. staged .

there is a lull
in proceedings,
one thing done, another pending.
have you seen the cabinets, filled with airy
fairy, found idiosyncrasies.

the boxes scattered as if that mattered,
the staged production of red, deserted,
the white room, read, that it is also

there is a lull, in disorder, chaos borders
on insanity.

i know how to use the controls, really


you gave  it me the synopsis, i read  in bed
the next evening. there was no breeeze to
lift my hair, no sounds to thrall the quiet.
smiled at the memory, the company of others.

i have googled the songs, listened, yet
these were not your voices,

the library intervenes
with gifts.
tomorrow we
fill more empty
cabinet shelves,
clear peripheries,
learn to spell

the russian is coming,
there are pianos,
at the theatre.

all pianos are special.

join me, work with me.

. cabinet meeting .
it is not mandatory to attend,
just send in a donation, gratefully
received, you see.
we cleared the cabinets, nicely,
and wish to install the installation,
before tea.

some have offered work for cabinet blog, log,
which is recorded here. now then,

if you send an object of curiosity, even antiquity,
it will be labelled for posterity

examples, could be poetry, or any item you can imagine,
this does not rhyme anymore. he thought it
was art.
quickly, do not lose momentum, please

quote *

we have such unimportant work
here, that needs not be done.

reality *

today, another cabinet installed,
part of the
wonderland event.

i have to let some things go
now, yet the cabinet remains.


. request .

in dreams make the things you love, take them, show them to this world. i will put them in exhibition.


. coat hanger .
google brings strange memories.
my friends talk of the coat hanger
effect. hanging our wares on each others’
shoulders, bearing us all down with the weight.

share it out they say, with friends and family,
loose and flowing, mind your engine does
not pink, we must have finer fuel. not feeling

our true self can be an infliction, the grave digger
reminds us of our years, our sense of humour.

we stare at icons, hoper for a better price,
i went to the theatr the other day


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