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You are my
unspeakable elixir.
The thoughts of
you warms
my heart with
joy and gladness.
Your love
my heart.
You are the
one that
makes my heart
beats faster.
The one whose
voice melts my heart.
The one who
made me go
weak at the knees.
Your presence
is comforting
and reassuring,
soothing and gloriously
unimaginably beautiful.
Your embrace
makes my day.
Your smile warms
and melts the
cold and darkness
that looms at noonday.
The one that
calms down the
earthquakes i feel
in my heart.
The one whose
breathe is
my strength.
Come away with me
to the dance
call of love.
I want to
meet you at the
middle path of
the rhythm of
your heart beats.
Where heaven and
the earth resonates
without interference.
Where the soul
dances to the
beating of the
hearty melody.
It is there
that my heart
joyfully want to
walk with you.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
I would that
i hung in
the air without
a thread holding
me to it,
just like the moon.
And run the
race around
the world,
like the earth.
I want to
walk down from
the sky in seasons,
like the rain
and the snow.
And flow with
freedom to
anywhere i wish,
like the river.
To be fair
like food crops
that is seasonal,
with their types
of colors and shapes,
to give different
tastes of many
sides of love.
Where are you
hiding my love,
you that knows
my heart and
soul and knows
how i feel,
come now to
rekindle the flame
of love divine
in my heart
and possess it
as your very own.
Wish i like
the stars you like,
and nights bright light.
To sit up
all night long
with you watching
the dark turn
into day.
I would give
anything just
to find such
a one.
The only one
my soul desire.
Appear from behind
the veil to
soothe and comfort
the heart that waits.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Whosoever doubts you
will be dumbfounded
by your astuteness.
They will never
understand the way
of the wind
or the way
the river flows.
The way of
the honey bees
will confound them.
Neither will they
understand the pleasure
of a man
who has lost
his direction in
the wilderness and
to suddenly find
his way out
of the middle
of nowhere.
Keep your whole
life low keyed
and let people
assume incorrectly
about you.
It will keep
them busy in
advertising you.
The strength of
silence over
catastrophic indexes
are infinitely infectious.
No kind of force,
and absolutely nothing
can withstand anything
whose time has come.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
This mysterious night
brings magic alive
as we watch it
pass before our eyes,
ushering in something
extraordinary into
the universe.
Night is beautiful
although danger lurks
inside it.
Horror and beauty
mingles and blends
together always in
synergy within the
depths of the night.
Subtly with effortless
the night with
love pours into
the cup of life
the light,
and the darkness,
and with kindness
equally filtering
and separating
darkness into light.
At night is
when the night
crawlers haunt,
their eyes adapted
to that sphere
to see better
beyond our
optical visions.
But the strong
silence of its
solitude beckons.
To it's presence
our being embraced,
to restore and refresh,
soothe and to heal
our tired body.
With its hypnotic
calmness it puts
our being to sleep.
There's is magic
at night time,
a wonder to behold,
displayed by nature
for us to
adore the mystery
of the earth.
Out of the dark,
the light emerged.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Risking it all
for love is
something beautiful
and mesmerizing.
Two opposite hearts
coming together
is truly awesome.
Giving your heart
to someone else
is like a
casino bet,
risking all for
the dream only
you can see.
Believing the
impossibility and
putting your life,
your whole life
into the hands
of the one
you barely know,
sometimes against
the will of
your family,
and friends who
knows and understands
you better.
But you will
definitely defy
their best
heartfelt judgement
for your gut
feelings about
a total stranger.
Most times you
win and the
heart in bliss rejoices
and sometimes
you lose and
the heart bitterly weeps.
Another really hurts
and can't even
understand why
it failed even
though they tried.
The first thing
that should draw
two people together
should be Chemistry.
That magnetic feeling
of deep respect
and attraction.
And when it
is right everyone
is happy.
But when is
it really exactly
ever right.
It is a
risky madness.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
For just this
So the little
me can rest,
from all these
bring me out
to a place
of solace,
out of this
down world
but place me
in a better
corner where
at least
for this moment
i can just breathe
a fresh air,
for this
place is suffocating.
Death and  
stagnation is here
and are
a menace to
everything and
everyone it touches.
It's presence
is devastating.
But for now
let me lay
down on this bed
of a thousand roses.
And savour the
freshness of this moment.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
You can't figure
me out anymore
for the enemy
can't find
any me any more
in my new
I am not
there for you
can't find
me in there.
Your crystal *****
are dull in
locating any me
for your fun.
There's no any
more me left
to be found,
I disappeared
instantly to emerge
a new me.
Embrace the
new me in
your awakening.
I am no
longer living in
that creepy place
where you were
looking for me.
Even though there
were things you
think were indelible
from the past,
they are now
erased from
me forever.
I've evolved
into a new creation.
Transmogrified for
a new beginning,
unexplored and unscathed.
There's no longer
any me to
be found by
the enemy.
Peace of mind
now abound.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
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