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Phil Lindsey Mar 2018
He left the bases loaded
He left a lot of par putts short
He left friends laughing at his tales
Of how he failed at every sport.
He left a girlfriend at the altar
He left an ex-wife home in tears
He left his brother on a barstool,
Paying for his beers.
He left money on the table
He left well enough alone
He left his job before the quitting time
Told his boss, “I’m headed home.”
He left a scrap of paper,
With a short conclusive note
It said, “I think we’ve got it wrong,
But I am just one vote.”
He left some pictures on the table,
Arranged in a collage
He left his pick up running
That night in his garage.
PwL 3/20/2018
Phil Lindsey Dec 2017
Thinking of Richard Riddle today on his birthday.  RIP
Phil Lindsey May 2017
Mom, you know I need you
When things get out of hand,
And my day-to-day is stretching like
A frayed old rubber band, and
My patience wears and crumbles,
And I think I’m on the brink, and
It’s time for ‘Hokie Pokie’ on the
Roller skating rink;
Then you tell me,
“Put your whole self in, and
Shake it all about,” and
I can see you smiling, and I can
See you have no doubt that
Life will turn out, somehow, maybe
Not the way I planned, and that
There might just be a bit more stretch
In that frayed old rubber band, but
Even if it snaps, and life breaks loose, and
My skates end pointing toward the sky,
I know you’re there to help me up
And give it one more try.
Mom you know I need you….
Phil Lindsey, May 7, 2017
My Mom's birthday is May 7.  She would have been 85 this year.
  Apr 2017 Phil Lindsey
Richard Riddle
No mortal being knows for sure what the future holds. We exist because of theories and  prophecy. Will we be here tomorrow, next week, month, year? God lets us live on a "day to day" basis. Some day................he will say, "Enough...... is enough!"
  Apr 2017 Phil Lindsey
Richard Riddle
Richard Riddle:  12-07-1941 - Born with bombs "bursting in air, and on the ground" (literally), and I'm still around, irritating people . Well, a person has to do what they do best, don't they.
There will be no gala events, black-tie parties, proclamations issued, or "Keys to the City" awarded, etc. I will be with my son, daughter-in-law, two grandchildren, my cat "Brie", and a special person for whom I am so thankful to have come into my life at the right time. They are gifts that are given to me 365 days a year.
I am thankful for the friends I have at work, and for those who have stayed beside me over the years. I am also thankful for those who have since passed into another dimension, but whom I remember with great fondness.

"Thank you, everyone!!"
richard riddle

Thank you Eliot York for creating this magnificent site. It has been a "blessing" for me in many, many ways!
  Apr 2017 Phil Lindsey
Richard Riddle
reposted for my granddaughter, Emily Riddle, in memory of my wife, Karen Riddle.*

I just couldn't do without
my grandma's heart necklace -
It was a gift to me, although
she passed away when I was little.

It also holds all of my mad,
sad, and happy memories,
just like it is a part of me.
I wear it on very special occasions,
since it is so unique.

When I wear it close to my heart-
it makes me feel special.
That's why I would always
feel happy, or at least, a little joyful,
when I hold it to my chest-
to pretend my grandma is
still alive.

She was very important to me-
We did so much together,
and I miss her,
and the special times we shared.

I can feel her with me
when I wear it, or hold it,
close to me.

Without this prized possession,
all of my feelings
would be lost,
with my grandma, in the sky.

My heart necklace
means the world to me,
and I wouldn't change
anything about it.

People say
"jewelry is made
to look beautiful."

Well, I say,
It was made to be a
"Memory Holder!!"

copyright-Emily Riddle- October 15, 2013

My granddaughter Emily, wrote this essay as a class assignment for her 3rd Grade class. Originally in full page, essay form, I divided it into stanzas, and added some punctuation. Although there are some misspellings(two), I chose not to correct them, but to leave the content as it was written, in order to preserve the sincerity, and the innocence, with which it was written. Thank you, so much, Emily Riddle. (She is about to turn 13.) Love you, so much!!
  Apr 2017 Phil Lindsey
Richard Riddle
It was September, 1967, when the young coed from Texas Tech University entered the television studio at KCBD TV, Channel 11 in Lubock, Texas. Blonde hair with a reddish tint, "Strawberry Blonde", the stylists call it, accompanied by sparkling blue eyes and and a diminutive smile that accented her personality.
She was there looking to find a part-time job. That summer she had worked as an intern in the promotion department at a television station in Dallas, and was  majoring in journalism at the university. A mutual friend with whom she worked in Dallas, had put her in touch with me. I worked as an 'on air' director, and was getting the studio reset for the six o'clock news following a commercial taping session. Although the station had no job openings at the time, a series of events began to take shape.
That chance meeting changed my life, and I recall it as if it happened yesterday. I was twenty five, she, twenty. Two months later, In November, 1967, we married. Forty years and two months later, following cancer surgery, Karen passed away, but not until giving us a fantastic son, wonderful daughter-in-law, and now, two grandchildren, who have redefined the phrase,"growing like weeds."
The holiday period has always been a time for reflections, some good, some 'not so good.' Can't be helped, human nature. But, as the sages say, "Life goes on", and it has been good to me in many ways.

"Thank you, Lord, for helping me along the way."

r.riddle: January 01, 2017
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