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You must go with the flow
or you will get caught
against the current
As the cotton candy skies
Turn from lilac and pink
to dark blue
My heart beats for you

As the flames in the dusk
spark ; ignite
and turn red to blue
My heart beats for you
They say there is a calm before the storm
I say- there is an all encompassing
storm before the calm
Bridging the gap, opening the door
between what isn't known
nor said,
but purely felt
in the heart of hearts
sepia tones & enriched shades
of bronze & gold
speak the truth louder
than the quivering lip
could ever grasp
for when the ears are open
the mouth is closed
& when the eyes are closed
the mind
is open
My elusive baby
is famous in my mind
he ain't too easy to find
maybe around the bend
where sun do shine
& love is free- boundless
yet divine
you can find him
writing his lines,
biding my time
& bending the mind
It felt like the 70’s
Free love was alive
His eyes were golden
Only witness of that night
is the empty void within
& the stars in the sky
They glitter & gleam
I carry on
Even when
It all went wrong
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