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  Jul 2015 Gabriella A
"Don't let madness corrupt you." A wise man once said, but it is impossible not to be corrupted when you're as dark as insanity itself.
Gabriella A Jul 2015
We have to fight or be hallow,
Just like them,
Walking lifeless,
Have we been left for the dead.
  Jul 2015 Gabriella A
What's worst than letting go without any wrongs?
Without fault, in my life, to keep you gone.
To see you in the arms of the other; better,
Giving you a smile, I'd make for a thousand forever.
  Jul 2015 Gabriella A
To fix yourself,
You made me -
And I understand. That's life.
Gabriella A Jul 2015
It's very difficult to feel loved by someone
you had to beg to stay.
Gabriella A Jul 2015
Your hands may be gentle,
Your eyes may be kind,
But lurking beneath,
Is a sick, twisted mind.
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