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Sam Hawkins Oct 2018
Who would have guessed -- when I tilted my heart
toward baby lizard, perched on a colored desert stone,
she'd blink one eye at me, turn to smile, it seemed,
and lend a listening ear?

I'd said "I love you".
She and I were One.

Who would have thought -- when stone heard me
loving her, it would, it seem, speak back?
I was loving stone too!

Stone, I admire your villages.
I smile at your many stone peoples.

I eavesdrop on universal questions posed
around fires carefully tended.

And around hearths, among
cinder specks scattered--one minute wisp,
a grain of cinder there.
I love you too!

And in that cinder grain I hear --
worlds of stars, sweetly singing!

By way of explanation, dear necessary reader,
this is what a practiced discipline of
loving all beings equally
has made of me.

Whack Crazy?
Could be.

But will you nonetheless
accept the possibility, my hand,
and go love adventuring?

If you'd like, we could earnestly
talk it through.

Love speaking through us
and we, listening.
In Thich Nhat Hanh's book "Present Moment Wonderful Moment" he teaches (among many "gatha" practices) Mindful Eating. With the fourth mouthful one recites in head "I practice equal love for all beings".  This has been challenging for me, this "equal love". I like what has happened to me!
Sam Hawkins Sep 2018
I have known heights, aimed
like a bullet to the top of my head.

Known forbidden songs, jagging
placid landscapes.

Waterblood waterbone of my body,
incessantly cried out to me.

How long the abuse, how long!
Yell Fire! Emergency!

In the barreled pit of my sober life
up from common sense--snapping into it,
my soul came alive. Alive I say!

By grace I breached!
Free in the wind!

Kingdoms of water, alive Earth kingdoms --
hear now the words of my tears.

Mea Culpa!
Mea Culpa!

I slam on the brakes, tear off the roofs
of my steel compartments.

I see sky and feel in daylight all the hidden stars.
I declare -- the emperor of death
has no clothes.

I scatter forgiveness, unjudging,
across all the fattened streets.

Over the graves of ancestors,  I vow.
I see openings; hear oceans singing.
Spinning angels' symphony.

Water, I shall love you.
Shall speak up and protect you.

I shall fight for you.

I shall fight and die if I must,
ten times ten over I shall
--that you live!
this is how water (which is so under attack from all sides on our planet) spoke through me 9.23.18, around the time of fall equinox.
Sam Hawkins Jul 2018
Dare to live!
Stop insisting on chasing after death.
Stop trying to die!

Quit the grand illusion.
You shall never die!

Grow your wings and fly to the mountaintop
of your world. Breathe stars.

Bravely go alone. Only you can do this.

Regularly in your day--exercise conviction,
visualize and take in
golden, fibrous threads
of starlight, of sunlight

take them in through the nostrils.

It is nothing less than soul's power-fuel.

Inhale slowly and experience
the gentle music of love's fire,
as flames would pull up
a chimney stack, up pipes of ovens.

Faith builds with such breath practice.

Greed getting cooked away.
Anger melting.
Ignorance surrendering
to ways of knowing.

Transformations to flowers.
To gratitude.

To generosities
you may choose to deliver,
equally to all beings.

Prepare that your purpose
shall speak to you.

Breathe starlight.

Are you surprised
that you feel no heat?

Your unique timelessness
awaits your recognition.
Sam Hawkins Jul 2018
Last night, a spiraled light
it caught and submerged me--
carrying far off
all my fears.

My drum-pulsed heart was flying.

I rose and weaved my airy way
among jagged mountain rock--
my path opening, opening

until a high-arched gate appeared,
laced with colored flags
and I moved through it and beyond.

In a while I saw among distant shadows of villagers
and wisps of smoke a child there, sitting,
her back to me.

Are you my teacher?
Yes, she said, though not with words.

What do you have to teach me?
Be simple.
this is a generalization account of an "upper world  journey" I took the night before. this is what happened. shamanic journeying is a technology. Seek out a highly trained practioner as a guide...if you wish to travel. Anyone who studied with Michael Harner (now transitioned) is a ringer! I am not permitted to be a guide for others. Peace.
Sam Hawkins Jul 2018
from where I am now at home,
easy on my blue couch

I had a wisp of a thought
and at that -- circles of you
spiraled and cut messages in the air

clockwise danced around dangling
pinpoint flowers holding

white and white again, each petal
accompanying rush of shallow river water
talking over rock

if I had had the notion to
carry you home in a pocket,
would you have nipped at me on the way?

this is to say
I have carried you home today
and you are now no further from me
than my very breath

quantumly this is ever so

quantumly I buzz
while you fix dinner
Sam Hawkins Jul 2018
When greening land and the azure sea
had first appeared to bodiless me,

it was naturally quite alluring--
and precipitous down-sloping
was required.

I leveled my sights
and I dove down--

I imagined there--my new life,
emergent forming.

When at last some pre-form-idea me
had touched the ground--shock surprised,
I sprung up and I flew again.

My mother-to-be
could have been but was not
in the least alarmed.

I sensed her nearby

Below me, seawave
collapsed into seawave,

wide ocean surfaces
flashed fields of whitecaps,
each one existing only for an instant.

So brief it is to be alive, I know this is true!
Yes Yes! Adventure
be assigned to me!

In my own way I breathed in.
I was arriving.

In my own way I breathed out.
Sam Hawkins Jun 2018
waste no seconds with my heart

above my head invitations open

moonlight's no solstice sun reflection,
but solstice moon rather
mooning moon

what gifts you bring for me
to make me stop!

simplicity in the message

solstice moon
you my heart

and my heart
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