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Sam Hawkins Sep 23
A split down the seams it was and justice
come--struck the bonds which held me,
to my pain, my enemy, me, this.

Touch aligned my heart.
Spoke calm and peace.
September 23rd 2019 today is Equinox. Daylight and night are equal. My heart energy felt like an equator around my body, receiving and radiating.  Earth and Sun at the same time. An awareness of Beginnings and Endings.
Sam Hawkins Sep 8
Letters and print seem not my language anymore.
Pen in hand I feel like a weighted foot.
My eyes track; I lose the scent.

But whenever I rhythm, rhythm free --
false underpinnings of me evanesce,
cease their being.

Alphabets break through school room doors.
Wall clocks split their faces.

Whenever I rhythm, rhythm gentle--
my heart its codes concoct--
make all green fresh alive

as sweet this earth
become green eternal springtime.

(my blood my body know
openings wanderings)

Whenever I rhythm, leaping leaping;
my mouth mouths, my breath breezes.

I am at one with shivers of sunlight.
I sing I sing:

kei quah rae sa
sa e cha nu

e cha nu quah rae
kei quah sa saaaaaaaa….
With this, you can make up your own rhythmical tune aloud, hear it in your head or read it in monotone. I remember times when I lived in a print-less world -- I was natural and wild, steeped in magical nature. You too?
Sam Hawkins Aug 27
Today my walking seemed steady enough.
Considering the truth of flash, it's amazing that anything
can stand.

Sky and Earth flashing in and out of existence
faster than the speed of light makes any concrete
"here and now" truly a miracle.

My mouth and breath are locked and unlocked this way.
The list is never ending. Time and no time together.

When I placed the dog dish of food on the kitchen floor...
Miracle of miracles!

The food remained quite nutritious, stayed in the dish,
my dog regarded me with love; nothing fell into empty space.

Even now as I write, though multiple languages
and non-languages from many lifetimes
come and go, I still can show up, here.

Singing the praises of flash!
Do you hear?

What of this I, this you, who senses
all things everywhere.
Sam Hawkins Jun 12
All across the world
may our Human Family
wake up.

May All Hearts Heal.

Freshness naturally flower.
Presence abound.

May we heal from the inside.

And Death no longer touch us.

This version posted to a dear friend today 11:11 at 11:11 pm
Sam Hawkins Jun 3
would that each one of us

truly feel
the pain of our shutness

of our lived lies
of our hiding

o loving heart
with your spirit turned
toward the sun

on this day
help us to blossom

thank you
A Prayer on this day ~ beginning the cycle of New Moon June 3rd 2019.
Sam Hawkins Jun 1
every being of creation is queen and king

with crowns everlasting
not given not taken away

crown-lit from head to toe
fin to fin wing to wing
however a being is composed

every inch every ounce
sphere spinning geometries

golden sovereignties
of many name

sun star god true power
earth air water heart

shine on
simply being aware of our natural power makes us invincible and we know it is impossible to die. Truth sets us free to fly. To love ALL, unconditionally. Shine on.
Sam Hawkins May 31
sunset streamed stark images
i emerged from the lowly bridge

traversed veins of a leaf
treading them all along
one two just so

at the left of me
clouds had been sliced in two
i sandwiched my way

if you see a real busy line
O well go stand at it

when you get ticket
meet yourself first time
ask questions

voice answers
are friends

all voices
pals like that
began as automatic writing at sunset, the mountain just out of view 5-30-19 … 7:52 pm West Coast, early a.m 5-31--trimmed the fat
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