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was in  the same place

central, handy, most

folks seemed to know him and helped him

asked if he wanted food, he said that a cuppa

hot tea would be nice as he had a cold. asked

if he had somewhere to go

he replied he had a shed

the ordinary helped him, knew his name

some times i despair of the others, the

ones you may have voted into power

she was looking for a purse

the shop was closed and

the guy with the longer hair

said it had gone broke


the other said he lived in the doorway now

i could see it was good and deep

and with no customers

nil disturbance

he said

he lost the plot

when his mother died

ended in prison

before his new home



in the doorway of the jewellery shop

with unsold rings over one thousands

pounds in the window

the first guy commented a wonder

no one had smashed the glass and


sometimes he said

he liked a drink

made things feel better a while

she did not get her purse
hope the car goes along ok, mine
goes in monday. offered a lift back

from the garage, yet after so many

years sorting things alone am happy
to walk home

only a couple of miles and i think
of the things i may see if i look

i feel i talked too much yesterday
and know from experience it will
be understood differently than how

it was meant

there was a severe overdose of chandeliers
at the imperial hotel and i felt quite light
headed with all the glittering

do you know in 1926 the year of the general
strike the hotel gave visitors a gift
a travel clock, spendid

today quite breathless with the cat sleeping
in on the bed

an unusual mistake not to be repeated
it all became a thing yesterday
regarding these marks of yours

a bit of a collaboration
on twitter and we finished
on this

i hope you do not mind

“what sorta spots?

I think they are age spots,

I’ve heard them called liver spots too

ah those…. medals for all those years fought and survived

he tweeted

are also known as cemetery spots!


these things capture folks attention

we have a storm here
the cat had to go out
howled badly

she finds somewhere
for she always comes
in dry

as are those others

still dark
i guess is the
remnants of
hope you got to work on time
and did not get stopped by the
troopers this time

time goes fast and we forgets
our checks unless we gets sent
a text


i need to write about australia
the animals

how they cry out for those hurt
and lost, as do i


shoot the camels
from helicopters

as they like

not sure though
how to express
thought i was fed up of mince pies

& lost my appetite

though having the day off work today

fancied one from frozen

reduced at last to fifteen pence

as that time is well and truthfully



i like to place upside down to remove

the tin foil ready for recycling

then cut crossways into quarters

it looks like those tiny meat pies

goblins, from tins

i don’t eat those of course

with it being meat & vague

ingredients which would

come clear if i read the


i eat the little bits

with mine coffee

& think that the pastry reminds

me of the 1960’s when tarts were

very usual

without much flavour

i think most of it is none of my business

although i hear folk are getting very

heated about it all
maybe i prefer it when they all ignore me
than make all those comments that they

feel require an answer
when i often have none

today it rains heavily
i can hear it by the

this changes plans

i like things spaced
out, categorised

gives me a feeling of control
when there is none, do you

think that is why the questions

once he said to stay safe and i
thought, well hey, no one is safe

yet i said nothing back to him

i never say anything to him no
more, like he is not even there
no more

so i shall stay domestic here today
while rain falls

8.22 am

a scandal
to be so
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