The heart shivers and
cries within for the
unnecessary hold of
the one loved before.
The heart unresolved
by reason of the past.
Feelings from way back long
before surge into the heart.
The soul still has not fully
recovered from the hurts of
the one loved long before.
Still reminiscing about
what happened to us.
Can I ever even be alright.
I still wear the garment
of the past,
it's still tight on my skin,
seems as if i won't let go
from the grip that easily.
I gave a piece of my heart away.
That is the price I must pay
for loving too much.
But to let go I must,
if I must get on with my life
with dignity and respect.
Happiness awaits me,
for the heart must have another.
I know I must forgive to set myself
and another free from this self prison.
But forgiveness does not mean
that I want you back.
What does it even mean
if I must ask,
it simply means I have to
let you go for my own peace of mind.
I must go away because,
another phase of life begins,
for another one who loves me is waiting.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Do you have any idea
how much it hurts me
to see you like that.
Stop struggling with your life
and do away with anything
that no longer serves you or
makes you miserable.
I love you so very much
and it breaks my heart
to see what you are doing
to yourself.
I know the unbearable distress
you are going through.
I see the pain behind your eyes,
I can hear your heart crying,
the anguish of your heart
finds echo in my own.
I feel your sense of loss,
I know how you feel right now
as if everyone has abandoned you.
I know the emptiness,
the hopelessness and
the helplessness that overwhelmes you.
I see the love you are seeking,
I know the unbearable ways you
struggle to stop but you can't
on your own.
I know the strength behind
those body and I'm confident
and convinced that you
will survive this too with help.
I want you to know that you
are not alone.
Narcotics have ruined lots
of people that they can't
help themselves.
Your mind can be a powerful thing
and an amazing tool to help you fight
your war and win the battle of self.
You can get rid of that stuff
if you really want to.
Please don't give up on your self.
You are a love child of a loving God,
he understands your pain
and will bring his power to bear
on your situation.
Absolutely nothing is ever impossible
for him if you can only trust him.
I will be here for you if you ever need me
or anything I have to offer.
©®2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
For all those with alcoholic addiction and on substance and drug problem. You are not alone. You shall overcome with help.
That's just the way it is.
The way of the heart
is really baffling.
It keeps changing, turning,
swivelling, grappling,
peeping, checking,
evading, listening to what
you are not saying,
scheming and can't
keep quiet for a second.
Beautiful things happens
in the heart of a beautiful
soul that makes life brighter,
better and more beautiful.
Some committed crimes
of passion and become
prisoners of love,
how can we get to the
other side of the soul
where the heart cries
out to be loved.
Isolation and loneliness
invades the heart of the one
who never care to risk relating.
We are the extension of each other.
We can't get enough of ourselves,
we are smart, sharp and
intelligent and beautiful inside.
Love is the best for the moment.
A soul that never loved is lost
and it is definitely the one that
lives in hell.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
I definitely don't understand
how to get a hold onto this
complex and dynamic
complicated and sensitive
thing that mesmerizes me.
I'm so breathless and short
of words to delve into the
heart of the one whose heart
is disturbed by the troubles of
the knots he can't untie.
How would you explore this
uncharted course of the heart.
You must be a psychic and
a clairvoyant to delve into
the habitat of the divine.
The heart is deeper than the deep,
like a deep still pond with no clue
of what lies within and nothing in
sight to give it away,
but just silence and a sense of awe.
You must have depth to
deeply go deeper than the
submarine to know
the thoughts of the heart.
This heart of mine
is a thunderbolt and
I'm so powerfully pulled inwardly
on my quest to make it right.
Knowing that I am nothing
but just a dreamer meddling
with something so profoundly different.
©®2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Just the other day,
someone asked me,
which day is
the other day.
One day of the other days
of the week,
I said.
Monday to Friday is
five days away,
while Friday to Monday
is just three days.
Really funny, isn't it.
Is this a mathematical error
and miscalculation or
just another maths equation.
Why is this so.
Is the algebraic algorithms wrong
or it is just configured to just fix
a mathematical problem.
Xy plus Y and you subtract
the y in Xy then multiply it by 10,
your head spined
and finally they asked you
to solve the problem.
They didn't know that
the problem of the problem
is the problem.
And they wish you a
very merry Xmas
but completely forgot that,
there's absolutely no
X in Christmas.
And someone the other day was,
trying so hard to convince me
that the symbol sign of fish inside
the book I'm reading means
Jesus and a symbol of
a dove especially the white one
represent the Holy Spirit.
Confusion within confusion
is very confusing.
What can we say.
What can we speak.
How can we justify ourselves.
If you ask me,
who will I ask.
So don't ask me because,
I really don't know the answer.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
I am now healed
because I lavishly love.
Caring for your care
opened up my heart to
know how you feel within
by reason of what you do.
Beautiful is the heart that
can love again even when
you are bruised by those
who suppose to lift you up.
The hurtful way they treated
you shows how dark their
hearts are hardened by the
troubles all around them.
Do forgive them for their
Show them love and let them
see the power of love and
compassion and forgiveness.
Never forget how much God
loved you and show and share it.
Don't ever underestimate the
power of love and forgiveness.
Love is the ultimate thing
and it must triumph.
Reach out you must to others
and love deeply from your heart
for you are the extension of your
neighbor who unwittingly is yourself.
Kill the ego and selfish pride and
embrace that which endears your heart.
Something must die within us for you
to let someone else in to live love.
Never forget that.
Show some love,
will you?
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
To restore a life,
a life must be taken.
To break a curse,
a few will die for
others to live.
Blood must be shed,
to save a life.
A life is taken,
for someone to live
and for hundreds to live,
many will die.
Without shedding of blood,
there will not be
remission of sin.
Being afraid,
the heart shivers within,
even though the eyes
cannot see it.
It's courage to
withstand the odds and
quench the storm makes
all the whole pesky monsters die.
Be ready,
for all things
are made anew.
Yield to the one who
makes all things
beautiful in his time.
Don't be afraid anymore,
he has to die to set you free,
but behold he lives again
so that you will not die but live.
No one needs to die anymore
for you to live.
You are not cursed.
No more shedding of blood.
Say no to anyone to die for your sake.
It is not normal and
it is not acceptable.
It has to stop
And now!!
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
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