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Waleed Khalidi Dec 2017
Worms behind my eyes
And vultures in the sky
Their shadow swarms to feast
A tear appears a cry
Beaks inside my head
The screeches through my veins
Noise swimming through my blood
My gut sickened by the shame
The flight of a thousand worries
Cloud the sky in a falling angst
The army of thoughts attack in my sleep
Moving them up in their ranks
Centuries long, a gruesome war
A spirt alive just to fight
But not seen a warrior, surviving in the dark
In a need of a different light
Victories forgotten, the walls lined with losses
Thou art thine own great vice
Maybe one day, these crimes will be pardoned
And red blood will rain through the night
Waleed Khalidi Apr 2017
If I were to soar through the cool sky
On a still, starry night
With clouds at my back
Only the heavens ahead
And the moon's kiss on my cheek
It would not be the flight so freeing
But the fall into a new land
A new wilderness to learn
A start not there
Waleed Khalidi May 2016
Let go of those old fears
That have somehow battled through the trenches of time
You've fought gruesome wars at night
For so many kaleidoscope years
Laying awake with the noise outside your pane
As the only tune to your madness
The civilian lives lost
The once-spirited homes burned to rubble
All to conquer the infantry of bombarding thoughts
That have emerged victorious for ages at the first light of the sun
A daring blow must be delivered to such malice
The respirating breath of triumph
Must grace the muggy walls of your lungs  
That sunrise must burn the awakening
Of all your ambitions and conquests
And you can rise from your slumber just nigh of death
As a warrior who will flatten what monstrous fights now may come
And when the moon shows his face
And the stars light his eternal shadow
You can step out into the wild
Adorned in the fruits of your courage
Let go of those old fears
That have somehow battled through the trenches of time
Waleed Khalidi Feb 2016
A scribe would have to conjure his own language
To tell of such a vicious emptiness
Thoughts set ablaze and burning a path of destruction
Through the forest maze behind my eyes
The only touch is the air, so dry
A frame floating in a scenery with no story
So lost in the disjunct field of worries
Where the sun is a myth
And the moon shines as god
Lighting the night of the wandering souls
Roaming a familiar city where one is always lost
Any turn is a guess at your fate
But you continue
Breath in the sustenance you can extract
Exhale all the trouble and angst
Go forth
Never cower to the monsters
As all around you seems to crumble to the dirt
Can anything grow?
Waleed Khalidi Feb 2016
A hollow monster
Swimming through every vein
Residing in all of my heart
Slowly flaming its destruction
Across my drying flesh
With every timely beat
Of my chest's sorrow tune

A disruptive demon
Always whispering in my ear
Bringing doubt to every occasion
And igniting the past's hold
Like a noose as a wick

A tiresome moon
As little a companion to the night
As the love that died in one month's time
A dim crescent
Hanging from the vast empty black
That hides all that is a hope too far

A horrific thought*
That walks through my door
Uninvited, as a regular guest
And takes his seat at the edge of my bed
He tells his tale of how all will fail
And my grave will be dug for one
Waleed Khalidi Feb 2016
The corners whisper
A familiar tune
A nostalgic ill
A melodic gloom
A hopeless ode
A call to the moon
The corners whisper
They'll fall in soon
Waleed Khalidi Dec 2014
Did you see the bliss
Shoot across the night sky?
Here then there so quickly
Like a blink could project its moment
Yet when crumbling
Into the quake of memory
It is the window's remaining rain
Trickling down so slowly after the storm
Until all that is left is its drying trail
Clear to see the tired clouds sink behind
A heart so weathered
Never truly sleeps. Never rests
The hallow beats manifest
Into the crippling visions of the night
Blanketed by such distress
Until the rising light does nothing
But awaken the regrets that were left on the nightstand
Like a book with one chapter
No where left to turn
Do you see the ache
Shining dim in the night sky?
Like a footprint in the moon's dust
As alone as one could ever walk
Do you see the shame?
Like forty dying stars
Their fiery, blazing eyes
Watching every paranoid jitter
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