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Kelly Nov 2018
There are times of the year when people get together. Love and share memories together. Every year birthdays come and go. Family and friends live on till the end. But there are some who have never known these things. A wave a sadness rolls in. A wave of blue and purple settling in. You realise you're still here alone again. No memory of a bright light within this darkness.
Kelly Jan 2017
My mind is broken
My body is dead
My actions a failed attempt to live again
Disappointment and failure
I wish it would end
Kelly Nov 2016
You were the light to my shadow
All alone
Another star has gone away
You fade away
Under the sea
Another dream
The monsters are running out of me
These shallow waters growing darker
Letting me go deeper
Eternal silence
Dead to the sea
Kelly Oct 2016
If you wanted it all you cannot be distracted by the illusion you have created.
Only when your mind is silent can you see clearly enough to enjoy your life and forget about your desires.
Your desires are irrelevant.
Kelly Oct 2016
Somewhere along the new road
The bridges have fallen
Somewhere along the new road
My soul was forgotten
Somewhere along the new road
I lost my soul
You may never see the devil inside me
You may never feel the swords
The swords you stabbed me with
Chew me up spit me out
Let your sins fill my cold dark heart
Kelly Jul 2015
I am anything but living
yet I am not completely dead
you cannot hear me
you cannot see me
if I'm lucky you can feel me
I simply frozen in time
life passes me by
here I stand wishing wanting to live but there is nothing left
nothing left of me
I wish I could say I knew you miss me, care, or feel something
I know no one will
I never was real
just a ghost watching you live
you can cut me and make me bleed
I feel pain
yet you can't hear me scream
I wish I could say goodbye
I wish someone would miss me
but I am nothing but a ghost from your past
Kelly Mar 2015
restless unable to sleep mind spins
the rooms grow darker shadows move pain and fire move flow in my veins
each heart beat slowly killing
Each breath more painful than the last
I wish I may I wish I might dance with the blade tonight each depper than the last
Missing one whom I have never met
You grew every day and I loved you more
you were taking to soon
I will be with you soon
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