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Yenson 5h

The Minstrel Lord Haw Haw yodels from the isles
boring echoes stirring daily twisted dark homilies
In town the lames are kissing lies and warm deciets
deluded **** blocking is a full time job in secrets

Ah see the rampant misogynist dealing their trump card
he's not like us why should he show us up
his sincerity and genuine passion destablizing for us lads

From high to low they drink hate from mothers milk
in sour heads love is made cheesy by menchilds' will
Stunted rods and emotionally stunted they breed Eve
and Eves beds endowed serpents with love bereaved

Ah see the rampant misogynist dealing their trump card
he's not like us why should he show us up
his sincerity and genuine passion destablizing for us lads

So each with one another in cool hatred they fake liaisons
in impermanence they make vows in forked tongues
Abound they decieve **** and dump all raw sugar glazed
the mostly menchilds who like the boys and young gals

Ah see the rampant misogynist dealing their trump card
he's not like us why should he show us up
his sincerity and genuine passion destablizing for us lads

So see the misogynists ban the real Man from pure loving
why should a good woman be truely loved and respected
why should a woman be a Queen and a sincere consort
when they are merely objects for our objectifications
Yenson 5d

The Real and Learned say what we know
as what we know is real and true
for lies and chicanery is not for the Enlightened

In bellowing red fog and sick lame minds
poisoners arrow barbs and threats
we'll do your head in and f--k you to paranoia

Alchoholic thieves and ignorant racists
labels a gainfully employed parasite
whilst on Unemployment Disability & Child Benefits

These sick hate drenched pathetic racists
fingers an honest quiet humble man
look he thinks he's it and he thinks he's better than us

Quiet man is one that talks legs off donkey
he's mad, weird loony and deluded
these are their confessions through all their projections

The wise know their ploys in clear plain sight
attack best form of defense says thieves
every thing they do to others tells us all we need to know
about them
Yenson Sep 13
when he said
'ah, that's a shame'
it was in the context that you can't
benefit from the clause that exempt those with two
definately not that's it a shame
not having any
Mark it. many do not have
and are not weeping or craving
Not all can have
same as not all are millionaires or Princes or Princesses
same as some are just plain dumb and some are erudite and smart
same as the discontents would find a snag in the most inoffensive thing or miscontrue issues because they are cerebrally challenged
So please don't throw your baby out
with the bathwater
even if the Witchhunter General needs the barest of evidence
remember all innocent look at any women
most of whom you wouldn't even touch with a barge-pole
is deem that you are ******* her with your eyes
and to have uttered innocently
'I remember you sat opposite me'
means you want to ravish any woman that stands opposite you
Yeah! I never imagined plebs could be so asinine
their subjective deductions borders on the
utterly ridiculous
but they are good at pro-creating though.....haha haha
It can't be easy being them
any wonder
they crave distractions.....
Yenson Sep 9

In all fairness
its a given this is all above their heads
our lots get off
on basic comprehension and base emotions
so evidently so
how can one expect depth from shallows
hey! its freedom
to carry their chains and engage in *******
and anyways
puppets are not meant to be complicated
you **** strings
and get them to perform moves as you wish
who wants a
puppet with its own mind capable of rationale
Yenson Sep 8
In western porcelain haze
we dance flameco on frozen lakes
and make wrongs into rights and rights into wrongs
forked minds and forked tongues
hurrah Nihilism rules ok

Western Express to me
your innocence means nothing
the thieves are underdogs and ivories are sterlings
dare you protest at your peril
we do twist and **** drop

Goddesses West rules
in fleece to fleece at whims et wills
vast in one sided naratives in gilded poison chalice
touch us and drink from our parts
as we wash your minds

Hear fables of the west
sing of muddy waters and smears
wreck havoc destructions and pull wool over eyes
the truth is only what we say it is
and lying is what we do
Yenson Aug 27
Since you
whose intellectual sagasity
is extremely doubtful
to say the least

Why do you then think
that I
who is miles more intelligent
smarter and wiser
will resonate with
all the doubts you raise

Or that I am unaware
of your motives and intentions
The answer undoubtedly lies
in the opening quatrains
stated above

Undoubtedly no further proof
is required
except you doubt yourselves
and of course
I concede that is your field
of expertise
Yenson Aug 26
So you know you're weak
and can never win fairly
so you know you're below standard
and can't complete openly
so you know you're not that intelligent
and can't fully utilise your minds
so you know you seriously lack acumen
and can't cut mustard
so you know you're lowscale and crude
and deftly lack finese
so you know you lack cogent talents
and can't be impressive
so you know you're lily-livered cowards
who can't stand toe-to-toe
so you know you're a small tooled ninety second wonders
lacking prowess stamina romance or hot soul
so you're semi-illiterates riddled with impostors syndromes
always frightened of exposure
so you're a bunch of lying backstabbing hypocritical nonentities
unable to confidently own your minds or yourselves
so you know you're narcissists pyschos haters and tin-hatters
condermed to your underground and hidden cabals
So you find yourselves threatened, overshadowed and outshined
by those not like you
And so you spend days looking for weaknesses
or projecting weaknesses on those not like you
Hahaha....they on't have silver spoons.....just kidding, this is serious Republicanism, eat the rich, the elites, the talented, the anybody that does not do as we say and join our campaign.We are weak but toether we can tell bigger lies and make our dim selves even dimmer. Hahaha...
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