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Emeka Mokeme Jul 2021
Between words,
that stifilled my being,
oceans of my emotions
stole the pieces  
of my soul.  
Feeling the feelings  
for healing is  
the attitude for my being.  
Silent echoes says  
love is the sea of no end.
To carry the words
i heard on my back,
is like the lizard  
that lives in a house  
but it doesn't mean  
it's the owner of the house.
Even as the snail drags
its shell along,
even so the tortoise
walks around with its shell.
As the snake sheds  
its scale in due season,
even so the heart
vehemently rejects and
expunge  every pressure
of words messing with it.  
Even as the chameleons
changes its colour
to suit itself,
so the unstable mind
changes because it is fickle.
Though in silent pretence
the heart remembers,
but like the elephant
it never forgets the hurts
only the heart can feel.
Like that child who  
in a hurry cuts  
the underground yam  
while standing,
must sit down patiently  
to uproot it.
©2021,Emeka Mokeme .
Emeka Mokeme Jul 2021
Even in death,
there's still life.
Even in sleep,
there is wakefulness.
Even in your joy,
there's still pain.
Even in sadness,
there is still bliss.
Even in your
joyful tenderness,
there's still suffering.
Even in all manner
of ailments,
there's still healing
and remedies.
Even in all beginnings,
there's still the end.
Even in laughter,
there's still sorrow.
Even as the sun sets,
there's still hope
for the dawn.
Even in your darkness,
there's still light.
Even in offense,
there's still forgiveness.
Even in rejection,
there's still acceptance.
Even in war,
there's still peace.
Even in your forgetfulness,
the heart still remembers.
Even in your silent pretence,
the heart knows.
Even as you walk away
in anger from a
once loved ones,
they still live in your heart,
hiding in your darkness
and haunting your dreams.
©2021,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Jul 2021
Without words,
without noise,
your body can
still speak.
Beforehand as the
**** crows
the dawn came.
Between the day
and the night.
Before the day ends
and another begins.
Before the arrival
of the rain
that flows down
to the river.
From the road that
leads to the mountain
beyond the sea.
Between the tides
and the storm.
Within the spark
of lightening and
the sound of thunder.
Before the sunset
and the sunrise.
Without pause,
without a doubt,
between breathe,
in a heartbeat.
The choice made
takes you like the wind
to the middle of
your destiny.
But like the wind
I'll never be
far away from you.
I'll keep choosing you
even if the world ends:
for through the cortex
of your womb my mother,
the path of entrance
to the world became possible.
My mother,
I'll definitely choose you again.
Did you hear my thoughts,
my voiceless voice
crying within, mother.
©20201,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Apr 2021
They said you are beautiful,
that you are my type,
but for fear of been rejected,
and cast aside,
would you look for me.
Let's meet by the same side
of love to see if our
hearts can mingle.
Maybe i can see the
beauty in your heart,
and the love in your eyes.
Or feel the warmth
of your embrace.
Only the beauty
of which radiates
from the inside,
evokes my interest.
It can't be taken away,
not even by melanin aging,
or illness of which
may give wrinkles
and affect the skin beauty.
Let's meet somewhere
by the sea,
maybe we can together
sail towards the moon.
As the stars accompany us,
let's wake up at dawn when
the sun meets the morning.
Does your beauty match
that of daffodil
or lily of the vally.
Can your touch be like
the velvet feel
of the rose petal.
Or your ****** radiance
ever match the beauty
of the rose flower.
Would you say that your beauty
be like the fragrance
of ylang ylang or
the glory of the sky and
the snow flakes in winter.
But i still want to meet up
by the stream tonight
just to hug you.
©2021,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Apr 2021
I see your pain
hiding behind your smile.
I see the tears
behind the smile
you try to hide.
I heard your heart
pounding as it buried itself
beneath the tears
behind your eyes.
I see your fear
peeping through your smile
to hide the unspoken words
dancing on your lips.
I feel your heart
as it hides itself
beneath the breathe of
each words you utter.
But i know the power
of the strength within
flowing like the river
to conquer your shame.
I see you rise
like the leaven bread
to share the beauty
that was once abandoned.
Like the morning sun
you rise from the
ashes of your brokenness.
With vim and vigour,
you are full of vitality
to get back to
the business of living.
And like the sunflower
you opened up to spread
the love of your glory.
©2021,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Apr 2021
Oh be quiet,
and listen,
did you hear
the steps of tiptoe,
like someone just
entered my inner space.
Be quiet now,
I bet you didn't hear
the whispers of my muse.
Generous words he says to
calm the shattered nerves
of my restless soul.
Like the gratifying
sweet soothing wine,
an elixir to heal
your brokenness.
Like the mouth
watering flavor of
a rare nacter
in a beautiful gold chalice
trimmed with silver.
Like a warm chocolate
dripping from a lovers mouth.
Like the aroma
of ylang ylang and
lavender oil on a lovers body
seducing your senses,
so are the sweet words
of my muse whispering
in my ears.
Dripping like thick juice
from a honey comb
into the mouth
of a ready heart.
The words making magic
in my mind as
I write them down
in my parchment
for you to read.
Can you hear
the muse whispering
as he steps out
of the sunset on
a spiders web waiting
to ride the moon.
©2021,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Oct 2020
Ask yourself:
Does your life
have enough meaning
to make others
see the beauty
inherent in you
to transform and
cause changes.
Ask yourself:
Do i have
the grace enough
to touch the heart
in trouble and
effect change.
Ask yourself:
Do i have compassion
to touch the wound
and hurts of others
with tenderness.
Ask yourself:
Am i mindful and
sensitive to others
of different opinions.
Ask yourself:
Am i thoughtful enough
to do the right thing.
Ask yourself:
Does my intent
and what i do,
in anyway become
a stumbling block
to my subordinates.
Ask yourself:
Is there joy,
ease and lightness
in what I'm doing.
Ask yourself:
Is there
enough love in
my heart to share.
Ask yourself:
Is there healing
in the words i speak.
Ask yourself:
Will my strenght be
strong enough to
carry another.
Ask yourself:
What benefit does it
give you when
you don't care
or can't share
whatever life has
given you.
Always remember that
you owe a debt
to the universe.
©2020,Emeka Mokeme.
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