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Emeka Mokeme Oct 25
Ask yourself:
Does your life
have enough meaning
to make others
see the beauty
inherent in you
to transform and
cause changes.
Ask yourself:
Do i have
the grace enough
to touch the heart
in trouble and
effect change.
Ask yourself:
Do i have compassion
to touch the wound
and hurts of others
with tenderness.
Ask yourself:
Am i mindful and
sensitive to others
of different opinions.
Ask yourself:
Am i thoughtful enough
to do the right thing.
Ask yourself:
Does my intent
and what i do,
in anyway become
a stumbling block
to my subordinates.
Ask yourself:
Is there joy,
ease and lightness
in what I'm doing.
Ask yourself:
Is there
enough love in
my heart to share.
Ask yourself:
Is there healing
in the words i speak.
Ask yourself:
Will my strenght be
strong enough to
carry another.
Ask yourself:
What benefit does it
give you when
you don't care
or can't share
whatever life has
given you.
Always remember that
you owe a debt
to the universe.
©2020,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Oct 25
At this dark
cold lonely night
when the moon
is still,
quiet and waxing stronger.
Shall my heart
be calm and restful
in this fearful cave,
as the night owl
sits over the
tree top hooting.
The cooing of
the turtle dove
heard from the old
abandoned hut inhabited
by wild animals hidden
in woods across
the lonely yard.
With the solitude
of this dark
lonely heath space,
my heart remembered
the beautiful
glad tidings and
the comfy warm glow
of the fire burning
in the hearth.
The profound stillness
of this deafening
quiet moment at
this cold lonely
snowy night is
indeed frightening.
My peace stolen
by the cold night.
The eyes heavy
by the burden of sleep
but sleep is
quite farfetched.
Sleep alludes the eyes
as the howling of
the wolves disturbed
my peaceful night rest.
Shall i run into the heath
to evade the beast
or shall i hide
within the rocks
to warm myself.
The horrible fear
will still find me.
But what shall i do
to hide from the cold,
the starry night and
the beast still waiting
to consume me
at this dark lonely
cold night at
the middle of nowhere
in this dark snowy mountain.
©2020,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Oct 25
Love abducted me
for a wrong heart.
Told me to sit still
and keep quiet.
Under the raging storm,
the betrayed heart
sat just looking.
The shining phenomenon
of passion and power
overwhelmed the heart.
But the heart fooled
into love can never
understand anything right.
Life of love takes
a mystifying and
wondrous turn.
Taste of grief
is dangerous to
a beautiful mind.
For ideas of
a worst kind
begins to breed
within the innocent mind.
The heart taken over
by influx of
confusing thoughts,
maybe to partake
in tomorrows rise.
It is total madness
even for a
beautiful heart to love
a wrong person.
That's as close
as you can
get to hell.
©2020,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Oct 25
Be still,
you can hear it,
the voice within
the cloud and
the firmament,
as it speaks
to the heartbeat
within your soul.
Listen to your heart,
listen to the
inner voice within
your soul.
Listen to the music
of the flute
playing within your soul.
Listen calmly to
the wisdom of
the words from the spirit.
What do you hear,
little grasshopper.
Do you hear
the flutter of the butterfly
or do you hear
the rhythms of
your heartbeat.
Do you hear
the desonance of
a broken string
or the healing flow
of the symphony orchestra.
Did you hear
the flapping of
the wings of the song bird.
Did you hear
the voice within the wind.
Be quiet,
be still and
you can hear
the laughter of
the one within
the ocean waves.
even the stars
whispers words of love
to the heart
that can hear it.
Even the rose flower
sings as it opens up
to share its fragrance
to greet the morning sun.
Listen,just listen.
©2020,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Jul 2
A door kicker
takes no *******,
he takes bullets
to save and
to protect those
he loves.
In this dangerous land
filled with chaos,
he must become
a nightmare to
the wicked ones.
He must be
careful but
now it's time
to be careful
not to be careful
for the sake of
what he must do.
His instinct as
sharp as a razor
to cut deeper behind
the enemies territory.
His blood he must
shed with gladness.
He bled to
secure the land
for the sake
of our posterity.
Our extinction hurts
and haunt him.
Like a wounded lion
in search of
its absonded prey,
he hunts down
the terrorist and
oppressors messing
with his people.
Putting pride and
ego aside,
he fought without
surrender and no retreat.
Willing to lay down
his life with
absolutely nothing to gain.
His altruistic ways
baffles and perplexed me.
In such a one
my faith grows.
©2020,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Apr 18
I am like the bee,
gives you honey,
so sweet but
stings as you
cross allowed boundaries.
I am like
the rose flower,
gives my fragrance
freely but careful
you must be.
I'm not without
my torns and
will pirece your
fingers for
your carelessness.
I'm a gentle loner
just like the scorpion,
don't walk all
over me or
step on me
as if I'm
a weakling or
pick me up
because of my fragile
nature or I'll be your
near death experience.
I'm like the
stinging nettle,
I'll decorate your skin
with my deadly marks
and make you dance
even when there's
no music playing.
And like the
beautiful ivy flower,
poisonous and deadly,
don't ever harrass me
by plucking my leaves,
to feed on
or you'll be dead
in a second.
Stop messing with
everything in sight
just because you think
you are superior.
Even the little porcupine
can chase away
the strongest lion.
Even as i'm tiny
as corona virus,
I'm able to
chase everyone into
their homes and
lockdown the whole world.
All the weapons
fashioned by man
is useless against me.
And woe betide you
if you dare show
your face outside.
I'm as selective
if you keep
and maintain a
social distance.
You must maintain
asepsis by proper
handwashing and wear
your ninja mask.
And when i
see your blood,
i may have mercy
and passover you
by reason of your
bloodtype and immune system.
©2020,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Apr 5
Don't be distracted
Open your eyes
so you can see
the deception of magic
unfold before your eyes
Stay wake now
do not slumber
Stay home and
be alert
Through your window
peep in the dark
to watch this movie
It is about you
About your very life
Five big G
dancing in the air
on your streets.
Disguised as a
mechanic working even
in the rain.
No a technician,
planting his technology
in your frontyard,
no your backyard
With impunity
they worked tirelessly.
No consent seemed,
that's how cruel
they are.
Robots are better,
they say.
Delibratly introducing
something new.
Artificial intelligence,
the next level.
Covid-19 vaccine,
to help you heal.
But microchip inserted,
unwittingly to monitor
your every move.
Digital certificate,
you must produce,
or no buying and
no selling allowed.
Don't think you
are safe.
To sleep with
a wild lion
or a cobra
is better than
a deluded and
demonic sick lunatic.
Stay awake and
stay home,
be safe but
don't be distracted.
Enjoy the movie.
©2020,Nnaemeka Mokeme.
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