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Steff Feb 2020
February fourteenth
Is just a day of reminders
Of a broken marriage
And the years of loneliness
That went along with that
Steff Jul 2018
We never fight
We spit venom in the form of
Snarky remarks, hurtful comments
And bitterness
But we never let the anger boil over
Into screaming matches or wet faces
Until long after one of us has gone to bed
And the tears start to pour
And all the hurt comes out
Until it's time to carry on
And pretend everything is okay.
Steff Jul 2018
Hearts break in so many different ways
For so many different reasons
Like mine broke when you denied me the love
That I needed and I craved
And yours broke when I found that love
Somewhere else.
Steff May 2018
You erected mountains in my mind,
Claiming real estate in my heart
That I never intended to allow.
I loved that mountain range.
But sometimes,
Sometimes I feel like you want to be
Nothing more than a rolling hill.
Steff Apr 2018
It doesn't matter how many times
I manage to break or fall apart
With the pieces of me that shatter on the ground,
Put back together and repaired with gold
This lovely mess that makes up me
Is the only me I'll ever want to be.
Steff Apr 2018
Already weak and vulnerable,
       A poison in my mind,
   You took advantage
You claimed I was strong,
But the unkindness of you,
Made me see the
     Goodness in me,
And I
Steff Apr 2018
I was torn between
Living the life that I was used to,
Hiding behind my hair,
Being happy to go unnoticed,

And changing my life
And living to my fullest
Without a care
Of who is watching.
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