I smile because
the sun shines,
and I shine,
and you shine,
and everyone and
everything shines.
My heart and
my soul rejoiced
with love to show
my gratitude to life.
There's music in
the air if you
can only listen,
there's poetry
in the heart,
if you can
stay still to hear it,
there's beauty in
the universe,
if you can only
just but look.
Because everything
like the butterfly
seems to dance,
our lives in slow
motion filters away
before us dancing.
Life, this life will
always carry you
along if only
you participate.
Just like the one
swimming in the ocean,
you only get drowned
when you are weak
and don't swim,
even so you become
irrelevant in the
scheme of things
when you don't
fully get involved
in the business of living.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Their secret plan was
airtight and sealed,
no leakages was found.
In line of duty,
the castle opened,
numbers on the wall,
speaks as a code,
to open separate
different doors hiding
secret files with
the names of men
and women with
influence holding
political powers,
timbre and calibre,
men and women trusted,
but ruining the affairs
of the nation,
causing the problems
and uprisings of the
ethnic groups of
indigenous tribes.
They were blinded
by greed but now
marked to be eliminated.
Their demise became
necessary to redirect
the course of national
fate and security.
There is anarchy in
our nation for the
fear and insecurities
caused by the insurgents
are on the increase.
It's a dangerous affair
for the **** is real.
Arrows flying in
the darkness and
everyone is running
around scared.
Perceived in the air,
the stenched smell
of sweat and blood
mixed with smell of
smoke from incarcerated
bodies and houses.
Unexpected turn around
of events could
bring disaster for you.
A little oath is not
the prove of solidarity.
For the betrayer is
within and hidden
amongst us waiting
to give you away.
Death or to be alive,
which one is
the best survival tactics
at this time of
great distress when
there's no help
or hope to survive.
Escape through death
or death through starvation,
both are imminent when
all around you is death.
Just like the one
in a shipwrecked shark
infested ocean with
no help or hope of survival
but just there waiting
to die or be rescued.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
You don't know
me that much.
Does it matter,
no,I don't think so.
You don't know
me much at all,
so don't ever pretend
that you know.
You can't judge me,
because you really
can't tell about my life.
Don't waste your words
on another for you
barely really don't know.
One day you'll wake up
to find out that
you have been fooled.
Take a bite of what
you can chew and
then let the rest go,
otherwise you may
choke on your own saliva.
Don't be disappointed
for not knowing me
well as you thought,
you don't even know
yourself that much.
Sometimes you surprise
yourself by the hidden
thoughts only your
heart knows.
What do you do
at that moment when
you catch yourself
on thoughts unbecoming
of you.
Thoughts that are not
worthy of you about
your family,
your siblings,
your parents,
your friends and loved ones.
Those hidden horrible
exclusively secret thoughts
in your heart no one
knows but you.
You see now,
you don't have the
courage to own up
and be sincere about it
You don't have any
excuses but to repent now.
You are committing
a crime against yourself.
Free yourself from
this evil wrecking your life
and damaging your psych,
and destroying your persona.
Set yourself free,
instead of living in *******.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Our words are
powerful spells
from the soul.
The words you
wrote down on
that parchment,
those words you
uttered with your
mouth come from
the world beyond,
from the world
of the spirit.
What do they
even mean,
the words in
your stories.
They are powerful,
let them be spells
that conjure,
let those words
transform you,
they say what
the spirit feels,
they are words
of the spirit,
with the power
to translate you
to be anything.
Your words can
make the impossible
things with ease
to be possible.
The heart understands
what is in the
mind of the spirit.
Let your words
be the spells
that can awaken
the sleeping giant
within you.
Let those words
conjure the power
of love divine
to possess and
heal our world.
Let it bind
our wounds and
repair all wrongs.
If you are not
completely captivated
by the unique
exceptional nature
of words,
and the ways
like the spiders web
your words can
weave everything,
even the invisible
things to manifest
into our reality,
you should then
keep quiet.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
And she said,
don't mind him,
he will soon
leave just like
the others.
And I asked her,
with all seriousness,
do you smoke,
and she said no.
I said to her,
smoke me like
a cigarette,
so I'll touch
your lips always
and never leave.
I want to be
your addiction,
so you'll never
have to quit.
Let me be yours,
your very own.
Wear me like
your perfume,
so I'll always
accompany you
to wherever you go.
Wear me like a
locket on your neck,
so I'll always feel
your heartbeat.
Put me on
like a hat
on your head,
so I will always
be your covering.
Let me stick like the
shoes on your feet,
to feel the burden
of every step
you take.
I want to be that
flowery gown you wear
to beautiful places so
I'll never have to leave
because I'm also
addicted to you too.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
I am the one
whose heart
silently calls out
to the soul
who can hear
from within the
depths of the being,
the voice of
a willing heart.  
I am not seeking
a soul that is
not worthy and
completely persuaded,
or the one
whose heart cannot
fully and truly
be committed.
My heart seeks
the one that
can be the
sun that shines
in the darkness
of my soul.
The moon that
lights up the
pathway to the
inner garden
of my heart.
The rose that
unfolds itself
as it's fragrance
I am like
the candle that
burns itself up to
give others light.
The one who
wants to walk
with you in
your aloneness,
bringing comfort
and solace to
soothe your
wrinkled face.
I come with love
enough to make
you a happy
soul again.
Open your heart
with joyful tenderness
to receive the
one standing within
your garden.
I am the one
you can rely on.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Now that you know,
yesterday you didn't know.
Today you are smarter.
Tomorrow can be better.
Achievements come
but bit by bit,
from glory to glory.
You can change
and overcome your fate,
not overnight but
consistently by faith.
Insurmountable obstacles
can be leveled,
by daily dose of
your persistent pressure
on its presence.
No amount of cajoling
can stop a determined
soul to step aside
from its beliefs.
There is no turning
back for the one
who sets out to
plough in the
business of living
for he knows the
glory that is to come.
Don't wait for
whatever you want
to come to meet you,
you must move
towards it with
one step at a time.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
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