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Michael Apr 2020
Have you ever stopped to look?
To take it all in,
With your own eyes and ears,
To see the birds sing.
Beauty is all around,
It’s far and it’s near.
If only you took a moment,
Just to see and to hear.
Michael Apr 2020
Will we be able to see each other again?
The Pain in my heart still burns the same
it’s been so long
I barely remember your face
Whenever I think of you
My broken heart starts to race
My mind is an inferno
My heart colder than space
The darkness consumes me
Despite my smiling face
Am I destined to relive
That fateful day
When the universe looked down
And swiped you away
My son I love
This I think you know
That day still kills me
The day you had to go
To my forever angel
The guardian of my soul
I’m sorry I never got to you
Before you were cold
Daddy still loves you
And will never let you go
Michael Dec 2019
My boy is no longer here
My heart lies in tatters
My feelings are in shreds
Not that I matter

I am a broken man
My mind is in disrepair
Everyday when I wake
My heart fills with despair

I thought I found an outlet
A friend who genuinely cares
But when I share my feelings
I am met with irritated stares

Maybe I do not deserve
Reciprocation from the few
Maybe I am meant to be alone
Far from all of you
Michael Dec 2019
We seem bleak and heartless
Cruel and uncaring
Through the darkness we look
All we feel is you staring

There is no rest for the wicked
No reprieve for the wise
No peace to be had
This is the world
Shared by you
Seen by me

Life is a war,
Concluded ultimately in death
There are no winners
We all have nothing left
Michael Dec 2019
We all have stress,
We need an outlet
We all need to talk,
We need to let the demon out

We talk and we talk,
Yet I didn’t ever ask
If you would be my support,
My friend till the last

I leant on you,
You never once complained
I took you for granted,
Which caused you irritation
Michael Nov 2019
What we are and what we will be
Whether as individuals
Or all together collectively
Can be defined, But only momentarily
Our definition is fluid
Our destination undefined
All we are on this journey,
Is along for the ride
Michael Nov 2019
We walk our paths as we step on the road,
No love, no release, just cobble and stone.

We have no direction, no place and no home
Just light stepping on these raging roads

For we are the broken, the angry, the few
Are we really so different, or are we just like you?

Are we so deserving of the distrust and dissent?
Are we really so damaged that we can’t make a mends?

We have tolerance and love, inclusive of all
We have passion and fire, unknown by the fools

We are the young, yet still are the weary
An entire generation screaming, why can’t you hear me?
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