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Ten Mercado Aug 13
i’ve always admired
the existence of flowers
each one
uniquely beautiful
like every person on earth

and somehow
the more i climb,
the more flowers
i get to see
Mikko May 29
Discredit not the busy honey bee,
or the hedgehog that makes the grasses stir
The old owl that makes it's nest in the fir
Admire the deer pacing the woods with glee!
No bard does justice to the roaring sea,
no sculptor the grace of a wild flower
Or the nurturing of a rain shower,
or majesty of an ancient oak tree

The beauty of Nature, a peaceful sight
Like swans taking flight in the rose sunset
Deep deserts where small foxes show no fear
of man, and to feel a thunderstorm's might
All these wondrous things and more can be met
on this miracle, blue-green biosphere
Throwback from 2014, wrote this on a trip to Lapland. I usually write from a completely introverted standpoint, just spewing emotions so this observatorial description of nature-avenue is very foreign to me. However when a landscape is beautiful enough, it evokes something.
Val Vik Mar 10
I envision a meteor
falling into the ocean,
and the commotion
bursts into rain

Glimmering cobwebs
Chirping birds
drying in my hearts' domain

Breath within my *****
revealing the cuckoos,
the drums on dead wood, &
insects after the downfall
birthing the odes of love

Fly up above!
"the birds and the bees"
Spread your feathers over the water, explore the shores, and forest regions!
M Cannon Aug 2020
People always equate jealousy to
A little green monster who rides
Piggyback throughout your life.
They’re wrong though.

Jealousy is a tiny, beautiful, parasitic seed.
It plants itself in the newly formed
Fissures of your self worth.

It fights its way through your aching veins
Before finally laying roots in your broken heart.

As it grows, you’re veins are slowly replaced
by brilliant green foliage.  

Your heart begins to bloom
The petals so breathtaking that it lures in
Every inch of your soul until
The only thing left is an empty shell
Of who you once were.

Jealousy isn’t a monster.
It’s irresistible flora
That feeds on your inadequacy
In order to feed its opulence.
-elixir- May 2020
The strings of tears from
the skies,
fall on the earth,
as she sheds away,
her sorrows
on to the bodies,
of the flora into the
soil, bestowing life
through her tears.

While I gaily
tread the grass,
drenched, in
her tears of life
rain's a blessing!
Nilia Loh Apr 2020
A little marimo moss ball.
Unfazed in its glass ball.
Just another peaceful sunny day.
To not go about and enjoy the day.

A lonely marimo moss ball.
Looking in a mirror on the wall.
Noticing nothing has changed.
Isolation is still here, untouched.
jack cariad leon Feb 2020
i pick up withered orchids
that were left to rot on stone
whispering they won’t forgive
- all that’s left is stem and bone
and when i ask who did this
they photosynthesise in code
referencing a nirvana lyric from heart shaped box: "meat-eating orchids forgive no-one just yet"
TS Ray Feb 2020
She knew the world,
He knew the words,
She shaped the blue skies,
He played with the meter in fives.

She brought in the aura,
He pictured in the flora,
She glittered in the halo,
He wandered in an abyss so low.

She was well versed in art,
He talked in silence with himself in part,
She was ready to know him and walk with him toe to toe,
Walking all alone all along, he was ready to find himself too.
TS. 2020.
Blossoming in the
Snow globe are technicolor
Ornaments, inhale
The melting *** of sweet
And musky. Welcome, Flora.
Blossom with love and courage into the spring,
that is unalike the one before it, but none the less
full of growth and the sweet scent
of possibilities

Blossom in the light of positivity
for you have carried too much sadness
and cradled too much fear. Aren’t you tired?

like all things on earth bloom
Flower into your next life, naturally

Fluorescence is your call
tenderly guiding you wild flora
into the fauna where you belong
You too are that, which came from earth
and grows from light

Winter beckons a spring,
and it’s your turn wild flora.
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