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Yenson 43m
in pensive hidden arias
the songs of rainbow trails
in the now and never of vivid clouds
carrying forth whispering rains that stings
in forms known yet heavy are hearts and thoughts
what glory for victory when sirocco hails in sunshine
and priceless reckoning hawks the bazaars of the nomadic tribes

sing me songs of azuris
find me a tent in dusty hapless dreams
for a time but not for ever for ever is never
my camel carries a heavy load I travel at setting dim
the temple gods sleep in Luxor and the Tuareg are raiding
find me in the promised land where the alchemist make gold
name me in your language but honour me not with your daggers

I fare in westerly winds
in land of two suns and fork tongues
taking cloudy covers yet a stranger to kith and kin
in all I trade by batter for in oases there are mirages too
alone and afraid I sell counterfeits and drink milk to survive
buying stories in opaque hues to gambol as sheep do just to live
in ancient lures I  pay while my heart and soul long for a true home
Yenson 19h
Just imagine
as scullery flunkeys
of wild and demented imaginations
and there you
not significant talented or worthy enough
to have trolls in fervent devoted attendance
no body carries you in mind with raging passion
no body spending time imagining horrors to you
not a soul envy or harbour burning jealousy about anything
about you
to nurse debilitating resents and hate cause you are
such nondescript and unremarkable nobodies
there's nobody huffing and puffing aimlessly about you
or even huffing and puffing pointedly because you stand out
truth is
you do not matter much
just another face in the crowd of faces in crowd
Joe Bloggs, Miss or Mrs Bloggs, teenagers Bloggs and family Bloggs
you all are just not important enough
significant or remarkable or mildly talented enough
to merit trolls
so in anger self loathing and inadequacies
you become trolls
its about all you are fit for
but its hazardous for you may all
eventual drown in your ****
where are any distinguished, significant, talented, affluent, worthy or remarkable people who do not have crazy trolls reeking of hate, envy and some sort of resentment about them. Even
Albert Einstein would now be denounced as a dullard with a worthless theory.
Yenson 1d
Blah blah blah goes angry of Whitstable
churning rhetoric's of the pond life
where anchors are dropped in shallow gables
where the roundheads gather in strife

Blah blah balderdash of witless angst
echoes of birth right perceived taken
from whence looted with guns and tanks
let the full story be told no mistaking

Blah blah hogwash lies and twaddle
aims of the town criers to maim and weaken
to emotionally harm in mind to stir and muddle
depress into paranoia is such task for trolls monkeys

Blah blah blah hoot hoot hoot
heat a kettle too long water evaporates to hot air
rest conserves money not a frozen rink of one that is shot
street theatres and dirges are  whimsically met with laissez faire

Blah blah blah goes angry of Whitstable
haha  haha  haha  haha and again we go blah blah
speak unrequited love and horse eating nuts in stable
they say insanity is doing the same thing over and over blah blah
all I'm saying is that someone should be sent to the tower and beheaded, but first they should chop of his ****. that's all I'm saying. I mean keeping him fed and resting with all his creature comfort is a crime, at tax-payers expense too, imagine the cheek, next thing he'll soon be asking for a woman to be brought in...tut..tut...
Yenson 4d
I did not arrive locked in filthy lower decks
chained and manacled
millions of my people did cause you wanted sugar
I am Royalty as were my ancestors
your history tells your story its there for the truth seekers
greed and bloodlust rule
hence some claim you are the spawns of satan himself
unchained and un-manacled
like Mandela, Ghandi you cancelled my living and celled me
my crime is to be Royal and free
and dared stand against criminals, injustice and racial prejudice
in your modern stance its now stasis slow death
red baiting, McCarthyism and cancel culture to eliminate
right to state not all is evil or insane
but to those who know no shame or have human souls
I will neither fear you or fight you
for the retributions of over ten millions of innocent souls
awaits you
I did not arrive locked in filthy lower decks
chained and manacled
this is a 'must watch'
Yenson 4d
the native laughed heartily
slapping his thighs as if beating a drum
his glossy ebony complexion radiant in the light
look my Omo Oba. he sputtered between peals of ringing laughter
them Wazungu speak so much mumbo jumbos don't they?
These wazungu care more about one dead elephant than they do
for a hundred black men.
why, he asked looking puzzled
surely they can't be scared of our big long spears
perhaps, they are, he added thoughtfully
they will speak all the mumbo jumbos on the continent
to prevent us showing our big long spears to the ladies
Adamu told me so!
He said the ladies love to see them and play with our weapons
you better keep quiet, I said
or they will bring anarchy to you
what is Anarchy he asked, still laughing
Its when mumbo jumbos fight with mumbo jumbos, I replied
I thought their mumbo jumbos is their poetry, he intoned
yeah, that too, I replied
he is still *******, that man will never learn. Bring on the dramatist and start the Neuro-linguistic programming.
Yenson 4d
Having always worked underneath Managements
sometimes from sixteen to retirement
in ordered control and instructions
its become glaringly obvious
they have never learnt
in the slightest
how to master

plain to see
in attitudes and behaviours
its all about copying what others do
easily influenced their men use and discard
look Ann and Sue are having *** why shouldn't you
they can never think or take responsibility for their actions
always other do it as well or I did it because I was told to do it
understand why they reckon they can feed your brain an control it

for in their world
little is expected
and little demanded
you don't like school
well, just leave quick
discipline is cruel
others do the thinking
you are not to be stressed
let Government do that
life's too short to aspire
reasoning is boring
and its nerdy to study
and do not judge me even if I steal from you
you're greedy for working and earning so much
and if you protest me and my mates will ******* up
we will invade your life and your brain and drive you mad
majority wins and anarchy 'rules ok'
Yenson 4d
if reasons govern
and rationale is what it is
and common sense gets fair airing
and sophistry is not so addictive to the lame

then in stark reality
the chippers chipping away
would grasp less the blunted knives
that's yet to make a cut after thirty years

look at the planters
toiling night and day sowing
alas all sown are stones in mirages
and all that's grown are the vocabulary of flying monkeys

in truth its all a con
the fools errand of finding
a left handed knife or Striped paint in black/white
the diluted emulsion of rogues that makes the innocent the guilty

one sided stories aired
distortions misinformation unquestioned
malice pollicised, fabrications lauded to the gullible
lies hedged by lies to excuse the unreality of the unreal

So please just do as you're told
for to question chicanery and banality
is not an option readily open to the banal commoners
a time wasting confused and disingenuous ruck helps relieve
the miseries and inadequacies of the mundane lives and mediocrity
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