I've been good to you and I let you live in my house rent free.
You did something even though you knew it would anger me.
You've really ticked me off because of what you did today.
You came in my house with episodes of the new Doctor Who on Blu-Ray.

You knew that the new Doctor Who show is something I hate.
You don't even like science fiction, you did it just to aggravate.
You're going to take it back to FYE and return it.
And if you don't, I'll take it outside and burn it.

I let you live here for free and I even pay for your food.
I told you from the start that I despise the new Doctor Who.
You knew how much I loathe that television show, you're a trouble making louse.
Return it or I'll burn it and if you do it again, you can get the hell out of my house!

Popular culture is so inconsequential;
All I see, I am growing to hate.
The time has come for someone to become beneficial;
Artificial is no longer needed.
You are starting to grate, without ever being great.

Faces without names, names without faces;
Relevance has never been so relevant.
Giving money to people who have not had to make it.
Share the wealth and do not care so much about yourself;
Spend the money before your fame is spent.

Debt collectors on the T.V., movie stars in between the films.
I fast forward and pay no interest to any adverts.
T.V. is tainted and full of people faking it; what is this?
Empty people with shallow sights.  What are you worth?

The rich get richer and their greed buys them more power;
The poor are still kept down like they were yesterday.
Nothing changes for the better; we are living by the hour.
Repeat your actions, we lack clarification;
Politicians have nothing to say.

In a depressing world, how do I raise a smile or a child?
All that has come before has affected my mind.
You are pathetically pathetic and you’re not even and so very trying!
Self-importance is praised in these darkest of times
And the rocket men have fallen from the sky.

Old songs remind us of what we used to have;
One hit blunders, Andy Warhol’s sad quote.
Strive for perfection
And do not just accept the substandard woman or man.
There are only a few diamonds in this mine of music;
T.V. is no longer worth watching and who is this star of the show?

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 15
Watch T.V., so you don't have to think.

I could be dead tomorrow, but today I'm alive,
So right now, I truly am willing to strive,
To get all I want, before death comes to take me;
So show me Heaven on Earth, you beautiful lady.

But don't give me a baby, or a headache.
Don’t waste our precious time together,
Watching repeats of Ricki Lake,
Or Jerry Springer, or even Oprah.
No I don't want to watch another soap!
Or something so soulless and devoid of inspiration.
Could you put on some tunes and turn off the television?

Just play me some music, by someone who has something to say
And let me fall in love, with a single lyric today;
By an intelligent lyricist, with a funky beat,
That makes us tap our feet and shake our thing.
Do you get me?  Capiche?  Do you understand what I'm saying?

Or are you too drunk, to care anymore?
I'm sorry, I'll shut up; I'm obviously a bore,
That you have to ignore, so here's the remote.
I think I'll just leave and go write a book.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 15
Tired of T.V.

Because of T.V., I can no longer think;
I can only dream myself to sleep.
The film that I watch, was given a five star rating
And the star of the film, was on the front of Empire magazine.

But I feel so tired, as my eyelids fall down.
I can no longer concentrate; my short term memory is dead.
What was that thing, the lead actor just said?
Oh well, who cares?  I’m going to bed.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
N E Waters Sep 2014
I keep the TV on, because when I do it feels like I'm living.
I keep my browser running, because when I do, it feels like I'm feeling.
I keep my movement low, because I'm slow, because I'm softer
and I burrow deep beneath my sheets to forget that I'm a daughter.
World's potential rages, shapes and faces overwhelm me,
and I'm screaming silent for the quiet that I feel like I am missing.
I want to touch you, see you, hold you, speak without restriction.
But I numb my mind in sounds and lights, so that I can slip away.

Over-stimulation cradles what craves to be kinetic,
pacifies the glowing inside craving open air.
I cannot move, I cannot go, I'm too afraid to ride the ride
and so I'll sit behind the lines
and participate by watching.

And here we'll watch the world together- and also so alone
would that I could
rip free the bandage
and leave my dirty home.

and the internet praises the introvert and tells us we're secretly deep.
And we dress our wounds with wasted time until we fall asleep.

And in my dreams I'm running, fighting, TRYING SO HARD
to break free.
And in the morning, I shudder, shake them off
and dim the light in me.

And day after day
back, here we go,
back to the flickering screen.
Things between us have changed.
Pretending only presents the underlying problem.
We spend our time in seperate rooms.
The television on two seperate channels.
Still unable to find what we're looking for.
Demanding peace unwilling to press for change.
The thing's we said we'd never do.
Complete faith that we'd never walk pass each other.
So much as a single word.
Strangers in wait that it will get better.
If it isn't you, I can't go on.
Good or bad.
Being forced to pretend that everything is alright.
Another show airs.
Demanding attention else where.
I am trying,
But can't keep flipping past the infomercials without being tempted.
Searching for a happy ending
HectorBrown May 31
Emily rested abreast the nipple of earth protruding from that sparkling level of water. She stood up, and wandered slowly over the soft dirt and gritty shale towards the block. Wrenching open the door her feet landed on the hard, glossy, inviting floor. Having ascended 3 levels, she arrived at her block. She opened it, revelling in the soft points of contact with her feet.
“…for now, however, we are finished with ‘X’ for ‘show presented’…”
The television murmured in the background. She shut the door, all the blinds and sat, in the centre of the corridor. Floating over top of herself, existing solely in this moment and appreciating the true glory of her point of land.
Aa Harvey May 31
Speak to me.

Your accent brings a smile to my face.
You make the words more beautiful.
I could happily listen to you talk about anything
And I would be amazed at the language you speak,
As it appears to be tangible.

I want to pluck your words from the air before they drift away.
I want to lift you up from any despair;
No harm should ever be sent your way.
I want to save you.
I will try to amaze you by telling you my truth;
I dream about you.
Well, not exactly you; just the image I have formed,
Of the ideal woman.  She stands out from the norm,
For she is rather extraordinary.
I hope you are her; I have been waiting patiently,
For love to find me; I’m oh so ready to embrace love.
Are you made for me?  Because I am love in human form.

If I were to become yours, would you want to be adored?
And cherished and kissed and merry and picked
Ahead of all others?
My chosen, let’s watch Frozen,
So I can hear the voice of an angel.
I have no need to change the channel.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 24
Live 8

The Black Eyed Peas and a green, Green Day;
I want this day to last forever; thank Bob for giving us Live 8.
A day of great bands, playing all their best songs;
From Bono and McCartney, through to Snoop Doggy Dogg.
All over the world, great bands play great songs;
We all know the words, so come on sing along.

Some people are pants; some become great human beings.
One day of your life, dedicated to the revolution.
Television to the world, a united way of thinking;
We must all join in, to find a solution.

A whole day of music, for a world with one feeling;
To tell your fellow man, to keep on believing.
One day we will end this and make Africa one great nation;
Sir Bob showed us the way, now we must start the revolution.

Twenty four hours of music, is a gift to the world;
It will enlighten any mind, but you can't forget the cause.
You can't have a great day and forget the dying boys and girls;
Because one moment will affect you,
It will soon change your world.

Some people are pants; some become great human beings.
One day of your life, dedicated to the revolution.
Television to the world, a united way of thinking;
We must all join in, to find a solution.

A kid gets to his feet, to not die in front of his sister;
There lays a baby, just waiting to die.
Without Bobs irate temper and the visions of Africa;
I would have felt nothing, I wouldn't have cried.

Then they showed a girl, who was so close to death;
If we all did nothing, she wouldn't be here now.
But Live Aid gave her life, helped her take a deep breath;
One vision of human beauty, as she looks out at the crowd.

This incredible woman, would not have grown to become a woman;
We would have denied the world, of such a beautiful face.
I would have never, seen such a beautiful angelic image;
Now I see her as a vision.  Human being’s saving grace.

Some people are pants; some become great human beings.
One day of your life, dedicated to the revolution.
Television to the world, a united way of thinking;
We must all join in, to find a solution.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 11
Guitars in the Night

There is a place I have not been,
I go there each night in all of my dreams.
The fictional world of fantasy.
I think it’s a result of a life that has been lived
And a worldwide vision called the T.V.

I woke up this morning after another dream;
I was late for work in my mind and the panic awoke me.
I looked at the clock it said 45 minutes past three,
So I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

I hum the tune inside my mind,
I can’t see the meaning; it doesn’t mean that I’m blind.
All I can hear are the words with meaning;
Something personal, just for me.

All we want is you by our side;
All we hear are guitars in the night.
All night long I’ve been singing this song;
I don’t know the words, but I sing along.

All I hear are the thoughts I am thinking;
I can pass the time in a blink of the eye.
Now I know what I must say,
To make you understand my mind.

I’ve got my feet firmly on the ground
And my head is in the clouds.
I’m a full time dreamer,
Who is full of self-doubt.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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