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Willow Nov 2016
She's hallow
There's nothing left inside of her

Life has left her empty

All she's ever done is cared
And yet nobody cared
To love her back

So many emotions fill her up
Until that one night
She curled up
Amongst blankets
Holding her self
As she rained

Out poured everything
All her emotions
Swept in a storm

Now she's hallow
Practically a shell

Waiting to be filled again
Waleed Khalidi Dec 2014
Did you see the bliss
Shoot across the night sky?
Here then there so quickly
Like a blink could project its moment
Yet when crumbling
Into the quake of memory
It is the window's remaining rain
Trickling down so slowly after the storm
Until all that is left is its drying trail
Clear to see the tired clouds sink behind
A heart so weathered
Never truly sleeps. Never rests
The hallow beats manifest
Into the crippling visions of the night
Blanketed by such distress
Until the rising light does nothing
But awaken the regrets that were left on the nightstand
Like a book with one chapter
No where left to turn
Do you see the ache
Shining dim in the night sky?
Like a footprint in the moon's dust
As alone as one could ever walk
Do you see the shame?
Like forty dying stars
Their fiery, blazing eyes
Watching every paranoid jitter
I’m starting to feel
Less and less poetic
Like a part of me
Is slowly being drained
But not replaced
Hollow and shallow
I cannot not be a poet
For it has grown to be
A huge important part of me
Assisting in who I am
And what I want to be
But I already feel stranded
Far out in the sea
K Paige Oct 2014
I drank because it was a little less toxic
Than the sensation of drowning
Swaying to the music I could forget
The waves pulling me under for a moment

I searched for comfort
Among cold, hallow people
Bones had never shown love
And that didn't change

I was left to my pernicious thoughts
Little girls shouldn't be morbid
But women aren't made of love
Though it is a common misconception
OC Dec 2018
A picture of your mother
dull colors of a bygone era
a polaroid born faded
a memory bestowed upon you by another
a hearsay tale long lost in time
more far than you can count on fingers
she smiles
a smile reserved for the unburdened
you wonder when this woman is
she looks happy

A finger painting of your mother
all colors watered down
a reminder that you must
some things carry more meaning
other need meaning poured onto them
cupped like water in both hands
presented to a lip-cracked child
some water saturate the soul
while keeping others thirsty
some colors are skin deep

Your mother, wrapped in blankets
in an almost vacant bed
her paint, dry and life-bleached
you sit with her
through all these final hours
watching as the outer coating
peels off and settles to the floor
solemnly, you sweep the flakes
an acolyte on hallow ground
choosing the most beautiful
pasting to a piece of paper
crafting the image of a woman
that once could have been
your mom
Was hesitant to upload this for a while now, as it feels a bit to personal. Written for a friend.
multi sumus Dec 2018
Dining upon We thisss...infamous infinite.
   Beckoning feculence.
   Enveloped by the harrowed.
   Hallow sepulchred womb.
   Equinox by promise sorrows demise.

   What light is found in depth if not from foe that seek embrace?
  Of tear shallow pooled?
And shadows contempt to console?
  Spawns solemn inquisition by precipice gaze.

  By devise thy plot be layed that abundance abound.
   And unto such, Affections disposed.
   Tenebrae proclamation as assurity be procured that desolation staved and vanity eludes toil.
londin Nov 2013
When the song began I felt hallow and shy
While the second was playing I began filling up inside
On the third the chorus hit as did something in my chest
Through everything I've done He loved me through my worst and my best.
The blanket began to fall, nothing left to disguise
The first question was asked and I lifted my eyes.
My shame and regret was extracted from me
As He placed it as far to the East from the West as it could be.
The winter was hollow
She walked out of her cabin into the darkness
I saw her go out but did not follow
For where she was heading I dared not go

I could not sleep
But felt her beneath me
Like a heavy weight or stone
She held my hand
And i was ******
To follow her down below
Iska Dec 2018
False laughter and pearly white grins
We all have a storm raging within
And yet we’re all so desperate not to show
Little do we understand that we are only fooling ourselves
Our hallow laughter echoes through the halls as our cavity riddled teeth gnash in a crude imitation of what a smile should be.
You deluge my eyes
                                           In aqueous bombs
                                   Because you love me
                                       In ways that defy existentiality,
                               That hallow my spirit,
                                 That quake terraqueous Gaia,
                                   Exhale me as a Cosmos
         ―Of the Cosmo-Plexus of the Wildest Love.

Consecrate me O Niveous Dove,
           With thine pearlescent eyes
      For love
   (Ineffably tender)
                                Is your Gender.

                             Pain is my golden raiment,
                                          Dirge and piety
                                   For you
                                             Stir in my soul
                                                    By the thew of your
                                     Beauteous, Tempestuous Affections.

Create in me
An intemerate heart;
For then I will know
That the Silver Wings of Dreams
Are impregnable.

―To a besmirched wish.
Enjoy. Any constructive feedback is most appreciated. :)
mads Feb 20
this body of mine
an empty shell
filled with nothingness
sad thoughts seep through

this body of mine
so so fragile
could give in anytime
cobwebbs fill the corners

this body of mine
that has began refusing
to take care of me back
what am I to do
I feel I may just be floating around and im constantly just passing by
Rebel Heart Mar 2018
I push everyone away
Praying somebody would stay
My logic more ****** up
Than my entire existence.

I'd never want you to let go
Yet I'll do everything I can
To try to shake you off
And drive you running
Light-years away from me

Because sweetheart I'm broken
Not just bent
I'm nothing but empty space
Hallow through and through

Because I'm not just heartless
I'm scarred beyond recognition
My ghosts haunting alleys
I could never show to you
It's not that I don't believe in love
For I have an abundance of it to give
It's just that I don't have anyone to give it to
(Some of the closest people to me once told me I was a cynical romantic and I guess I didn't understand it until just now...).
(Beginning of another long-winded 'rant' from RH that really makes me think I judged her wrong in some ways. The note at the bottom was her last sentence in her last journal entry I just finished reading and it has been a roller coaster of emotions so Happy Writing and Enjoy!~ BM)
Shane Feb 7
Hello my old friend,
Never thought we'd meet again.
In this place you call home,
I've now returned to claim as my own.

I remember it well,
The hallow pit where I once fell,
This deep dark alone,
I found truth in these walls of stone.

You warned of outside
The perils of hope
The deceit of trust
And promise's rope...
A noose to bind and hang in dread,
I've now returned, broken and dead.

Will you take me in and stay with me?
Take away the fear and the lies that be?
Keep me safe in our hidden lair
You're all that I have...
My friend despair.
My first post.
Najwa Kareem Feb 2017
A backdrop of gorgeous hues, tints, and shades peeking in from afar draw near, I on one side, it on the other, the two of us bidding for a glance at two white doves on center stage.  
Their eyes converging, their glance coinciding, a replica of the simplicity in which they were brought together, a dual recognition ignited by the burning of hearts and the lumination of souls. 
Affectionate hands coupled in an orbit of serenity, her passionately embracing his with a tug of excitement gushing I’m yours, his tenderly and securely supporting hers and in acceptance of gifts of admiration and approval, he is humbled whilst mesmerized by her captivating beauty and elatious smile.  
Two distinct bodies standing still between an air of transparency and vulnerability, they occupying an endearing space serenading to sweet melodies reminiscent of one exclusive life. A bit of haze lingers behind her, her ***** drumming to a cheerful step toward his, there she waits in an affirmative reply of what much he has to offer her, what much he has given her. He consumed by her presence, his face speaking something his mouth cannot. A yearning for each other unspoken, the romantic harmony of a moonstruck light and a synchronized kiss. Their bodies held captive by their souls set free. 
An impartial unfinished hallow sits as a canopy above, gracing its cascading rays on the couples’ faces creating unique shadows on each, one caressing the other in a playfully warm exchange. Overwhelmed by his serenade, emotions overflow and an innocent blush appears, his heart unburdened, skipping to a resounding beat and the words, I found my soulmate. With a slight rise of her jaw, she’s smitten with this king, the delicate skin of her countenance warmed by the glow of his, a pink dusting of her freshwater pearls.  
A love affair unconventional, a duo in adoration, a marriage of crisp airiness and a desire for discovery ringing true, a fondness between man and woman precious like a round cut diamond, weightless as dandelion fuzz blowing in the wind, beaming identical to that of a fluorescent night star, the twosome looking into one soul rejoices intimately at their romantic chemistry and unyielding bond. 
A gracious audience of ink, navy, and Prussian blue, antique and porcelain white, emerald green and scarlet pink in a pose of calm celebration, honors the mister and missus with an exuberant ovation. Entangled in a web of love with a sincerity stringing them in unison, the two in a trance cherishes a declaration so glamorous, a devotion so light.
This poem is dedicated to a soul's light romance of a recently married couple whose display of love moved and touched me.
tinhearts Aug 2018
Washed ashore I was a bottle
Tangled in seaweed and kelp
Tossed by the waves I cry to my Father
Amongst many grains of sand calling HELP

I felt the Love of a stranger
Appearing out of nowhere
Never sensing danger
He said I came to make you aware

Tenderly He picked me up
Opening my soul to be rewritten in Christ
He sat on the seashore with me to sup
His beauty was a mesmerizing sight

He told me How He loved me
Writing my life in the sand
How to be obedient
In His precious hand

Aware of His message He was writing in me
Purest Word of illumination
Inhaling the salt in the Heir surrounding
Awakening my soul in humility

I laid my head on His chest
listening to His heart beat
Deeply such Love I felt perfectly blessed
Drifting into harmony in unity

Giving His hand to lift me up
Washing the sand out of my eyes
Clearly I could SEE the cup
Chosen as His vessel to sacrifice

I felt the weight of the world being lifted
Setting me free
I danced rejoicing at His promises gifted
No longer was I tossed by that sea

Walking away He told me to follow
My heart skipping a beat
He said be ye holy for I AM hallow
Watching the imprints of His feet

Disappearing as He walked away
He turned to me with a smile
Follow me and don't stray
Promising to be back in awhile

Holy Spirit is His first gift for me
A gift of His Life inside
A warm glowing remembering
The arms of a stranger that saved my Life

Emeka Mokeme Sep 2018
You play with me with
your words and my heart
raced in joy.
Your sweet melodious
song caress my heart
and makes me dream.
I am so thrilled when you
touch me,
as if with magic fingers.
I want more and more of you
as I never want it to stop.
Your whispers in my ears
are so out of this world,
I am carried away by the
sweet little noises you make
as we entangle  and
explore each other on the porch.
A little kiss,
a little hug and
a little soft whispers in my ear
makes me want to smile
and cry and laugh and never
want to let you go.
This is heaven to me.
A love so pure,
so beautiful and divine,
filled with unimaginable tenderness.
Such love will keep and hallow me.
Forever your ***** is my home.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
OC Nov 2018
I savored my own killing

I could've done so
at the twilight of my days
while I dose off
on a creaking rocking chair
my old lean limbs entangling down
my crooked joints melded to the arm rests
my heavy head resting on my collarbone
oblivious as I
mercifully approach from the back
gently stepping on the tube
leading oxygen to my dying body
watching as my breath become heavy
as my blocked throat wheeze in exhaustion
as my stressed lungs finally collapse
as I quietly yield to sleep.

I  could've done so
sometime tomorrow or yesterday
As I lay asleep on my back
snoring as usual
in an instant I'll roll over
and be on top of myself
clasping at my mouth and nose
pressing my full body weight
as I jolt awake, panicked and confused
my arm randomly flailing around
torn prayer flags swooped by a hurricane
my fingers digging into the flesh of my arms
attempting to pull me apart
until finally
my stubborn grip overcomes
and defeated I dim onto stillness
save for a twitch here or there.

I chose to do so
in my youth
as the texture of a heavy rope
grazes and bruises the skin on my neck
while I send a chilling smile at myself
from across the room
pulling a handle
that drops the floor beneath my feet
accelerating for the first time
relishing the hissing air
the absence of gravity
catching with my eyes my penetrating gaze
older than I am
full of grief, fatigue, and divination
cut by the cracking rope
torn like my snapped neck
with a hallow sound
much less revolting than I thought
watch me dangling like
a ragged pendulum
a grotesque puppet
an unripe miscarriage
feeling but a slight pinch of regret
for never knowing
this moment
Alaina Moore Jun 2018
Lately when I've been walking,
I find myself staring at the sidewalk.
Thinking "I should just lay down,"
as if the sidewalk is the perfect place
for a defeated nap.

Lately when I've been working
I find myself unable to concentrate.
Words move around on the screen
and my brain can't keep up with my eyes.
Reading only to instantly forget.

Lately when my phone rings
I panic a little.
Fearing whatever is on the other end
is something that isn't conducive
to peace.

Lately I have started to wonder
If I was mistaken to hide my sickness,
to hide my pain.
Because now I can't hide it,
and the perception of me becomes
a crying wolf.
Yet I've always felt this way,
just with lips sewn shut.

Lately when I've been eating
I am repulsed by food.
My throat rejects it;
unable to swallow.
No appetite,
neglecting the consequences;
the hallow weakness.

Lately I've felt like
I am slowly killing myself.
Adrenal gland pumping,
at all hours of the day;
heart grieving;
stomach on strike;
body screaming.

Lately I've been trying to get better
but I can't tell if it's working.
Deb Jones Sep 2017
I believe in transmigration of the soul.

I want to be born again as a bird.
An Eagle, Hawk or Falcon
Maybe a Condor or an Owl
Birds with few predators.

Their kingdom is the sky.

I don't want to have memories of being a woman.
I want to experience life as only a winged soul. I don't want the comparisons of the life I left behind.

Powerful and free
I want to ride the wind, soar with the currents.
With nothing in the air as powerful as me.

I want to see my shadow on the ground as I fly. Every creature below me, increasing  their heart tempo becomes paralyzed with fear.

I want to build my aerie on a mountainside. And fill it with my young.
With my superior eyesight I could see for miles. Of any enemy that might come.

As a Falcon I could dive at 200 miles per hour.

As an Eagle I would have beauty, power, grace and spirit.

I would live a life that is protected, honored.

As a Condor, my wingspan would be majestic. 10 to 11 feet. With hallow bones, almost weightless

As a Hawk I would mate for life. Both of us would hunt. The echoing cry of a Hawk tells the mate where to find it's food.

The calling of Hawks or Peregrine falcons hunting with their mates immediately makes me stop and listen. It's a hauntingly beautiful call.

What a wonderful life that must be.

I believe that one day that will be me.
Twinkling wonderful
butterflies of hope
flying our skies, let's
handle with fragile
hands of faith and
eye of assurance.

The stinging night is dead
as the day is coming
alive with eerie sun of
victory rising  in hallow
of assured glowing stars.

Our day has come in
gold and emerald, shooting
glory in glory for glory in
chariots of fire, bringing peace
in luminous cataracts of
thunder of gold!
Grace E Mar 30
I’m sorry,
I’ll never be a cheery girl
Draped in yellow humor
Blessed with a boisterous laugh
That fills every hall of your hallow heart
I’m sorry,
I’ll never have quite a loose disposition
That your wandering soul searches for
But that I carry a set of convictions
Not readily compromised
A steady world of right and wrong
Though I let go and have fun in the right season
I’m afraid
I’m not what you’re looking for
Ascension burning out as the hallow being of our euphoria transcends.

Warmth blustery and bursting beyond this as the horses and chariots roll on and elude times bitter sweet passing.

Two souls collide to meet.
Providence transpires.

Feeling sparks.

Sunrise resin.

Starting like a pin ***** when our lips pressed.

Flows of emotion, lava, lights from with in and above.

I feel pain no longer.

All this you bring to me.
To feel again with in.
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