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You kept silent,
while there's so
much words in
your mouth.

Your silence
hurts my feelings
and that of everyone.

Hidden and contained
within a secret place
in your heart.

You know what
to say but
you decided to
be quiet.

Your words of
knowledge could
have saved lives.

Your heart is
so full of wisdom
but you hide
behind the depth
of your feelings.

You captured the
whole scene with
the eyes of
your mind but
you didn't share
any of it.

You watch
the slide show
by yourself.

In your face,
i can see
the night and
the day,
i can see
the darkness and
the light.

I can see
the pathway to
the valley and
the mountain.

I know the
secret ways of
the plants.

I can hear
the messages of
the crickets chirping
in the dark.

I can feel
the subtle flutters
of the hidden
energy within the breathe.

I can sense
your joy fully
and your pain even
before you feel it.

I understand your
deepest doubts and
your confusion.

And I know
how all that
makes you feel.

I know,
believe me,
I know.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
There is still
hope for the
heart that trembles
because of helplessness.

There is no
amount of darkness
experienced that light
cannot defeat.

No matter how dark
the night becomes,
a flicker of light
sends it away.

There is no
crooked place
however deep that
water cannot penetrate.

Every tempest
however dreadful is
just for a moment.

There comes
a time in
our lives that
even the heart
gets tired in
fighting the enemy.

There is nothing
in this world
worthy of do
or die affair.

Every accomplishment
wears out and
the heart seeks
for another.

All the things
you hold dear
or think that matters
is just a figment
of your own imagination,
they all fizzle
out in time.

And at last,
you will find out
that the most
important thing
in your life
is relationships.

Those relationship you
never wanted
will be the same
corner stone of
your story that
makes up the
textures of your life.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
What my heart
sees is the
beauty in you.

And my eyes
beheld the reflection
and silhouette of
your essence.

To feel you
is what my
heart desires.

The universe shrinks
before my eyes
becoming the ions drops
in eternity binding
the feminine shape
of you.

This happens when
two worlds collides.

There's no breath
except the breathe
of you.

There's no air
except the power
of the wind.

There's no thirst
except for the
taste of water.

There's no light
except the sparkle
of the sun.

There's no moonlight
or the twinkling stars
except the brightness
of your soul.

There's no soul
except the spirit
inhabits the body.

There's no life
except the
quickening spirit.

With the light
in your eyes
and the sun
in your smile,
you shine and
radiates beautifully.

And now
because of love,
our lives merged
becoming one.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Oct 8
This life is
so beautiful with
you in it.
Your love makes
it vibrant.

Your smile radiates
like the morning sun,
as i remember
your face as
it hung on
the memory wall
of my heart.

Your voice is
like the subtle
drizzling of the
rain falling softly
in morning.

I can still hear
your footsteps
walking around,
rustling on the
dry leafs
in the garden.

Just thought of
you today to
let you know
i remember you
You influenced my life
in a beautiful way.

It's amazing how
much your love
touched my heart,
transforming my life
into a beautiful soul.

Like an exotic
flower blooming
in the winter,
i blossom because
of your care.

It's lovely to
have you in my life.
My heart needs
you as one
tasty of water.

I remember you today
and i know
you are at peace
where ever you may be.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Oct 5
There is always
healing for the
deepest wounds.
The hurts and
the pains of
the heart can
be definitely and
permanently healed.
This truth is eternal,
nothing is too
hard for the
spirit to reverse.
When you yield
totally and completely,
amazing things happens.
Do it now,
when there is
still time.
you will wish
you had started today.
Comforting and soothing
is the touch
and feel of
the blissful presence
of the spirit within.
Come and taste,
and see that
the heart where
the spirit dwells
is full of
love and tenderness.
It is invisible
and yet uncommon.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Oct 5
Distorted reasoning
comes like a
wildfire to confuse
the mind.
The mind needs
calmness without
ripples to feel
the flutters of bliss.
I have three eyes,
two to look,
and one to see.
Even the man
the gods protect,
protects himself.
My heart is
my God,
that is where
the God of
my heart dwells
and so i
fear no man.
To be careful
is not to
be afraid.
If you want
to live,
then conquer
your fears haunting
your heart.
Deep thoughts hidden
in the depths
of the heart
without verbal
expression distorts the
heart and confused
the mind.
It needs utterance
to be free.
I would rather
breathe through
the unknown and
allow it to
unfold before me.
Take me where
you wish so
my destination is
a mystery and the
journey becomes magical.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Oct 5
What is this thing
that you see
in my heart
that trips you
to fall to pieces.
I'm really not
that so cool,
you see.
I'm so broken
like a damaged good.
Maybe you can
fix and polish
my brokenness
with your mixture
of silver and gold
to make it glow
and shine like
the brightest star
in the firmament.
With your love
dancing in my heart,
i can come
alive again.
This pure sweetness
overtakes me with
alluring beauty.
Hope to love
once again is
This is what
my heart desires.
A selfless love
from an amazing heart
to an undeserved soul.
My heart will
definitely dance to
the music of love
from your soul.
I am no
longer lost,
for I'm found
by a beautiful soul
with a graceful heart
and a sweet alluring smile.
Now the new dawn
is finally here,
i arise with
love from within
like the sun.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
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