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Yenson 2h

FROM:  Mr Phil Indifrence,  Strategy Chess Insurgency  Corps.
Space Headquarters, Castleview Avenue, Dunstable XY10

TO:  Ms Petal  Dontrun,  Crimson Chess Federation.
De la Wigan Headquarters, Wigan, United Kingdom,  SM00

Dear Ms Dontrun,

Please accept my greetings. I write to clarify my stance on our
outstanding matters and hopefully to deter further speculation,
gossips, rumours, misinformation and sensationalism by the

As you are aware I contacted you on the day as arranged only to
be confronted with a response that was astounding unethical, un-
professional, rude, inconsiderate and totally uncalled-for.

Still in the reverberations of this seismic occurrence I call again in
the hope it was a momentary loss of composure and yet again I was
subjected to a deluxe version of the first onslaught. To say I was
flabbergasted is putting things mildly, most especially as it was
totally unwarranted and underserved.

In all fairness you did call some weeks later, but it had become
apparent that the ethos, protocol and cordiality that my Organi-
sation works within may not be relevant to your Organisation,
hence my unavailability to your contact.

I write to primarily reiterate that my position on this matter and
the present status quo is not based on some immature Ego play,
stubbornness, power-play or pride, it's in all truthfulness a belief
in ethical considerations. I do not believe that bad manners, ill-
considered behaviour and a lack of sensitivity and good grace are
matured and progressive trends to interact cooperatively within.

In conclusion, this is my stance on this matter and I hope it helps
your understanding. I believe a formal Apology from you and your
Organisation is appropriate in this regard and will instigate a
return to cordiality between our Organisation.

If you however feel this is unnecessary I will respect your decision
and the situation will remain unresolved.

I thank you for your attention.


Phil Indifrence.
Yenson 1d
It's my space, it's my space
get out, go away
they are everywhere
they're taking my toys
they're playing with my toys
they take everything from us
and it's our ****** space

I can't talk to them
they beat me up
some carry knives
am scared of them all
they can fight
and they beat us up at school
my father is scared to
mum too
they are everywhere
brown, yellow
all colours
and it's our ****** space

but they take it from us
like it's their own
I am really scared of them
so I always try to be nice
but all the time I am scared
they do all we do
and do it better
its our ****** space

BUT...there's one we got

not like all the others
and stays alone
so we tie up quickly
and we all gang up
ha, we got brave now
Yippee...revenge is sweet
let's all go kicking and battering
it's our space, it's our space
Yes, let's take it all out
on this one
it's just one
its our ****** space

BUT...oh ..oh....oh
even ****** one is still too much
we're trying
we are just ****** cowards
let's face it, we're snivelling cowards
and it's our space
its our ****** space


Stop crying and fretting little men
there's enough room for you all....
Yenson 1d
Inferiors carping
hoping dribbles inflamed
guards wait as I relax
watchers walk and wait in the cold
all on points I waste them
empty nonsense
maggots trying to derange
twenty years and more
ineffective at their costs
all I have to do
is whip out my nine
simpletons go mad
floppy limpy twigs
complex get 'em
Say no more!
Yenson 1d
When the Seagulls follow the trawlers.......


It's by the shore........
"When seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea," or Brad Pitt is gonna roll up all swanky and cool in his gleaming Merc and get that lady that holds them all in contempt.'those ones, are you kidding me, not even when I was at Uni, they don't wash...'
Yenson 1d
Karl Marx grave Headstone discecreted in Highgate
on it ' Dictator of Hate' Master of Genocide
I wasn't there, it wasn't me
Twelve and counting, MP quitting the Left
claiming culture of Extremism, Hate, Intolerance, Anti-Semitism
I wasn't there, it wasn't me
There are not fit to lead, I am ashamed by this party
I am ashamed by the racism in this party
I didn't say this, I wasn't there
Totally ignorant and delusional about everything
Turned into a hard Left Sect, Leader not interested
They have become intolerant Racists Haters with delusional
I did not say that, I wasn't there
I used to be a member, believed in creating a fair and just Society
I am no longer a member
I am here and I say this
Yenson 3d
Bring me my Colouring Book.
bring me my Picture book

Look A is for Apple
B is for boy
C is for Cat
D is for Dog
This is how I learn

I can only learn from visual aid
because I don't know that knowledge
comes from critical evaluation based
on learned informed premises, years
of experiences guided by intelligence
rooted in positivism and love

please bring me my picture book
or plant images in front of me and I
then I will be taught and my mind influenced

That's how we learn in my town
we let visual images teach us how to behave
and know what to do

that why we have TV
and computer Games
and Picture Books

My Colouring Book teaches me about Colouring
I have learnt that I can take words and colour events
and situation, anyway I want.
I can paint the whitest things black
and the blackest things white
I can put any slant, twist, , change and more
on anything I want
so, you see

that way I can have a mind
in any colour I chose
on any day depending on any colour around

I don't believe that Adults have a Reasoning Factor
I don't believe some people have a mind of their own
or make judgements and decisions that's right for them

I use my Colouring book mind to help them
So I colour black, I colour white, I colour pink, yellow and green
I colour purple, I colour up and down
I am like a windmill going round and round

So give me your blank mind
give me your empty heads
and let me show you just what to do....

I have a lot of time on my hands
and nothing better to do......
Yenson 4d
The shallow souls of concrete-ville
in aimless throes of desires unmet
piqued by glares truthful
inconsequential battery raised stocks
uninspiring and homogenised fodders
raison d'être in minds  assailed in
vacuous slumber, raw yet percolated
in the pollution of concrete dirges.
closed eyes and minds
and hysterical
screaming in angst
and gorged on ******* burgers
ingested bile from troubled twisted
innards in the bleakness
of the
emptiness of regressive lives
and cloying degenerative stances

Notice me, recognize me
plaintive pleas from damp
soot soaked injured damaged minds
I matter, I can write, let me show off
my ambling strides
my opaque being
is melting
in this insipid concrete life
and the brilliance
of The Together
and howls in my
fragility and limitations
I who truthfully
have less
have less
have less
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