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Halloween oh Halloween

Dashing through the streets
On the last day of October yeah
Are all the kiddies playing trick or treat and the rougher kids eggs an old battalax's house
And then when this old geezer comes out, the rough kids are as quite as a mouse
Halloween yeah Halloween
It's a great day yeseree
You see people dress up as vampires and witch's and ghosts
And for blood they use cherry cheer
Halloween yeah Halloween
It's a great day to scare everyone
You see you can pretend you head is cut off
The old fogies are going for a walk
And some trick or treaters are coming down dressed up as 1 ghost
2 witch's and a very ****** clown oh yeah and as they passed the olds
They said how's it going cobbler
And then the ****** clown said
I will tease ya if ya don't give me a dollar
Halloween yeah Halloween
These scary kids are having so much fun yeah it.'a fun scaring old fogies yeah for money oh yeah it's fun
Halloween yeah Halloween
Celebrate it now
Celebrate the day that likes the idea
Of dressing up as scary monsters yeah Halloween is cool
Halloween yeah Halloween
It's on for young and old
You see dressing up as ghosts and witch.'a really makes us glad
Halloween yeah Halloween
Come on everyone
We give each kid a wonderful treat
To share and share a like
Happy Halloween dudes

Sent from my iPhone
You-will-not-lie, -bed-chambers-long,
For I, -am-coming-to-get, YOU!
Clawed-through-the-dirt, -up-the-roots,
I am here, -come-to-get, YOU!
Followed-tree-roots, -that-sweet-smelling-Earth!
Here now! -It's time-to-forget-YOUTH.

Aha Ha Ha Ha,  -The Goblins Attack!!

Drag-you-away, I have got, YOU!
Hungry-I, watering-mouth-glistening-eyes!
Bundle-of-joy, I have got, YOU!
Look-at-you-now, my-sweet-tasty-meat-PIE!

Aha Ha Ha Ha,  -The Goblins Attack!!

Addendum: The name appears to be an amalgamation etymologically of roots from Greek, Sanskrit and Sumerian. If, of course, you choose to translate it that way. I assume Plato to be an authority on the Ancient Greek's tendency to combine the words of multiple mythologies sharing similar characters linguistically. The purpose of the hyphenation is to suggest the tempo and speed of the rhyme's cadence.

'The Demon's of Earth'
Kalikantzaroi came up through the earth from Hell climbing the Tree of Life's roots escaping for only three days and nights once each year when the Sun appeared to descend in the same place for said time. That period was Christmas and the children who were bad had a choice; leave a present(gifts) on their doorstep or be pulled down by the Goblins.
It is a Greek fairy tale.

The speed of the rhyme is as fast as you can say it with loud pauses for the Halloween stop phrase. It is a metered rhyme.
Two days to go
Then we're into November
Then thirty days on
We start on with December

The penultimate day
Before Halloween Eve
I was visited by... on and believe

I had just settled in
And was just off to bed
When I heard a small voice
And the voice, said

"Roger, wake up"
I pulled my pillow in tight
The voice was the tacos
I had eaten that night

It said it again
More loudly and stern
"Roger, GET UP"
"You have so much to learn"

I rubbed at my eyes
The room was quite dim
Not sure if the ghost
Was a her or a him

It hovered about
A foot from the floor
"I'm the first one you'll meet"
"Later on, you'll meet more"

I said to the ghost
"Come back in December"
It said "Listen up..."
"you have lots to remember"

"A Halloween grinch"
"That is what you now are"
"Touch my hand, and we'll go"
"We have got to go far"

"What do you mean?"
I asked the spirit before me
It said "I am here to help out"
"just follow and see"

"you once had the spirit"
"Halloween was such fun"
"You would love to go out"
"Now, your spirit is done"

"Halloween is for children"
"Just leave me alone"
Then the spirit reared up
And it let out a moan

"Touch my hand now"
"Or the next ghost to creep"
"Into this bedroom
"your soul it will reap"

Against my free will
I did as the ghost said
I figured that if I didn't
I'd not get to bed

"Hold on and we're off"
"Heading backwards though time"
"To Halloween's past"
"To the scene of the crime"

The place where we landed
I knew as a small child
I saw my old friends from school
This was really quite wild

Trick or Treaters abound
Running from place to place
Dressed in flammable clothes
With cheap masks on their face

I saw the Ranger,
A pirate, or three
Then I looked and I noticed
That one pirate was me

"You loved running round"
"Getting candy and such"
"But, now something has changed"
"You don't like it too much"

The vision it faded
I was older but still
I was out trick or treating
It was still quite a thrill

"Remember the feeling"
"You had with your friends"
"We must bring it back"
"Before the night ends"

I looked and I smiled
At the costumes we wore
Yelling Trick or Treat loudly
As we knocked on each door

"My time it is waning"
"We must head on back"
"Another will come"
"To get you on track"

The next thing I knew
I was back in my room
The spirit had vanished
Then I heard a loud boom

I heard from below

I followed the voice
To the kitchen and there
I saw the largest ghost ever
Sitting drinking my beer

"I've looked all around"
"You haven't got candy"
"So, I grabbed a beer from the fridge"
"You could say it was handy"

I looked at the ghost
Dressed in orange and black
Where are we heading to?
And when will we be back?

He laughed at me then
Said "You'll be home in time"
"Touch my hand and we're off"
"Right now, you are mine"

I asked if the visions
I was going to see
Were recent incarnations
Of my friends and me

He answered "of course"
"You must see what you are"
The first stop we made
Was up the street at the bar

"See that sign there?"
"A big Halloween Dance"
"Are you going to that?"
I said "No, not a chance"

"I'll work if I must"
"I will drive all about"
"I'll go hide in my basement"
"So, I will not shell out"

"I hate Halloween"
"I just cannot abide "
"It's legalized begging"
"So, downstairs I will hide"

He showed me some houses
"They think just like you"
"Their porch lights are off"
"They hate Halloween too"

"See" I then said
"It isn't just me"
"It's gotten too costly"
"To give candy out free"

"Listen, you fool"
"That is not why it's done"
"Forget all the candy"
"Remember the fun"

"We have to get back"
"My time it draws near"
"We'll stop off in your kitchen"
"So, I can grab one more beer"

We arrived at my house
The spirit pointed and said
"Have you regained your spirit"
"Or is your spirit still dead?"

I said "maybe some"
Then he disappeared
Then the final ghost showed up
The one that I feared

It was dressed all in black
There was smoke all around
It was floating, not standing
Three feet off the ground

It said not a word
But, held it's hand to me
I thought , I'm not going
What was there to see?

We were off in a flash
I knew the street we were on
It was the one where I lived
The street lights were off, wires all gone

My house was in darkness
The front screen was ripped
I walked up to the house
And I suddenly tripped

There was garbage and lumber
All over the yard
Finding my way it the dark
Was really quite hard

There were eggs on my windows
And then a group of kids came
Then I smelled smoke
And then I saw the first flame

They were burning my house
And the others as well
The street was all vacant
It looked like urban hell

The spirit just floated
Did not utter one word
The sound of the burning
Was the last sound I heard

We went on from there
Saw kids at a party at school
The teacher told them
"Remember, our rule"

"Don't trick or treat children"
"Unless your parents come too"
"It's no longer safe"
"They must come out with you"

I said to the spirit
"Not safe? that just mad"
I though of the past
And the fun that I had

"It isn't the future"
"Say it's not true"
"I must make amends"
"I know what to do"

I awoke in the morning
Halloween was today
I got dressed in a hurry
And I got on my way

The first stop I made
was for candy and stuff
I spent eighty dollars
I hoped it was enough

I rushed home from work
Turned on my front light
I then dressed as a pirate
I would do it up right

I can't tell a soul
Who'd believe what I've seen
But, I can promise I'll never
forget Halloween.
Judy Klein Oct 2013
Halloween is a night when all the Ghost come out,
Some come from right here that live among us
Some only make the trip on Halloween night
They even come from the grave yards,
The Ghost from here never made it to the other side
All the Ghost are spirits some were feathered and tared.
Only on Halloween night do they all coincide
Some walk among us all the time leaving no foot prints
The feeling some one is there but when you turn to look there's no one,
Halloween can mix among the living and the dead,
they come out freely walking along side us unnoticed when we are having fun.
Dressed up in disguised as ghost and goblins and pumpkin heads
Its all in fun for earthly people but one never know the trickery of a real Ghost.
They move in space among us and play trickery games because their among the dead.
We wait for the door bell to ring for all the children yelling trick or treat for their candy
But one never knows on calm Halloween night why the door keeps slamming on the\old wood shed.
Locked it was but not tonight, as the Ghost are so busy, but I keep on the table the bottle of Brandy,
I pour a shot to calm down my fear realizing it's a very busy night among the dead..
Even tho it's a calm night you can hear the ghostly haunted wind and dyed leafs blowing over your head,
Yes I am scared on this Halloween night and every year at this time it excites my fright,
Who would really know their among us but what they can not say their not living but dead.
Walking on the rickrack porch every step that creeks,
lit Pumpkins carved on the old unpainted chair on the right,
on the left are tall corn stalks and a bail of hay as the tall scare crow sits so still with no life.
I will always remember this Halloween night for the dead rises as the living play.
Bob B Oct 2019
"What will you be for Halloween,
Dear little son? Let's see…
What could you be for Halloween?
What would you like to be?"

"I want to be something very scary--
Something that makes the people wary…
A villain who has a spooky face
And makes the world an uglier place…
Who represents an antihero…
Whose record shows he's batting zero…
Who causes suffering everywhere
And acts as though he doesn't care.
That's what I'll be for Halloween;
That's what I want to be."

"What will you be for Halloween,
Dear little son? Let's see…
What could you be for Halloween?
What would you like to be?"

"I'll be the meanest person of all,
Who has no sense of protocol…
Maybe the biggest liar on earth,
Whose only care is what he's worth…
Who many call a political hack
Or a selfish egomaniac…
Who drags the people's names through the mud…
A vampire who is out for blood.
That's what I'll be for Halloween;
That's what I want to be."

"What will you be for Halloween,
Dear little son? Let's see…
What could you be for Halloween?
What would you like to be?"

"I want to make people ill at ease
By kissing up to enemies…
I want to make my critics cower,
The ones who say I abuse my power…
I want my poisonous words to flow
And boost the art of quid pro quo.
I'll pretend I'm heaven sent,
And so I'll be the PRESIDENT!
That's what I'll be for Halloween;
That's what I want to be."

-by Bob B (10-31-19)
Lure Pot Jul 2017
I saw her on Halloween
She was wearing Snow White
It makes her look like a teen
She's just full of delight
It was Ray, beauty queen.

Her smiles were shining
Like the sea moonlight
Her mood was charming
In Snow White
It's for Halloween.

Truly, I have seen Willow
White, black blue red yellow
Snow White was her fellow
And opened up her window
Looking for Halloween.

Renee's at her room
Looks like a broom
She's smiling at noon
Likes a silver moon
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween
Enjoy the Halloween Night.
Marissa Hines Feb 2010
Bump bump! What's that?
SQUEAK... SQUEAK... Did you hear that?
We're not alone, are we..

Ghouls and Goblins are all out tonight, to say hello, to say
goodnite. They wish us well, they wish we might, have a very
very scary night.

They'll jump out and say BOO! and cause a fright. You'll never
know where they'll be or what they'll look like. They might be short,
they might be tall, they could be fury, they could be bald.

There are two things you can be sure of, they all have fangs and glowing
yellow eyes to see every movement that goes by...

They only come out for one night a year.
Can you take a guess? Yes, that's right. It's Halloween! My favorite night

What is that you ask? Why is Halloween my favorite night and how do I
know what ghouls and goblins look like. I shall tell you so listen close...

I too was a child like you, till one Halloween night a man came up to me
and told me about ghouls and goblins and what they look like.
I didn't believe him and said "Go Away, I can't be bothered with what you say.
But...If it's true then prove to me so I too can believe". He said to meet him at
the cemetery at midnight, then ****! He was gone into the night!

The clock struck twelve and off I went into the darkest of nights, all brave and sure
that I was right, that there are no such things as ghouls and goblins on this night.

There I saw the man who spoke to me next to a tombstone in the cemetery.
He glanced my way and then I saw these glowing yellow eyes, and then they were gone.
I shook my head and mumbled, "It couldn't be, there are no such things as ghouls and
goblins on Halloween".

I swallowed hard and said in a stutter, Nnnow ppprove to mmme that there are ggghouls
and goblins on Halloween, and tttell me how they'll fffrighten me. He glared at me with
a ghoulish smile, then laughed ha-ha ha "it will be a pleasure my child". I then saw
something in his eyes that sent a chill down my spine! His eyes turned yellow
his teeth were long fangs. I stumbled backwards and began to scream, "Please don't
hurt me, I believe!" In reply he said to me..
"I told you my child that we exist. That ghouls and goblins come out on this night to give
all you children a great big fright!"

From that night on I truly believe in ghouls and goblins on Halloween.

You see my children there's one bit that I left eh eh, is that I too only come
out, one night a year... Can you take a guess. Yes that's right! It's Halloween, my favorite
Judy Klein Oct 2013
The night of Halloween is dark and scary
But yet there's fun being frighten
No other time would I want to be scared
Ghost and skeletons devils, demons that fear heightens
every one in customs hidden be hind disguised  
If there were times other than Halloween I would die
I'm dressed as the evil one, but no one knows who I am
I'm the pretender, a make believe a dark soul for once a year
Knocking at the doors and scarring the height with fright
Watch me at the next door I will even scared them even more
It's me that's scared with the cobwebs covering me and skeletons flinging at me  
all I hear is screams of the night and the height of the fright
I may want to go home but do not know how to get there
I'm caught in the grave yards and all soul arise the night of Halloween
I am afraid and want to go home and be who I am but I'm caught in the grave yard as the evil one
Can't they see it's really just me but once a year it's Halloween and old souls arise
Now I awake the day after Halloween and I look in the mirror and see no cobwebs only me.
halloween kids

I am a man who loves halloween yes i think it’s cool

you trick or treat through the streets, oh yeah

asking for lollies and bobbing for apples

yeah that sounds so rad to me

you see you sing songs like monster mash

and flying purple people eater and you eat people everywhere

and you hate when dr frankenstein says you are doomed sunshine

and then you played the jaws theme to scare away the dudes

party party party oh yeah, this will be pretty cool

you see hearing the sounds of the ghosts of halloween and

the big fierce dracula

and the monsters do their dash, yeah that sounds so cool

and each adult gives sweets to each kid, yeah mate ****** yeah

you see on the eve of halloween, dr micheals comes around

to say, you are a **** and a monster, yeah, you need a nice cold budweiser beer

then in the middle of the day your kids come in the bar

and show you all the candy they have found

yeah there was a lot

you see good old dracula said back to me

yeah, these kids are devious and cunning

and the great dr frankenstein said kids, we have to party with them

kids, you see we have tom and george and simon and Ben

kids we can’t have this holiday without them oh no we can’t

kids kids kids kids

kids, the party is on for young and old

you see these kids have heard every story ewer told

kids need more, but they don’t except it no

kids kids kids

kids are the reason why we celebrate this day

you see people dress up in consumes all over the USA

kids aren’t happy when the night ends oh no

they just keep the parents being tired and weary oh yeah oh no

kids the day is great for them

kids  the adults are trying to break every record that is meant

kids need to explain to these blokes that they are uncool

kids kids kids

you see kids, i see the devil with his fork

kids i see blackbeard the pirate in the body of a dork

kids the wicked witch is the biggest problem child

kids kids kids

kids can the adults steel the kids candy

kids can the adults steal is while singing yankee doodle dandy

kids is it possible  that the candy is theres oh yeah

kids kids kids

happy halloween dudes and dudelttes
Ma Cherie Oct 2016
The house is quiet, only my whisper is heard...

oh, I guess I'm such a nerd,
are you hanging on my every word?

OK good, come on, let's go,

Shadows drifting, so discreet,
fowl breath, a cut out sheet,
  hard to move these trembling feet
a waiting guest, for me to greet?
not a trick, I hope a treat!?!

Perhaps the reaper comes this way
he knows of this, a game I play?
waking Crowley, where he lay,

I grab ahold the banister,
and step around the stair valute,
the air grows dark and thick again,
as everything is put in mute,
until a bell, I pause to think,
perhaps a playing flute?

Prolly not & that's real cute,
or maybe
inquiries of  candied loot?

True that,

I wait to hear again, a ding,
the joy of laughter it will bring,
the songs again my heart will sing,

I grip the rail, I'm petrified
a ghostly ghoul,
me, has spied
I move away,
from where I hide,

Shhhhhh be quiet,

My legs are heavy,
I slowly stepped,
you escorted,
up I crept
tears I wish,
that I had wept,
I move my hand,
away are swept,
no way for me to leave, get out,
they'd never hear me scream & shout
trudging on with wary doubt,
I bite my lip,
I moan & pout,
in every step, as I grow brave,
climbing up, a darkened grave,
with every step, my soul to save,

Very dramatic poet,
emmmm thanks, read on,

I reach the top in my suspense,
ahead I say, in my defense,
sorry if you're feeling tense,

It's alright,

I open up the door ahead,
filling me & you with dread,
dragging knuckles, telluric bed,
I look, in horror, shrilling,
a glowing face, chilling,
peeking, must be the one,
that I,
... am seeking!

I chuckle at the sounds of creaking,
bones & boards beneath my feet
they tell,
so sneaking up?
you lived in hell?
so I give up
hey, where's the bell?

Oh hear it is, that's just swell,
I know right?
Thanks for finding it though,

Look out!?!

Jumping out, you give a start,
I feel it pump inside my heart,
looks as if I need black art,


Your not afraid?
you silly girl, let me give
another whirl
a bony hand, sweeps & swirls
tattered sheets they creep & twirl

You do your best
to discourage guests
I'm prepared for any scary test
Yes I'm different from the rest,
& by the way,
you mustn't know that I am blessed
I'm not leaving, you may have guessed

Some pumpkins happy
some are scary
the children here,
they shan't be wary
I am not, no I am nary
this may be a fateful twist
but by the gods I have been kissed
sorry but your aim, it missed

I know that I look a witch
as I move my nose & give a twitch
but my dear, I pulled a switch

I raise my hands, I curse your words
as spirits cry, my voice, is heard
I bind you here, your soul I gird,
I cast a spell, hogtie your feet
take a bite, it's really sweet
yes my dear please have a treat
do you mind, if I have a seat?

I call my spoon, my kettle stirring,
as he speaks,
the words are spurring,
I laugh aloud, as kitty's purring,
supernatural events, occurring,
as caldrons bubble, broomsticks fly,
& Frankenstein went walking by,
his Mummy gives a wistful sigh,

Your look of shock, a priceless one,
like someone just removed the sun,
I dare not say, a silly pun?

No it's very good,
Oh hey thanks friend,

As breaking glass of aged pane's
& your attempts to stop me,
all in vain,

In  rattlin' of my heavy chains
relieving bones,
from what they weigh
as my skeleton comes out to play
protecting children as you prey,
wave a wand, a hand & down I slay,

Too much?

No, go on...

The werewolf howling at the moon
growling baying, softly croons,
a clown I think might be a goon,
the wicked hour coming soon,
cackling witches laugh &  snicker
spirits run & candles flicker
demons plot, giggle...
... snicker,
rubbing hands,
they fight & bicker,


I must admit their kinda spooky
Some are cute and kinda kooky,
To me look like a bunch of groupies,

Ha ha, good one poet!
Oh, well thanks!

I give my stick another flick,
I guess I gotta few more tricks!?
as fires dance in flaming licks,

Ewwww, I like it...

Halloween no time for fools,
the banshee comes with gaurding ghoul,
we're taking him to scaring school

Oh very cool,
yeah I made some room,

You can ride with banshee there,
the one with all the crazy hair,
you'll be alright just don't stare,
It's not as if I just don't care,

Huh!?! Great,

The unwanted speaks,

Well my dear, I'd say we're even
but temporary guess I'm leavin'
and your magic I might believin
pretty good, you think you won
congrats again, it's been real fun
a spell like yours can be undone


Oh I see, you think my best?
wait a sec, I'll get undressed
something here I must confess

Most these monsters are my friends
on whom my back I can depend
do your thing, with time you spend

That's okay, you go ahead
I don't wanna end up dead
and now I see, an empty bed
& your face is just filled with dread
boy you're really turning red
must be all the ink I bled

Careful now,
is this just a story?
filled with rhymes,
& kinda gory,
finding out is mandatory,

Now I jump out,
- I just say BOO
I guess, you see-
the tricks on you!

Happy Halloween!

Great ending,

Awww thanks for the love,
yeah sure do love this time of year,
lotsa fun, this one,

Enjoy a candy,
& thanks for coming!

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Halloween, ooooo...
Spooky fun!?! Does it make any sense!
Oh I love monsters Inc, must be I remembered!
louis rams Oct 2011
(10/6/11) Halloween

Let me give an update of Halloween night
When Freddie Krueger and Jason got into a fight.
Blood was flying all around
Yet not one of them made a sound.
Their instruments of death as sharp as can be
And the ending - no one could foresee.

They were joining forces for Halloween night
Since all the Halloween crowd would be waiting for them
Because at midnight the scaring would end.
Now that all the revelers were here
They would plan their rants and jeers.

FREDDIE would pull them out of bed
Then the GRIM REAPER would cut off their heads
Then DRACULA would **** them dry
And their bodies the goblins would hide.

The GHOSTS and WITCHES decided to do their thing
And the frightened victims they would bring.
The GHOULS and WEREWOLF would roam the alleyways
To ensure those that were hidden would not stay.

Now there was FRANKIE, the MUMMY , JASON ,
and the GOBLINS too
They’d hide in the shadows waiting for you.
FRANKIE ,the MUMMY, and JASON were all slow walkers
But they was great as shadow stalkers.
The GOBLINS would trip them to the ground
And jump on them before they could make a sound.  

To the graveyard at midnight they would go
Man oh man ! What a wonderful show.
To their places of eternal rest, till next year
When they’ll do their best.
Look at that cemetery and you will see
That this is where they have to be.
i was short the cash needed
for next semesters tuition

i was outta options
so i swallowed my pride
and called my father

i had’nt seen him
for a least eight years
i was busy nursing
sweet regrets
extending a prolonged
illness of resent

Halloween 1977
i borrowed my
girlfriends VW
and drove down
to Union to reunite
with Dad

his secretary
ushered me
into his C Level
office and I was
struck by
the angelic
portrait of
my half sister
adorning the
space above
his head

we shook hands
and i sat on a
chair in front of
his desk. it was
an awkward
moment of
small talk, relieved
by the passing
of a $400 check
into my just

my father suggested
we head to lunch
where we would break
bread together for
the first time in years

it would also present
opportunities to
swallow the misgiven
years with draughts
of gin and tonics

by this time my
father was a
professional drinking
champion, quaffing
down the ***** to
drown his own

as a young
virile turk
meeting with
his father for
the first time
in years, i was
to match his skill
mano a mano

it was a foolhardy
endeavor but my
intrepidness was
unfazed as i matched
round for round
proclaiming my
arrival into

leaving the restaurant
my father suggested
we resume our drinking
at a local dive

there the velocity
of rounds accelerated
the drinking spinning
faster than the
emotions swimming
around my head

but I was determined
to prove my manhood
standing toe to toe
with my lost father
proving i was his
equal in the
of men

don’t remember how many
rounds we downed but
it was a considerable
amount of ***** consumed

next we headed
to his friends
pizza parlor
where he could
present his long
lost son

we spoke of
my wonderful
girlfriend, and
my father suggested
i go get her so we
could all meet

he flipped me the keys
to his company car
a brand new
Ford LTD Wagon

man I was riding high
styling, livin life large
rolling up the GSP
headin to Montvale
to fetch my princess
in a royal carriage

when i got to
her house my
girlfriend and her
mother expressed
concerns about
my condition

i suavely made
the case that i was ok
to make the 40
mile trek to meet
back up with
my father

it was after all a
special occasion
an opportunity
to present my girl
to my newly
found dad

so off we went
back to Union
the drive was going
well best as i can
remember; though my
girlfriend was uneasy
as i swerved down
the parkway

in East Orange
the traffic got heavy
we were in the flow
following a station
wagon filled with

my eyelids were
getting heavy
and I clipped
the railroad tie
median barrier
with the cars rear end

the wagon went into a
wobbling swerve
i fought to control
but could not

i remember my
last words
in my head
“Jesus save us”
and fell onto
the lap of my girl

the crash, the spin
the resounding din
thundered into
my last bit of
like a tragic
Stravinsky lullaby
screaming me
to sleep

my aching head
blinked awake in
a dim lit hospital
in the wee hours of
All Saints Day

unsure where
I was but realizing
why i was there
I ardently questioned
a dismissive nurse
if any children
were hurt
and where my
girlfriend had gone

she adamantly
refused to answer
my urgent fear filled
questions; stating I had
been asking these
same questions all night

thinking about
the children
playing in the back
of the car
and my missing
girlfriend filled
me with a
dread, a
terror of what
my drinking
hath wrought

Halloween 1977
was a night filled
with frightening
realizations of

it would be
another three
decades before
i commenced
a search to
answer these
in earnest

Happy Halloween

Pat Metheny Group:
Are You Going With Me?

Where the Queen of the imps, pimps her minions and daemons fly
where the good man asks why
and the bad ones don't care,
is in the air.

Lock your window,bolt the door,keep the cat in,
dogs are for barking when goblins are larking about,
hear a shout and cover your ears,
let your fingers hide the fears,
hold your heart in,
don't take part in

The Pope pipes out hope in St Peters Square
but Halloween is in the air,
where will you be
under the bed hiding with me?
Harold r Hunt Sr Oct 2014
Halloween tonight
Tonight I'll rise from the grave that's right.
I'll walk with my friends in an honorable sight.
Not to have fun on this Halloween night.
I don't drink water or beer that's right.
Only blood that will make you shake in fright.
On this Halloween night.

I'LL'cut off an arm or a leg that's right.
Maybe your head to make you a fright.
Only to have you see look like a sight.
Standing with a chainsaw behind you would be a fright.
For it's Halloween tonight.
So do not fall in the graveyard tonight.
I'm here to scare you into a fright.
To make you dead that would be a sight.
So boo it's Halloween tonight!
5th place award winner.
Its halloween  my favorite time of year.
Grown women running around half naked.
Makes me wanna awake the spirt and grab a beer.

Boy i wish my last nurse dressed like that.
My recovery would have been so much fun.
Oh please miss witch cast a spell on me and turn
me into your loving puddie cat.

oh miss **** police women ya can handcuff me.
I'll go commit a crime just to be guilty.

Yes it's  this goblins favorite time of year.
Where women dress like naugthy  little vixens.
And instead of candy I hand out cheap pickup lines
and beer.

Boy that chicks hot but wait.
Didint  I just  see her  in the guys restroom.
Doing something standing up straight.

Hey man whatcha going as hell who cares.
Im more interested  in  what your hot
wife wears.

From a **** school girl to a smokin french maid.
It's like going to the worlds biggest *******.
No cover charge need be paid.

Who cares bout Freddy and Jason  and other worn out
monsters from the eighties.
Cause all i got say it halloween ladies.
Mark Mar 2010
Cornell’s chimes ring loud and clear
Echoing with earnest might
Far below there’s cause to fear
For it’s Halloween tonight

Students decorate their dorms
Pumpkins yellow, candles bright
They go from place to place in swarms
For it’s Halloween tonight

Costumes of the strangest threads
Beasts and witches, ghosts of white
No one cares in what you tread
For it’s Halloween tonight

Bags of candy, tightly grasping
Something moves just to the right
There with friends, white-faced and gasping
Every human filled with fright

Houses, blasting music, shouting
Do these cold comrades invite
Escape is what they’re ever touting
From the dark and looming night

Back at home, others are sleeping
Not worried by the lack of light
They know that dawn will end the creeping
Which somehow makes the shrieks all right

Looming there, upon the hill
Keeping watch from greatest height
Cornell’s chimes grow deathly still
On this Halloween’s one night
Damian Murphy Apr 2015
Day turns to night, crowds on the road,
Bonfires ignite, bangers explode.
Fireworks fly high, burst in the air
Dogs bark and cry, smoke everywhere.
Chinese lanterns float way on high
Flicker and burn, light up the sky.
Candle-lit pumpkins that terrorise
With wicked grins and evil eyes.
Cobwebs, spiders, vampires and bats
Ghosts and monsters, witches black cats,
Skeletons skulls, crosses, tomb stones
Look wonderful haunting most homes.

Children galore take to the street
Knock on each door, play trick or treat
Costumes vary, monsters and such
Some quite scary, some not so much
Bags big and small, buckets or tins,
Carried by all to keep treats in.
Getting goodies at every door,
Bars and lollies and so much more;
Monkey nuts, gum, fruit and sweets too  
Money from some, a coin or two.
Kids excited, loving it all,
Each delighted with their own haul.

Halloween treats like colcannon,
Barmbracks with a ring in each one,
Traditional games for everyone,
Snap apple great Halloween fun.
Scary stories of days gone by,
Horror movies to terrify,
Howls and screams, nervous laughter,
Many bad dreams for weeks after.
There is no other night like Halloween,
People more frightened than they've ever been.
A great occasion for young and old,
Cannot wait for the next one, truth be told.
Happy Halloween to all #poets and #dreamers everywhere >:)
Terry O'Leary Oct 2013
On Halloween the sky was scarred
The full moon peered, a piercing shard,
Behind a hole, the eye of night,
Above the smell of death and fright,
Along a bone laced boulevard.

As corpses crept from crypts unbarred,
The flames, they crawled, with pale regard,
On roasting rot – a sanguine sight...
On Halloween.

The bones, they blanched within the yard,
Again to have their evening marred
By ghouls and fiends who rip and bite
With claws and fangs which drip delight
While gorging flesh, so slightly charred...
On Halloween.

Logan Robertson Oct 2017
We're out at a bar splitting a good night of cheers
Drinks and laughter flowing among peers
Double shots dance around the table
Tonight's the moment, tomorrow's a fable

We garnish the laughter with Halloween
What's your costume, how do you swing
A chorus of "I'll dress up as a cowboy"
Is met by a few rolling eyes, "I'll address their convoy"

Not to be excluded is the gay guy in back that chimes in
And competes with the rolling eyes, cowboys are mine
Laughter of reveries spills faster than the drinks
A 80's song, When Doves Cry, continues to play over the links

A women crashes the party and exhorts the group
Come on guys put your wings on, fly the coup
Halloween's around the corner, make a splash, make waves
Find your muse with a costume that stands up, and raves

Look out to the horizon, the rarefied air, and trick for treats
Find my tunnel of love with a costume that beats
After a pause, a coy smile surface on rolling eye's lip
Oh Melville come with me, come with me, and take a dip

Double shots dance around the table

Logan Robertson

Near four weeks later, moby **** (Melville)  left the stage with 80 views and no comments. Thank you for nothing. The writer purposely veiled this poem as not to spoon feed your intelligence with a play on words. Think again about a costume that would make a splash and evoke rolling eyes to take a dip. The last line refers to the doves, friends, figuring out the riddle, their eyes (double take/shot) taking furtive glances at each other. A planned sequel to this poem was canceled.
Avegail Marie Jan 2014
he's the type of boy that will only fall in love on Halloween
he'll take care of his dainty little princess
he'll promise her the world
he'll promise her a lifetime
but Halloween is just one day
and she can't wear that costume forever
as soon as she reveals herself
he'll figure out that she's not what he wanted
he was living in a fantasy


she's the type of girl that will only fall in love on Halloween
she'll look up to this superhuman
because he can give her the world
he can give her a lifetime
but Halloween is just one day
and he can't wear that mask forever
as soon as he reveals himself
she'll figure out he can't be what she wants
that he can't take care of the little princess
that she is within
but not without


a story of love that never really was
Jason Oct 2015
You better watch out!
You better go hide!
You better look up
and see the witches fly-
Halloween is coming to town!

It's the season for the deceasing
You'll always stay out late,
Eating candy and
trick or treating
While you scream and shake!

Oooooh, you better watch out
You better go hide
You better look up
and see the witches fly-
Oh Halloween is coming to town!!!
Sing to the tune of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

The original works and writings of Jason Deegan.
All Rights Reserved. ©2015
Halloween considered a holiday in the United States.
The holiday means "holy day." But is nothing holy about Halloween. The root word of Halloween is hallow which means "holy, consecrated band set apart for service" if this holiday is hallowed whose service is it set apart for ? The answer to that question is very easy ---Lucifer's!

It's activities include.

• *** with demons
• ****** between animals and humans.
• Animal and human sacrifices
• Sacrifices babies to shed innocent blood.
• Castings spells conjuring of demons
The list is endless.
Find it on gateway.
Why Celebrating Halloween Is Dangerous.
Why do we chose to participate in such festivals.
No-one really knows how dark and violent it is
They all think that it is just a bit of harmless fun.
Tim Knight Nov 2012
Queue for a dance with
ink upon your wrist,
paper wrapped tight and
a waiting kiss.
Princes march to their kingdom come, on
their checkerboard, light board,
dance floor hum.
Princesses in timely masks
of nightmarish dreams
hide their real selves in
plain sight, with
handlebar hair
cut into wigs,
only hiding scalps of shame.

In head, in thought, I spoke 26 words,
7 points of punctuation and 6
saintly verbs:
*You left.
a dance too short,
touch of the ***,
another ***** for the group,
feel of the ***,
smile and forget,
forget she ever asked.
Tom Leveille May 2014
kissing you was like swerving into oncoming traffic

i can never tell if i am more haunted by empty picture frames or the ashes of their contents

you taught me that the saying "pick your battles" meant not answering when love was at the door

sometimes when i drink whiskey i swear i can hear your voice in the creases of my bedsheets & i sleep on the floor

i still catch myself running my hands over things you touched the most, looking for the echoes of your fingertips

i practice things i'll never say to you

i remember the day you told me you didn't like poetry, how "everything's already been said" & how "nothing meaningful can be captured without being cliche" you know, i don't miss you like the sun and moon, i do not miss you like tide bent waves crashing on the shoreline, i miss you like a chernobyl  swingset misses children

rumor has it that drowning is a lot like coming home, that drinking bleach can **** the butterflies in your stomach

for your love of cigarettes, i would have been an ashtray

this halloween i want to dress up as the you when you loved yourself and show up on your doorstep

i never understood what you meant when you said i was an instrument, back when you would cup your hands around my chest and breathe through the holes in my heart, i still wonder if the sounds i made remind you of wind chimes

i never paid much attention to abandoned buildings until i became one

in my dreams all the flowers smell like your perfume

i am the only person who has ever wished for the same snowflake to fall twice

if i could go back, and rewrite the definition of audacity, it would be how when we lost the bet of love, you said "we never shook on it"

i love you, if the feeling is not mutual, please pretend this was a poem

the only apology i want from you, is to have you repeat the names of children we will never have in your parents living room until they *****

we are the same person if you find yourself up at 4am dry heaving promises, or if you are kept awake by the laughter of those who've abandoned you

nobody ever told you that goodbyes taste like the back of stamps

sometimes i'm convinced that the only reason we hug, is so you can check my back for exit wounds
The dreaded Halloween Dog

Teamed up with Franken-Frog

Along with the Vampire Bat

Also the terrible Zombie Rat

The world would be theirs

As long as there were no bears

Because that is what they feared

Grizzlies that were long earred

Now the hero called Mister Toad

He was with Brave Kitty the Bold

Toad said "these fiends we must stop"

"Come with me, time to hop"

For days they battled the four

Until battered bruised and sore

Mister Toad had a trick up his sleeve

Something they would never believe

Vampire Bat was the first to fall

A giant robot bunny hit him like a ball

No one knows if he will be seen soon

He was last known to be orbitting the moon

Zombie Rat tried to put up a bitter fight

But that robot bunny held him tight

He never did make a sound

As he was buried far underground

But Franken-Frog battled to the end

Then robot bunny became his best friend

They went on holiday on a plane

Now enjoying the sun in Spain

So Halloween Dog stole all the gold

Waved at Mister Toad and Brave Kitty the Bold

Decided it was time to run away

Then come back and fight another day
When I was a child, the children went out for Halloween.  As we headed out the door, my father just had to  be seen.
There came a sound from the window upstairs, it was my father with the microphone.  I want to thank God; he was on his own.
He said, "Now Hear This!  I'm going to send my children out to night.  Do not ****** their bags, and do not fight."
As we went to collect our candy, I got a lot in my bag.  Only to see my large feet neighbor snatching my candy, making my father mad.
He escorted me across the field, where my neighbor lived.  He was not going to leave her house, until she was in a position to give.
The girl's father apologized to me and my father, on that Halloween night.  Her father made her give me all of her candy she stole, from everyone in sight that night.
By, Sandra Juanita Nailing
Oh how much fun it use to be
to me,
dressing up in a funny costume,
Go from house to house,
asking for trick or treats,
not knowing which one
it would be.
Now that I am older
does not mean
so much to me.

1969 Hartford art school is magnet for exceedingly intelligent over-sensitive under-achievers alluring freaks congenital creeps and anyone who cannot cut it in straight world it is about loners dreamers stoners clowns cliques of posers competing to dress draw act most outrageous weird wonderful classrooms clash in diversity of needs some students get it right off while others require so much individual attention one girl constantly raises her hand calls for everything to be repeated explained creativity is treated as trouble and compliance to instruction rewarded most of faculty are of opinion kids are not capable of making original artwork teachers discourage students from dream of becoming well-known until they are older more experienced only practiced skilled artists are competent to create ‘real art’ defined by how much struggle or multiple meanings weave through the work Odysseus wants to make magic boxes without knowing or being informed of Joseph Cornell one teacher tells him you think you’re going to invent some new color the world has never seen? you’re just some rowdy brat from the midwest with a lot of crazy ideas and no evidence of authenticity another teacher warns you’re nothing more than a bricoleur! Odysseus questions what’s a bricoleur teacher informs a rogue handyman who haphazardly constructs from whatever is immediately available Odysseus questions what’s wrong with that? teacher answers it’s low-class folk junk  possessing no real intellectual value independently he reads Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium Is The Message” and “The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci” he memorizes introductory remark of Leonardo’s “i must do like one who comes last to the fair and can find no other way of providing for himself than by taking all the things already seen by others and not taken by reason of their lesser value” Odysseus dreams of becoming accomplished important artist like Robert Rauschenberg Jasper Johns Andy Warhol he dreams of being in eye of hurricane New York art scene he works for university newspaper and is nicknamed crashkiss the newspaper editor is leader in student movement and folk singer who croons “45 caliber man, you’re so much more than our 22, but there’s so many more of us than you” Odysseus grows mustache wears flower printed pants vintage 1940’s leather jacket g.i. surplus clothes he makes many friends his gift for hooking up with girls is uncanny he is long haired drug-crazed hippie enjoying popularity previously unknown to him rock bands play at art openings everyone flirts dances gets ****** lots of activism on campus New York Times dubs university of Hartford “Berkeley of the east coast” holding up ******* in peace sign is subversive in 1969 symbol of rebellion youth solidarity gesture against war hawks rednecks corporate America acknowledgment of potential beyond materialistic self-righteous values of status quo sign of what could be in universe filled with incredible possibilities he moves in with  painting student one year advanced named Todd Whitman Todd has curly blond hair sturdy build wire rimmed glasses impish smile gemini superb draftsman amazing artist Todd emulates Francisco de Goya and Albrecht Durer Todd’s talent overshadows Odysseus’s Todd’s dad is accomplished professor at distinguished college in Massachusetts to celebrate Odysseus’s arrival Todd cooks all day preparing spaghetti dinner when Odysseus arrives home tripping on acid without appetite Todd is disappointed Odysseus runs down to corner store buys large bottle of wine returns to house Todd is eating spaghetti alone they get drunk together then pierce each other’s ears with needles ice wine cork pierced ears are outlaw style of bad *** bikers like Hell’s Angels Todd says you are a real original Odys and funny too Odysseus asks funny, how? Todd answers you are one crazy ******* drop acid whenever you want smoke **** then go to class this is fun tonight Odys getting drunk and piercing our ears Odysseus says yup i’m having a good time too Todd and Odysseus become best friends Odysseus turns Todd on to Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” and “Ariel” then they both read Ted Hughes “Crow” illustrated with Leonard Baskin prints Todd turns Odysseus on to German Expressionist painting art movement of garish colors emotionally violent imagery from 1905-1925 later infuriating Third ***** who deemed the work “degenerate” Odysseus dives into works of Max Beckmann Otto Dix Conrad Felixmulller Barthel Gilles George Grosz Erich Heckel Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Felix Nussbaum Karl *******Rottluff Carl Hofer August Macke Max Peckstein Elfriede Lohse-Wachtler Egon Shiele list goes on in 1969 most parents don’t have money to buy their children cars most kids living off campus either ride bikes or hitchhike to school then back home on weekends often without a penny in their pockets Odysseus and Todd randomly select a highway and hitch rides to Putney Vermont Brattleboro Boston Cape Cod New York City or D.C. in search of adventure there is always trouble to be found curious girls to assist in Georgetown Odysseus sleeps with skinny girl with webbed toes who believes he is Jesus he tries to dissuade her but she is convinced

Toby Mantis is visiting New York City artist at Hartford art school he looks like huskier handsomer version of Ringo Starr and women dig him he builds stretchers and stretches canvases for Warhol lives in huge loft in Soho on Broadway and Bleeker invites Odysseus to come down on weekends hang out Toby takes him to Max’s Kansas City Warhol’s Electric Circus they wander all night into morning there are printing companies longshoremen gays in Chelsea Italians in West Village hippies playing guitars protesting the war in Washington Square all kinds of hollering crazies passing out fliers pins in Union Square Toby is hard drinker Odysseus has trouble keeping up  he pukes his guts out number of times Odysseus is *** head not drinker he explores 42nd Street stumbles across strange exotic place named Peep Show World upstairs is large with many **** cubicles creepy dudes hanging around downstairs is astonishing there are many clusters of booths with live **** girls inside girls shout out hey boys come on now pick me come on boys there are hundreds of girls from all over the world in every conceivable size shape race he enters dark stall  puts fifty cents in coin box window screen lifts inside each cluster are 6 to 10 girls either parading or glued to a window for $1 he is allowed to caress kiss their ******* for $2 he is permitted to probe their ****** or *** for $10 girl reaches hand into darkened stall jerks him off tall slender British girl thrills him the most she says let me have another go at your dickey Odysseus spends all his money ******* 5 times departing he notices men from every walk of life passing through wall street stockbrokers executives rednecks mobsters frat boys tourists fat old bald guys smoking thick smelly cigars Toby Mantis has good-looking girlfriend named Lorraine with long brown hair Toby Lorraine and Odysseus sit around kitchen table Odysseus doodles with pencil on paper Toby spreads open Lorraine’s thighs exposing her ****** to Odysseus Lorraine blushes yet permits Toby to finger her Odysseus thinks she has the most beautiful ****** he has ever seen bulging pelvic bone brown distinctive bush symmetric lips Toby and Lorraine watch in amusement as Odysseus gazes intently Tony mischievously remarks you like looking at that ***** don’t you? Odysseus stares silently begins pencil drawing Lorraine’s ****** his eyes darting back and forth following day Lorraine seduces Odysseus while Toby is away walks out **** from shower she is few years older her body lean with high ******* she directs his hands mouth while she talks with someone on telephone it is strange yet quite exciting Odysseus is in awe of New York City every culture in the world intermingling democracy functioning in an uncontrollable managed breath millions of people in motion stories unraveling on every street 24 hour spectacle with no limits every conceivable variety of humanity ******* in same air Odysseus is bedazzled yet intimidated

Odysseus spends summer of 1970 at art colony in Cummington Massachusetts it is magical time extraordinary place many talented eccentric characters all kinds of happenings stage plays poetry readings community meals volleyball after dinner volleyball games are hilarious fun he lives alone in isolated studio amidst wild raspberries in woods shares toilet with field mouse no shower he reads Jerzy Kosinski’s “Painted Bird” then “Being There” then “Steps” attractive long haired girl named Pam visits community for weekend meets Odysseus they talk realize they were in first grade together at Harper amazing coincidence automatic ground for “we need to have *** because neither of us has seen each other since first grade” she inquires where do you sleep? Todd hitches up from Hartford to satisfy curiosity everyone sleeps around good-looking blue-eyed poet named Shannon Banks from South Boston tells Odysseus his ******* is not big enough for kind of ******* she wants but she will **** him off that’s fine with him 32 year old poet named Ellen Morrissey from Massachusetts reassures him ******* is fine Ellen is beginning to find her way out from suffocating marriage she has little daughter named Nina Ellen admires Odysseus’s free spirit sees both his possibilities and naïveté she realizes he has crippling family baggage he has no idea he is carrying thing about trauma is as it is occurring victim shrugs laughs to repel shock yet years later pain horror sink in turned-on with new ideas he returns to Hartford art school classes are fun yet confusing he strives to be best drawer most innovative competition sidetracks him Odysseus uses power drill to carve pumpkin on Halloween teachers warn him to stick to fundamentals too much creativity is suspect Todd and he are invited to holiday party Odysseus shows up with Ellen Morrissey driving in her father’s station wagon 2 exceptionally pretty girls flirt with him he is live wire they sneak upstairs he fingers both at same time while they laugh to each other one of the girls Laura invites him outside to do more he follows they walk through falling snow until they find hidden area near some trees Laura lies down lifts her skirt she spreads her legs dense ***** mound he is about to explore her there when Laura looks up sees figure with flashlight following their tracks in snow she warns it’s Bill my husband run for your life! Odysseus runs around long way back inside party grabs a beer pretending he has been there next to Ellen all night few minutes later he sees Laura and Bill return through front door Bill has dark mustache angry eyes Odysseus tells Ellen it is late maybe they should leave soon suddenly Bill walks up to him with beer in hand cracks bottle over his head glass and beer splatter Odysseus jumps up runs out to station wagon Ellen hurriedly follows snow coming down hard car is wedged among many guest vehicles he starts engine locks doors maneuvers vehicle back and forth trying to inch way out of spot Bill appears from party walks to his van disappears from out of darkness swirling snow Bill comes at them wielding large crowbar smashes car’s headlights taillights side mirrors windshield covered in broken glass Ellen ducks on floor beneath glove compartment sobs cries he’s going to **** us! we’re going to die! Odysseus steers station wagon free floors gas pedal drives on back country roads through furious snowstorm in dark of night no lights Odysseus contorts crouches forward in order to see through hole in shattered windshield Ellen sees headlights behind them coming up fast it is Bill in van Bill banging their bumper follows them all the way back to Hartford to Odysseus’s place they run inside call police Bill sits parked van outside across street as police arrive half hour later Bill pulls away next day Odysseus and Ellen drive to Boston to explain to Ellen’s dad what has happened to his station wagon Odysseus stays with Ellen in Brookline for several nights another holiday party she wants to take him along to meet her friends her social circles are older he thinks to challenge their values be outrageous paints face Ellen is horrified cries you can’t possibly do this to me these are my close friends what will they think? he defiantly answers my face is a mask who cares what i look like? man woman creature what does it matter? if your friends really want to know me they’ll need to look beyond the make-up tonight i am your sluttish girlfriend! sometimes Odysseus can be a thoughtless fool

Laura Rousseau Shane files for divorce from Bill she is exceptionally lovely models at art school she is of French descent her figure possessing exotic traits she stands like ballerina with thick pointed ******* copious ***** hair Odysseus is infatuated she frequently dances pursues him Laura says i had the opportunity to meet Bob Dylan once amazed Odysseus questions what did you do? she replies what could i possibly have in common with Bob Dylan? Laura teases Odysseus about being a preppy then lustfully gropes him grabs holds his ***** they devote many hours to ****** intimacy during ******* she routinely reaches her hand from under her buns grasps his testicles squeezing as he pumps he likes that Laura is quite eccentric fetishes over Odysseus she even thrills to pick zits on his back he is not sure if it is truly a desire of hers proof of earthiness or simply expression of mothering Laura has two daughters by Bill Odysseus is in over his head Laura tells Odysseus myth of Medea smitten with love for Jason Jason needs Medea’s help to find Golden Fleece Medea agrees with promise of marriage murders her brother arranges ****** of king who has deprived Jason his inheritance couple is forced into exile Medea bears Jason 2 sons then Jason falls in love with King Creon’s daughter deserts Medea is furious she makes shawl for King Creon’s daughter to wear at her wedding to Jason  shawl turns to flames killing bride Medea murders her own sons by Jason Odysseus goes along with story for a while but Laura wants husband Odysseus is merely scruffy boy with roving eyes Laura becomes galled by Odysseus leaves him for one of his roommates whom she marries then several years later divorces there is scene when Laura tells Odysseus she is dropping him for his roommate he is standing in living room of her house space is painted deep renaissance burgundy there are framed photographs on walls in one photo he is hugging Laura and her daughters under big oak tree in room Laura’s friend Bettina other girl he fingered first night he met Laura at party is watching with arms crossed he drops to floor curls body sobs i miss you so much Laura turns to Bettina remarks look at him men are such big babies he’s pitiful Bettina nods

following summer he works installing displays at G. Fox Department Store besides one woman gay men staff display department for as long as he can remember homosexuals have always been attracted to him this misconception is probably how he got job his tenor voice suggesting not entirely mature man instead more like tentative young boy this ambiguous manifestation sometimes also evidences gestures thoroughly misleading after sidestepping several ****** advances one of his co-workers bewilderingly remarks you really are straight manager staff are fussy chirpy catty group consequently certain he is not gay they discriminate against him stick him with break down clean up slop jobs at outdoor weekend rock concert in Constitution Plaza he meets 2 younger blond girls who consent to go back to his place mess around both girls are quite dazzling yet one is somewhat physically undeveloped they undress and model for Odysseus radio plays Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly With His Song” both girls move to rhythm sing along he thinks to orchestrate direct decides instead to let them lead lies on bed while curvaceous girl rides his ******* slender girl sits on his face they switch all 3 alternate giggle laughter each girl reaches ****** on his stiffness later both assist with hands mouths his ****** is so intense it leaves him paralyzed for a moment

in fall he is cast as Claudius in production of Hamlet Odysseus rehearses diligently on nights o
Megan H Oct 2016
As Halloween nears,
I think back to that Valentines Day
In February 2011,
My dad died.

As Halloween nears,
I think back to the pain I felt
Losing my father at such a young age,
My coach.

As Halloween nears,
I think back on my family
And how I had to be the strong one,
Still hurts

As Halloween nears,
I think about how much I hate death
How much I hate Valentines Day,
But I'm not alone.

Your father died today.
As Halloween nears for the years to come,
You will understand,
Why I hate Valentines Day so much.
Julie Grenness Oct 2015
Write a scary poem about Halloween?
Weirdest ode you've ever seen!!!
What is seen at Halloween?
Bloodsucking Salem zombies,
TV addict Abercrombies,
Spiders and maggots in their hair,
Crypts in the garbage tip over there,
Witches floating round my room
Fit right in here as they zoooooom............
Yes, my other car's a broom!!!!!!
Bit of fun, wrote it for a contest. Feedback welcome.
Rasha Omer Nov 2012
This Halloween I’m going as a bad joke,
I’m going to enunciate every breath
Until my rib-cage explodes.
This eve my words are lubricated,
Like a clan of degenerates from
The midst of your all-consuming filth.
This eve, I have arrived at my destination
And I realize now that our common senses
Collective – have been brought to the light
By our mutual appreciation of *******.

This Halloween I’m going as the killing joke.
I’m going to let my claws breath,
And oh, I’m going to gorge on
The purest of your infant thoughts.

This eve, I’m going running in the emporium of
Your disillusioned euphoria.
I’m going to look you in the face
Like I’ve never seen the revelation
In the blackest of your eyes.

This Halloween, I’m going as an inside joke
I’m going to engrave the laughter
On the back of your head –
Then I’m setting out in my decked
Out camp of,
Beautiful nonsense.
Waiting to confide in an apparition,
Of all that should’ve been.
Allen Wilbert Nov 2013
Happy Halloween

Trick or treats at the front door,
give them candy, but they want more.
I put poison in their candy bar,
razors in their apple will leave a scar.
Tired of hearing, the ringing of my bell,
all these **** kids can go to hell.
Putting tacks in their Milky Way,
don't they know candy causes tooth decay.
Even with the lights off, they still knock,
I hate every kid on this **** block.
I give them lint from my dryer,
their stupid costumes, I light on fire.
I put pennies in their pillow case,
some kids so ugly, don't need masks on face.
I smile at their moms, standing on the sidewalk,
all the hot ones, I can't help but gawk.
When they say trick or treat,
I make them lick my smelly feet.
Putting pins in their Baby Ruth,
no longer will they have a sweet tooth.
Putting nails in their peanut butter Twix,
I have a big bag filled with rotten tricks.
I put Anthrax in their Snickers,
on the Kit Kat i cover with chiggers.
Three Musketeers are filled with staples,
Butterfingers have splinters from wooden tables.
Naughty kids get a bag of my ****,
from the toilet, that I often sit.
Maybe next year they will learn,
or I'll give them ashes from their parents urn.
Sometimes I scare them and make them beg,
their so scared, you can see *** running down their leg.
I've even given left overs from the fridge,
all the maggots make their bodies twitch.
Next Halloween, if I'm not in jail,
I will urinate in every candy pail.
What I Wanted to Wear for Halloween

…is not what you wanted me to wear for Halloween.
I wanted to be one of those girls in the comic books,
spinning around in high-heeled boots, high-strung ponytails, and miniskirts.
You convinced me to be Mulan.
It was the 90’s, after all.
And she was pretty cool. I guess.
I loved it more when I realized she had a sword. I planned to cut my hair with it.
But when I asked for her sword, you handed me a fan, told me to have fun with my friends.
My best friend wore a real kimono that year – all thick and purple and bright –
her father brought it back from Japan.
We were both Mulan. I guess.
But she loved her fan and silk and uppy hair up-do.
Mine had already taken a tumble for the worse.
And that is exactly what I see, many years later, as I stare in the mirror – finally in my boots.
I keep them on when I sit at the keyboard and type in her name
The truth comes after H-U-A
After twelve years of fighting, and dying, and winning, and fighting by her side,
China didn’t even know she was a woman.
They couldn’t have cared less at all.
Jolene Perron Oct 2010
Scarry goblins in the corners,
witches vampires and more.
Halloween is any girls' excuse,
to dress up like a *****.

But me and my friends? No,
we get together and chill.
We get a few to do our bidding,
stealing their candy is our thrill.

We sit around and laugh,
we poke fun at one another.
It's time to just be ourselves,
and time to laugh with eachother.

This Halloween was easily the best,
that I have ever had.
No one cried, everyone laughed,
and no one even got mad.

We just sat around and laughed,
we joked and we had fun.
These are my Halloween friends,
I hope we have more than this one.
Sisilia Oct 2016
October 31. Halloween
A Celebration celebrated worldwide for children and adults to dress as whatever they desire and are free of judgement... of condemnation.
A night where the freaks hidden inside every '
normal' person comes out to play either;
or a zombie,
a damsel in distress or
might i add a naughty little schoolgirl..

An open invitation to ask strangers for candy,
a game to see who can collect the most......
Halloween is just a game that is just full of surprises aren't they?
Oh! Halloween is a night everyone looks forward too.....
the dead included
We like games too.

We, the ones who linger between realms awaiting trial.
waiting to be stationed into our eternal home a pick between;
a forever scorching, fire blazing hellhole or
forever be glistened by the almighty light.

On Halloween night,
we the dead are free to wonder back into the world we begged to leave
whilst upon the stars the judge laughs upon his throne at us,
knowing all to well we despise this place.

Mockery is a well known game,
played by many, deceived so many.
Even mortals shamelessly mock the dead and tease us with life
irony is they live for this very night
to dress up and be someone/something they desire the most.....
the things they so often remind thy selves are;
an abomination..

For god so loved the world,
he gave his only son,
to prove that he can and could give and take life as he pleases
We 'freaks' learnt that the hard way..
Every Halloween the Gods are at play and so are the humans,
but never us.

We the ones the mortals fear
And the Gods personal entertainment.
These humans wonder off into the parade whilst we linger in the depths of the darkness
He told us as punishment we are to watch them parade about us
and celebrate the day of the dead,

He who looks down upon us cursed us.
To have a sirens call-
to lure them in,
sedating them with sweet nothings,

BUT only one rule applied to us all:
NO touching the one thing we freaks' all lacked; *SOULS

That's their sick,game
to tease us by gifting us to caress the mortals ever so slightly but nothing more....
'SADISM' is what we call the game in which Hades and the Gods play;
and us being the pawns.......

Well not anymore.
Not this time
No! tonight we will purge on whatever comes our way,
Sedating them with the curse of a sirens call.......
the one that the mighty gods has gifted us with,

Tonight we feast on what the humans are celebrating; DEATH.
No more hide and seek games, with the humans
No more cat and mouse games with the Judges
its our turn to give a good scare!
Tonight we play our own game,
We call it 'PEEK-A-BOO'!
'cause tonight we'll will give them one *HELL
of a Spooky night,
'cause we're coming for you!!!!!
Excuse the Halloween Puns :)
Brent Kincaid Aug 2015
It was the Saturday before Halloween
And my friends were having a blowout.
For the first time in a long time I chose
To make an exception and go on out
Dressed up for the occasion that night
As Moses without the tablets, a mask,
And when I got there, nobody groaned
Instead, I got offered a hit on a flask.

So, I arrived at the party, not hopeful
That a good time would be had by all.
I wore my silly old man mask at first
And my long gold robe to cover it all.
No biggie, everyone was dressed up
In outrageous, fantasy forms of attire
There were princesses and knights.
I called one crowned fellow sire.

My friends were doing a wine tasting
In connection with the happy affair
So, I took them up on all of that
After doffing my mask full of long hair.
We joked and told each other tales
Of our activities at work and home.
Later, I found myself kissing with
A hot to trot, **** garden gnome.

Then my oldest buddy Dan said,
“Let’s take this to the Boulevard.
It was just five blocks to the south
So the walk won’t be that hard.”
Seeing the adventure in this
Nobody disagreed even a little
We took off in a clump of twenty
With me masked, close to the middle.

First was our friend, Allan the artist.
He’d constructed a seven foot ****.
He wore black pants and shoes
But the papier mache did the trick.
Second was the Darth Vader guy,
A lawyer in a fine rented outfit.
Behind him was Doctor Ucia Sickie
In scrub greens with ****** clots on it.

There was Raggedy Anne and Goofy
And a couple of Midnight Cowboys
And Dan was dressed quite normally
Because he was the outing’s decoy.
See, most of us were a bit drunk, and
Nobody had any dope on them then
As it was a touchy time about ***
In the days of Reagan, way back when.

Daniel didn’t care. Without telling a soul
He had whipped up Toklas brownies
And passed them to us, getting us ripped
Completely unknown to most of the townies.
Dan raised great window-box stuff, so I
Remembered, in two bites, from times before,
And soon I got that happy, toasty feeling
And my shyness was suddenly no more.

Of we went, twenty fools wide then
Wandering down the Avenue of Stars
Goggling at the crowd, the costumes,
The zinging lights and the hopping cars.
Everyone had beer bottles, not just us
Or wine bottles and were guzzling glad
About this happy, jam packed occasion
There was no way to be bored or sad.

The cholos were dancing their hydraulics
On cars that cost more than some homes,
And the sidewalks were all overflowing
With humans thick as laundry foam.
It wasn’t really walking, it was standing up
And letting the tide of people carry me
In a Mardi Gras atmosphere of loopy fun
That offered up nothing to worry me.

We went all the way to Fairfax, then we
Turned around and made our way back
A knotted mass of silly people gabbing
Like hamsters running on an invisible track.
Halfway down, at about Hudson street,
In front of me I heard something loud.
People were screaming with laughter
And gathered in an even tighter crowd.

The middle of a circle, with TV cameras,
Was Allan, the seven foot ****, corralling
A six foot, totally authentic Miss Piggy
And she was fending him off giggling.
He kept putting the huge head of his guise
Down toward her thighs, and the crowd
Applauded, hooted, whistled and laughed
And it seemed the Boulevard just howled.

It was on the news the next morning
As we all were sure it would have to be
But that night became a noteworthy one
For all of my friends, strangers and me.
You never know what will happen to you
When you let yourself be a bit more free.
You might end up in a Halloween Parade.
Well. At least that’s what happened to me.

— The End —