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The winds of change
are blowing in
a spring hymn
You held a field of dreams
By the bedside lamp
To galvanize these nights
Tucked away in a wooden drawer

There are some whom never
Held a twinkle in their eyes
Whom never gazed to heaven
Wondering why

We belong to a different
Sort of sky, a two toned
Sky, with darkness
And vast light

Fields and endless
Dreams tonight
Let’s gaze beyond to wonder
Why, musings of the other side

Fields of dreams outline
Tonight as we wander
With heaven nigh
You made me feel like
I was easy to forget
Like loose change blowing
in the santa ana winds,
or summer daydreams
with no roots in the winter shift
of season.

You made me feel like
my body was a vessel
for your pleasure,
not a temple, nor
religion, no sacred space,
no worship in sight.

You made me feel like I was a dream,
a sweet gentle
whisper in the breeze, a melody lost
on the tip of your tongue,
easy to forget.

Was I that easy to forget?
Or does my sweet sound reverberate
back around
A summer Hymm falls
from the heavens amongst a
spectacular wind.

A summer hymm
drops and simmers into
the burning red sea
parting you and me
into the night

Burning us like stars
which dazzle on the
most maleficent night

let the gods speak
through you
Don't hold back

Let the gods speak
to you

Dont hold back
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"Midnight Blues"
Lost spirits at dawn
come to my prickled
ear & sing to me
a midnight song.

Promise me, you won't
float away in the zephyr, nor
take too long,

for I am left with
the lost spirits
at dawn.
There is a remnant of light
peaking through the evading
daytime glow, it casts
a shadow on your iris,
blue and cold.

There is a remnant
of wind in the cool breeze,
swaying us into
some decadent

There is a remnant of
you in my tree lined
view, floating away, like
you do.

So surreal and evading,
so surreal and fading
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