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Styles Jan 11
beautiful round ***,
a firm smack
it smacks back  
fast pace
you looking back
moans morph to screams,
I could get use to that
begging for more
and I reach back
some deep strokes
I love that
JOY Oct 2021
I can't say that I'm living my best days
And I can't say that I get the man of my dreams
Because; he still chose the work days as an exercise to stay with me
And because he always celebrating with her , in their house not with me
And because he always smile that charming smile whenever he talk with her , and I thought I was the only one who make him feel that way

Some boy flirt with me when we walk in the street, and my head is spinning around with possibilities of what are you gonna do ?
Will you rebuke him and get angry like what you do whenever someone flirt with her ?
Or you just bring me closer to you and pass your long fingers on my shoulder,
like a hopeless and sad sign that, I’m all yours?
the second choice,
J Fletcher Sep 2021
The pills
**** my creativity
  when the seratonin flows
   the poetic juices run dry
Styles Dec 2020
feeling your fire burning
fuels my inner flame with passions
that ignites emotions within
Styles Sep 2019
Her mound
amounts to
a mouthful of
of the most remarkable
thing I have ever tasted.
Manvi Goel May 2019
I was lying wooden in the house of woods,
And imprisoned in the servitude of solitude.
The outdoor elements were not in their elements ,
Sitting tight awaiting their merriments.
Strength and hope was under the umbra of duskiness,
The soul was clueless about the cloudlessness.
The smiling rays of light were in the shackles of dark heavy clouds,
The euphorious rhythms were longing for their warm touches and euphonic sounds.

On this greyish gloomy sight,
When the heaven started showering something white,
As my heart caught the sigh of this light,
A voice came from inside,
Hey !! Get up my child !!,
Lets step out and empower the inner child to play outside.

As i stepped out of my darkness,
I got face to face with an awareness,
The view is so beautiful outside,
If you pay attention to the love of darkness and light.

Light compassionately requested the darkness,
O My beloved !! Go and spread some awareness,
And light the lamps of hopes with happiness .

Spread an awareness about the blessings in disguise,
An awareness about the treasures inside,
As this awareness throw some insight,
A wisdom comes in light,
Try to see the upside of your ride.

As the sun dies for the moon to rise ,
The moon dies for the sun to rise,
Together their love complete a day,
Full of darkness , sadness , lights and gay,
Likewise ,Darkness after light,
Light after darkness,
then again darkness and again light,
As the soul wears the ring of darkness and light,
The ride towards completeness begins there then and right,
Moulding you into a charismatic gem that shines bright.

As the white snow was flowing towards me,
With open arms and closed eyes my heart was dancing in glee,
As the cool and soft cotton touched me gently,
Something happened quitely,
The gloominess died in the the arms of
The soul started getting clues about the cloudlessness.

As the snow melted with me,
My heart started feeling more free.
The vision before my soul began the jouney of  changing its hue,
Slowly slowly it started turning into white and blue.
As it was sailing through this change,
My heart took a calming sigh that was beyond any range.
Tears rolled down from my eyes ,
As everything was under the haven of blanket that was white.

I was sitting and cherishing this delight,
The vibes of serene silence were flying like kite,
As the silence of serenity,
Touched my sea of tranquility,
My soul got enlivened up with a child like purity,
And there emanated a sensibility,
When the soul wears the ornaments beaded with purity and serinity,
It glows with the Rebirth of genuineness and integrity,
Freedom breaks the shackles of slavery,
Wisdom inspires to stand up with bravery.

As the Rays of strength and hope were riding through the clouds,
Infusing life in my soul,
My soul awakened from ignorance,
Darkness got vanished in the flambeau of awareness.

My eyes started shining with a soul nuturing smile,
That was so genuine and divine,
That the heaven stepped down,
To admire the sublime beauty,
As it saw an incarnation of deity.

As the heaven stepped down,
The rhythms found their soulful touches and sounds ,
The outdoor elements came in their elements and bowed down,
For offering thanks to the almighty,
Spreading the vibes of divinity,
Embellished with the beads of love , peace and harmony.
Naomi Firestone Mar 2019
At last we lay silent
under the bliss of Joy
Your body drifting off
into another realm
where calm blankets
your stillness
I watch your chest
rise and fall
listening to your breath
ebb and flow
like the gentle rhythmic tide
as you retreat and return
to the moon sprawled
across your bed
Without interruption
my eyes take in
every aspect of you
I find my fingers
brushing your hair
away from your face
kissing the crevice
between your nose and cheek
settling on your warm mouth
as your out breath emerges
from your lips to mine
I watch as you fall
further and further away
knowing we are separate souls
unable to save each other
from the dark night
but for now we have found a place
for our bodies to rest
in embracing arms
Syncing our heart beats
until day breaks
where we part again
Jacob Dunstan Oct 2018
Fizzing through the rain and feeling,
slosh and wipers ice-skate the glass,
while soft hands firm their grip on the wheel.
Sputtering love permeates the compact space between droplets, the splintered reflection of:
the one both inward and outward - self-excavating & selfless

A '100% pure and natural' spring water hurls itself,
off the seat and hits the floor,
I reach to retrieve and eyes meet.
The rearviewmirror, now smeared with dust,
Georgia beaming down on Florida - a state-line and a statement

Wisps of theme park hair, dance and taunt the air,
blow out the gaping window.
Two setting sun figures - testing the afternoon,
two watched wrists entwine,
a case to be made for pit stops.
Inspired by my time overseas, and road trips with those I'm fond of. Been tinkering with this one for a while.
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