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Sarah Apr 11
To those around her
she was quiet
always kind
the sweet innocent one

To her friends
she was always there
not part of the conversation
just present

To her best friend
she was stable
always on her side
never with any problems

To herself
she was always strong
fighting to love herself
surprisingly unbroken

to everyone
she was unimportant
always invisible
My friends just told me that not everyone can get invited to group things because during these times we have to be cautious. I am so glad to that my feelings are so unimportant compared to everyone else's.
Sarah Apr 11
the halls were quite today
filled with a cloud of sadness
it swam in everyone’s eyes
we were drowning in loss
“i’ve lost the ability to be happy. the fog covers everything”
i turned to look at her
strands of curly blonde hair crumpled in knots
her puffy eyes perpetually watery
she was on the verge of breaking
holding herself together with nothing
everywhere you looked people were torn apart
by the boy who crashed his car and died
This was from a while ago, but the weight of it was too much to share.
Sarah Jan 24
a face is haunting me
it’s all i can see in the darkness of night
hovering above my consciousness
slowly filling the cracks in my heart
until all i can see is loneliness

the piercing eyes remind me
that i killed
i destroyed it
to a haunting memory
of teenage innocence
of laying in bed wrapped in a blanket
holding hands while staring into his eyes
laughing till tears streamed down my cheeks
washing away stress
till he was all i saw

the face won’t let me forget
that i killed him
it drifts in and out
now all i see is him
looking at me in confusion
whispering “i’m sad”
that crestfallen face won’t let me forget
that i killed everything

there is a face haunting me
Sarah Jan 24
i am waiting
for my thoughts to spiral
uncontrollably, twisting and turning
until i am trapped in a knot of despair
unable to unravel my own mind

i am waiting
for my mouth to open
angrily, gasping and heaving
until i am destroyed by inescapable darkness
unable to expel my own demons

i am waiting
for the knife to not be sharp enough
anxiously, cutting and failing
until i am left with a tiny scar
unable to vanish from my soul

i am waiting
to not be enough to stay
foolishly, hoping and wondering
until i realize i will always be just here
the person who never leaves
who will never be noticed
but is always waiting until one day she is
waiting on a dream
Sarah Nov 2019
The words float upon air
dancing to the tune of smoke
I watch them go
from my lips
to your ears
so effortless
and yet they held the suffocating meaning of my heart
there was so much heaviness laced within
those particles of invisible waves
Sarah Jan 2019
in one breath,
i lost everything

there was a hole in my heart
draining me of life

i put on a mask
to cover up my true nature
so that someone would come
and fill that hole up
instead slowly i began to leak
seeping into other people

until all that was left
was nothing

i opened my mouth
to scream for help
but all that came out was
a thundering silence
that enveloped the whole room
creating a black hole
leaving nothing

so in one breath
i lost everything
to nothing
I really messed up. I keep blaming my friends for my unhappiness, cause sometimes I truly feel that I am all alone. But now they either hate me or think i'm broken. Which is worse?
Sarah Nov 2018
The morning light creeps in,
into every crevice
filling the peeling paint
with glistening honey dew

It discovers every concealed flaw
but rather than exposing it,
to harsh judgement
it transforms it
lighting the room on fire
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