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It's time for a name
Not to be just another 'name'

To anyone who lost a life
You didn't die in vain

Colour doesn't matter
Inside we're all the same

It's time to stop the suffering
It's time to stop the pain
Robert Frost- you come to
me in a silly daydream, where the
reckless sun beats heavy on my feet.

You speak to me of the road less
travelled, and I can see it down
the winding path, where vines
may harm me along the way
Where danger may befall, and tear
my limbs- as I stand tall and carry on

Frost- you come to me in a long daydream
I see the path, I will seek it
no matter how long- no matter
how winded.

For I too, long to tell the tale
of the winded, rough, rarely trekked
road which made
all the difference.
There is a thunderstorm
Rampant in my eyes for
They tried to steal our paradise

Where my love once grew heavenly
And divine on the sweet vine
It is now withering away
Beneath the vacant sunshine

I am lost in your eyes and
They tried to steal our paradise
Now i stand tall and alone
Close to the sky
Crystalized visions as I stand
tall in the eye of the storm

Look what they did
to me, for I
am savaged, broken,
and torn

Blood trickles
from my legs
like dripping juice
from rotten peaches

I am silent amidst
the red sun rising
as I stand tall
in the eye of the storm

Look what they did to me
mother, I am broken and torn
There's a violence
amidst the white noise
Open sky
white, vast, and daunting
My eyes are shut and I can no longer
feel your presence

There is a loss of god
in my soul, and an empty
void which only expands
the more I fill

The nights melt into
the days like candle wax
and I'm dripping, dripping, dripping
melting, I am melting

Violence amidst the silence
as I seek the long, winded road
leading nowhere in particular
Falling embers burning bright
and dying slowly, as am I

The days melt into the
nights like candle wax

Dark iris lit up beneath
the radiant moon

Your eyes are voltaic
and lead me nowhere

The trees are barren and
the sky ominous

We may get it right in the next
Dark iris
veins tainted
and seaside dreams
guide me into
your nights

When my veil
is thin, and the truth
is floating in the
elusive wind

I follow the noise
and seek the storm
for my youth evades me
with each passing sigh

Dark iris
and burning pupils of desire,
I follow you to the unknown
place of worship

I pray to the dark moon
in awe of the sight
and dream of him
in black and white
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