often.
He was the best of men and set such wonderful examples.

Thank you for taking time to talk to us.....

My pleasure, thank you
Yenson 2d
Please Note:

Excitable unruly animals
prone to nibbling, scratching and tantrums
always courting attention and gets irritated when ignored

Please feed sparingly
Tends to be gluttonous and consumes excessively
Also obsessive and prone to focusing on singular interest

Interesting Fact:
these animals are pack creatures so always hang in groups
and gangs. Culturally they are herd-type in behaviour and
tend to copy each others behavioural actions. They are simple
though can be trained to perform complex exercises and have
auditory ability. mentally they are mostly at base level and
are governed by their nature which in the main is emotionally
immature though their appetite for carnality, self-abuse, over-
indulgences pointless actions and violence can be extreme.
Though basic on must levels they live in quite an evolved and
complex societal communities

please enjoy observing and interacting with them if you so please
but feed them sparingly and at chosen times put them on a fast ( Do not feed at all ) for a number of days at any given time. They live to be fed but only become exceedingly excitable, incoherent and grossly belligerent when they have food.
Yenson 4d
My two fathers would say
Now! that is a man and a real Prince
their fathers say lots of things
some say nothing at all
because they are mostly not around
some cry and shake their heads
a lot say, God help us
but never could any of their fathers say
Now! that is a man and a real Prince
Yenson 4d
I don't pick friends for their usefulness
i don't do superficial things
I don't find solace in others
I don't share myself to belong
I can survive, live or exist
I will always know my ways in my way
Yenson 4d
And God taught me
the magnanimous derivatives
from being able to bestow utter contempt
to such deserving candidates.
such a rare privilege
and best of all
to never ever feel
threatened and inadequate
so as to drag and besmirch
anyone to make myself
feel valid or noted
such a rare privilege
to be the one others envy
and also be the man
you will emulate and respect
is a special kind of self-worth
such a rare privilege
such a rare rare privilege
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