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Jan 2016

Hallow thou art, mine
sacrosanct wayfarer;
Sacred heart, raiment
Of January's start,
Thou art the
Of spring
And summer's sunshined arise in full-bloomed mesmerize.
The firth of thee, circulates inside of me.
O' Asian delicacy- thou art that righteous tree of
Life. For thine way's art insight's, ******* to the human thought, for thine countenance canst not be store bought. O' thy intelligence canst not be door taught. Destined Jane, O' foreordained, I knewest thee, thou knewest me, in bygone land's.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
wayfarer is a traveler, especially one on foot.
sacrosanct means holy.
Firth is-mouth of a river.
Raiment is ones clothing.
Bygone means- belonging to an earlier time.
Countenance is ones face or ****** expressions and features.
Hallow means- to make someone or something holy. Or something holy. Hallowed means past tense
brandon nagley
Written by
brandon nagley  Ohio,USA..
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