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brandon nagley Jun 2016

Inside the aumbry of thy rib's,
Mine verses there queen
Shalt alway's live. When
Thou doth close thine
Engineer orb's,
Knoweth this
Mine Jane;
Mine pearl.


Long agone, god choose thee,
To be mine darling from the sea;
The one who whisper's to me when I sleep,
In thy soul mine poetry speaks.


If tonight mine inhalation shalt cease
I'm not just flesh, but a spirit antique;
Mine word's hath come from the up above,
To show thee forgiveness, and Christ's own love

And don't forget queen where thou camest from
From the Almighty's hand's wherein life dost come,
Where the Angel's fly, and the mountain's hum
Past the human sun, in the third heaven.


So go to sleep Reyna, and dream of me,
One day we'll meet, O' please believe;
And when thou dost wake in the morrow
Thou shalt seest the clear amour that follows.

And smile we wilt do plenty of,
For we aren't of earth, but sky's above;
And when thou shalt see the light
I'll guide thee where there is no night.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl jane Nagley dedicated ( àgapi mou) dedicated
aumbry- cupboard or closet.
Thou- you
Doth - do.
Thine- another form of thy- meaning ( your)
Orb's - eyes
I use engineer eyes because Jane is studying to become engineer.
Agone- ago ( long agone means long ago)
Thee- like thou means you.
Thy- your.
inhalation- breathing in. Taking breath in.
By saying I'm  spirit antique - this means im an ancient spirit.
Hath- have.
Camest- means ( came)
Dost like doth doesn't just mean do but can use to as does.
Wherein - in which.
Reyna- means queen.
Morrow- the following day.
Seest - see.
Amour - love.
Wilt- will
brandon nagley May 2016

Michar, Oer'***-
Lavokri, proment;


Pravickle gla shoviet
Shoviet crunce du;
zeftar mun acopolli,
vas dae ba-la shu.


Marantash sodetti
Grasvantas, blinta
Yeshatari klevo's.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl jane sardua Nagley ( àgapi mou) dedicated

You must read bottom while reading poem for words meanings.
Thanks Brandon. And to all my readers thank you dearly for your support! I thank all of you for your support and kindness and love. Your fellow poet
Brandon Cory Nagley.....
All the words in the poem I made up, as I always make up words ... we are Poets, we can write and create anything we want! For writing is the souls art and our souls words. Poetry is our soul speaking....

Michar- means ( undefiled)
Oer'***- brabeum ( meaning reward or prize) of God.
Lavokri- anointed cherub,
Proment- strung by the lights.
Pravickle gla shoviet- hour by night.
Shoviet crunce du- night by the minute.
zeftar mun acopolli- sweethearts in flight
vas dae ba-la shu- queen and king of cosmic moves.
Marantash sodetti- lids opened widely.
grasvantas- no shackle's.
Blinta yeshatari  To burden our unearthly freedoms.

Title are words I made up.
Thanks for reading....
brandon nagley Apr 2016

Aloof, alamoth shalt be as caffoy
To the effulgence; betwixt the
Stretched out firmament.

None more dacryop's; for
Euphoria is permanent.

            Multicolored adamant to be ourn walking step's,
            None ado; an ambassage of love so true, apace
            When airborne-balm of soothe.


                                           Cheek to cheek, Rosy blush
                                           ****. Top-to-feet, robed by
                                           Heat; from white sustaining


Mine lady, closer-feeleth me. Graze mine inner
Being. Touch mine blood that sing's; when thou
Art close. No longer art we the norm, we're now
Perfected from the storm's.


Surmounting through those once


O' now we art untouched, protected
Alongside high-rank Host's;
Beauty is the most enlightening,
Being seen through thine
Glorious view.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( pookie) dedication
Aloof- means at a distance, but within view .
Alamoth- music played in high notes...
Caffoy- velvety fabric..
Effulgence- brightness taken to the extreme.
Ado- fuss, bother.
Ambassage- message.
Apace- swiftly , quickly.
****- a person's face
Dacryops- wateriness in the eyes ... ( like tears, tears)
Adamant- rock or hard mineral.
Balm- medicine.
Infernal - of, relating to, or characteristic of hell or the underworld.
Betwixt- between....

If wanna hear this poem can find it on soundcloud. Com look me up if bored enough lol type in Brandon Nagley on SoundCloud you'll see this poem in their (Beauty is the most enlightening, being seen through thine glorious view) thanks for reading...
Thanks Brandon Cory Nagley....
brandon nagley Apr 2016
Je vous remercie, for pulling me out of the pit.
dhanyavaad, for bringing a glimpse of idyll, with all the laugh's, comforting; thrill's. Gracias, for lending me thy palm's, in rough wind's and calm, to thee I knoweth I do belong. Dankie, for giving me shelter from the rain, wiping away my red spilt stain's, giving me liberty to be me again.

Faleminderit, thee I shan't forget, for its thee who hath payed mine rent, by thy sacrifice and affections. Āmeseginalehu, Jane of Asia, pearl of truth, i reside in thee, as thou me; mine poetic muse. Shukraan, mine unending dawn, mine burning sun, whom cometh from God; blazing lamp of the gates of heaven. Shnorhakalut’yun, ourn flesh of old, together doth know, in creation's show; tis we art one. Təşəkkür edirəm, star of the cosmos, Reyna: best friend.

Eskerrik asko, mine wholeness and whole, the actress of angelic shows, always smiling for hostly camera's. Dziakuj, illustrious calligraphist, bringer of kisses to mine Lip's, empress from head to toe, touch of bliss. Dhan'yabāda, amongst the cherubic Armada's, protecting me, gardenia breeze. Diolch, mine lass, in future I'm waiting, for we shalt forget ourn past; to embrace and engulf into another's gaze.

Salamat mine braud sharat, by patience and many nap's, I slumbereth mine sight's to awaketh to thee. Xièxiè honey bee, treasure trove of godly sweet's, in the air aloft we'll greet; Chandelier's of marble we shalt sparkle. Mahalo, daughter of halo, ethreal's own, tuning veil, lift up thine brows, accept mine mail, for it shalt be sealed and packaged by the crimson of mine heart.

Mèsi, for edifying me, teaching me nuance, and many way's to perceive; in thee I believe, O' in thee there's glee, of a woman not of this burning ***. Gomabseubnida the one I've awaited, the one I hath never forgot. Efcharistó, mine darling of island's view, mine Filipino perfection, chocolate eyed stew, of all that's grand in a world of departed riches. Toda, mine far-flung gaiety, the part of me I seeketh to meet, the part of me I yearn thy beat; Savlanout, Savlanout Jane sardua, Savlanout, Filipino rose.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( àgapi mou) dedication
All the weird foreign words starting out sentences all mean thank you in different languages....
Idyll- an extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque episode or scene,.
Hath- has.
Shant- shall not.
Braud sharat- is a word I created + it means ( bursting beauty)
Savlanout- means patience in Hebrew....
brandon nagley Mar 2016

Lief O' Lief, or the gloaming,
Inly beholding; the imperium
Betwixt ourn palm's.


Beckowing song's, thro the chamber's
And corridor's; Crystal chandeliers,
Whites in the luster that Pierce.


An abatjour, bringing elan up through the floor's,
A woo for mine girl;
Mi amour', mi amour'.


We shalt accend, adamantine. Adaxial, tacent in talk;
Taction bloprined. Jerusalem's city, renewed, refined.
Inviolable Yeshua; afar off, Jesus abideth here,
readeth the sign.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Prophetic poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( àgapi mou) dedication
Lief- means soon...
Or- means before...
Gloaming- twilight.
Inly- inwardly.
Beholding- seeing.
Imperium- absolute power.
Betwixt- between.
Beckowing- a word I created yet there may be others close to it not It though I made this word meaning- ( singing in the HOLY spirit of God).
Thro- archaic for through.
White's I meant as - whites of the eyes...
Abatjour- means skylight or a device that directs light into a room
Elan- energy.
Woo- or to woo someone- try to gain love of a woman especially for marriage purposes... ( mine queen Jane (::::    ).
Accend- to Kindle, Kindle.
Adamantine- unbreakable, unpenetrable meaning can't penetrate it.
Adaxial- next to or towards the axis.....
Tacent- silent.
Taction- touch or contact...
Bloprined- word I made up meaning ( perfect at the utopian moment).......
Yeshua or Yeshua ha'mashiach- means Jesus the anointed one or Jesus the Messiah in Christs oringal tongue as he would of spoken and known Hebrew and Aramaic tongue and language... Yeshua was his real name... We got Jesus from Greek texts how they pronounced it then we said Jesus.... Same as Yeshua.... Fun facts..
Inviolable- means- never to be broken, also never to be dishonored.

Now uploading new poems on SoundCloud... Can listen to this poem at

Brandon Nagley on SoundCloud... Find this poem.
Yeshua abideth here, read the sign( poem by me: brandon Nagley) - SoundCloud. If scroll down may find it. Thanks...
brandon nagley Jan 2016

Hallow thou art, mine
sacrosanct wayfarer;
Sacred heart, raiment
Of January's start,
Thou art the
Of spring
And summer's sunshined arise in full-bloomed mesmerize.
The firth of thee, circulates inside of me.
O' Asian delicacy- thou art that righteous tree of
Life. For thine way's art insight's, ******* to the human thought, for thine countenance canst not be store bought. O' thy intelligence canst not be door taught. Destined Jane, O' foreordained, I knewest thee, thou knewest me, in bygone land's.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
wayfarer is a traveler, especially one on foot.
sacrosanct means holy.
Firth is-mouth of a river.
Raiment is ones clothing.
Bygone means- belonging to an earlier time.
Countenance is ones face or ****** expressions and features.
Hallow means- to make someone or something holy. Or something holy. Hallowed means past tense

— The End —