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a propitious
look hinge
as whether
marlin snug
hallow fecund
water depth
yet rotary
band that
circle their
nets as
wires that
web thier
dire nots
with odds
of winning
this perfect
marine harbor
a note on Florida
AS Nilsen Dec 2017
on the rainiest day

with his helm in my hand

the motor dropped in the bay

we raced to mainland

the pine needle raindrops

daggers to my eyes

I had to get home

but first pizza pies
Zero Nine Mar 2017
It's when the morning gray
bleeds into my eyes through blinds
that the night concedes
to day, officially
Under the bare cover
through dead trees, slice power lines,
growing, connecting
meats virtually
It's with the rising steam
from porcelain go all dreams
Coffee will run through you
fast as the day
When the light is on,
we're finally done
Words will not come
Words will not come
Kevin Seiler May 2015
My car's engine has died
Part of me did too
My first car finally crapped out. So many good memories. Good bye drunk honda. It's been one hell of a ride.
preservationman Apr 2014
2014 may not have significance to you
But it is really 1914 in being the clue
It will be the 100th Anniversary of the Greyhound Bus company creation
I felt it would be fitting in the mention
Supposedly May is the month of the celebration
Imagine the hound bus being started in the form of a car
Innovation history that has taken the hound company far
It’s the hound bus existence spanning from a beginning to present
Today the hound still continues to represent
A nation and global citizens that welcomes Greyhound buses everyday
The idea of going my way
The land transportation carrier that helps travelers convey their own passenger portal by-ways
It’s the everlasting journey that stays
The bus hound has weathered many storms
It was the company’s acceleration beyond any norm
The hound’s bus wheels have turned for centuries being its own reels
A moving bus with windows like screens
An adventure in motion in what it seems
Happy Anniversary to the hound and continued more years in staying around
State to state has always been your bound
Give the hound dog a bone
Your stretched out approach you have shown
You have become a passenger’s friend to which we have come to be known
Keep those wheels turning and our inspiration always urning.

— The End —