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hannashe Jan 2019
The world need a Dreamer
Who brave to create it

    "I don't care it sound crazy"
    "They can say i've lost my mind"

We can live in the world that we design....

Never stop believing in your self
If you stop and give up
You don't know how great you can be

Doubts **** more dreams
Than failed ever will

The more IMPORTANT is

Believe it, make it and happen it......
Never stop believing in your self, never doubts your self and never give up to creat your dreams!!
Ambika Jois May 2016
I wonder if you could tell me
What you saw in my eyes on day one
The day we met had a warm summer breeze
But what did you see under our setting sun?

I ponder until my sky has darkened
What you heard that you didn’t want to let go of
The night we sat in Aya with our eyes widened
But what did you hear through the music of love?

I squander my imagination out of reach
What you could’ve felt on our last embrace
Over the clouds, mourning mountains and seas
But what did you feel about the memories we couldn’t erase?

I surrender my thoughts and dream from yesteryear
What stopped us from erupting every single day?
Through our implosions, we’ve turned igneous and seared
But what good are we if we can’t make it through today?
I wonder, if the quiet and serene Aogashima were to break her silence from 1785 and throw her heat out, how would it appear?
This poem is based on one of my repressed emotions that I felt was connecting with the peaceful yet secretly building Aogashima.

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brandon nagley Sep 2015
When all else faileth
Let me and thine own amour queen Jane;
Powerfully prevaileth.

©Brandon nagley
©Earl Jane nagley dedication/Filipino rose
©Lonesome poets poetry
Phil Lindsey Jun 2015
It ain’t too bad to be from there
Just ask my family and friends
But it’s too flat, ain’t no way out
The roads are all dead ends.
Sometime soon I’ll find a place
Where the music I’ll enjoy
But for now I keep on tryin’
To escape from Illinois!

There’s a river on the border west
That moves a lot of dirt
Mighty Muddy Mississipp
Drowns the pain and covers hurt
Yeah, I’m movin’ south to New Orleans
Maybe I can find employ
In a blues bar down on Bourbon Street
Escape from Illinois!

Well I stopped a week along the way
When I saw the Gateway Arch.
But the folks out by the airport
Were stagin’ up a march.
Seems a white cop fired a shot that killed
An unarmed teenage boy
Oh yeah, the teenage boy was black,
Escape from Illinois.

Kept walkin’ to the Landing
(Named for Pierre Laclede)
It has most every thing you want
But nothing that you need
Some travelin’ folk told me some news
That made me jump for joy
Memphis maybe had some work
Escape from Illinois!

Found the haunted house called Graceland
And the grave where Elvis lay
Where half a million go each year
(Fifteen thousand every day)
They all want to pay respects
To the rockin’ – rollin’ boy
Put their finger in the bullet holes
Escape from Illinois.

Went downtown, knocked on some doors
Once or twice I went inside
But Beale Street was broken
The travelin’ folks had lied.
‘Cuz there ain’t no jobs in Memphis,
Or maybe I’m too coy
So I hitched a ride to Nashville
Escape from Illinois.

Nashville’s a big old meltin’ ***
Lots of great ones started here
But most end up as tourists
Getting’ ****** and drinkin’ beer
So money’s at a premium
And fame’s a fake decoy
End up workin’ in a record store
Escape from Illinois?

From Asheville to Atlanta
From Austin to LA
From Biloxi back to Baton Rouge
Need a place where I can play
I’ll follow all the buskers,
Form a musical convoy
Livin’ day by day and town by town
Escape from Illinois!

I’m a minstrel, like a rubber band
I keep on snappin’ back
I’m gonna make it somewhere
Singing somewhere, that’s a fact
Got my guitar and my music
Gotta do what I enjoy
Find a place to sing my songs for you,
Hell, it may be Illinois!
Phil Lindsey  6/4/15
Dedicated to my Nephew, Peter
Sharice Frieson Jun 2015
Life is beautiful
Life can be beautiful
An easy mix up of words
that can lead to confusion to the mind
When you don’t know the type of waters you are testing
“IS” is a mere perception
“CAN BE” makes room for decision
“It is head”
“It can be heads”
Because it leaves room to be “tails”
Food for thought
We paint a picture in our minds on
how we “ought” to be
Time is endless
But we have this idea that we are wasting time
Then wait!
What time are you running by?
Is it the time of your life?
Because any split second your death is unknown
and all human beings know with life comes death and that is our destiny that we cannot run away from
but to live in adventure
But the adventure is crushed by the story-teller of your life
Story tellers tells you to believe in a religion, that God does not like ugly, that women should obey their spouse, that people should procreate, marry and eliminate all human beings who does not meet qualifications or expectations of the story-teller
The story-teller also insist on telling you that you have to go to college, make a living, make status, make money, buy a house and make kids to do it all over again. You must live your life based on these certain structures because this is what it is and shall be
The story-teller is merely one perspective
and it is their own perception of their life’s book
How can it fit for every single human being?
Life is beautiful
Life can be beautiful
Is the same unasked question of life
“Life is beautiful“–deters the idea of being anything more but just beautiful
There is no ifs, buts, should, could, would, or nots than what it just is
There is no room left for a decision because the decision is already made
Without the interference of others thinking another
Life is anything you perceive it to be
That’s why “Life can be beautiful”
Because it articulates what the mind faces to overcome
everyday of our lives
We bring our experiences, circumstances, ideas, creativity, talent, and etc
to draw conclusions or shape one’s own views
Whether life is good or can be good is determined by your perception and experiences
It is determined by whether you packed up your good and bad experiences to shape your overall thought
and leads you to react in a certain way depending on a situation.
My Voice of Wisdom & Knowledge:
Life is beautiful to me
I do not believe it is anymore than beautiful because I don’t want to open any cans of possibilities for it NOT being “beautiful.”
The “can be” allows room for it to be full of other possibilities other than beautiful.
When I say it is, it is PERIOD
This is my truth!
Life can be so easy as having great conversation, mental stimulation, ***, more ***, fun, love, and adventures in nature.
Conversations are meant to spark thought
I don’t think it is there to offend or make people uncomfortable unless that uncomfortable person feels “a way”–then it is merely their own issue
Those who do not converse on certain matters is COOL too because they still can actively listen to the conversation and make their own input in their minds
Everything in life CAN BE peaceful and loving
But we get so caught up with our own view and perception
that it doesn’t make room for DIFFERENT angles
Because we all are unique snowflakes
Every unique snowflakes have one thing in common, which is
coming from one source
People are nothing more than eye level to me
Nothing more, nothing less
No superior and no inferior
Peace, harmony, love, happiness, and enlightenment
We think we know but we are far from knowing
This is all the beginning
We need to put all the pieces together and work the mind, body and spirit
by connecting BACK to SELF
SELF centers YOU
SELF helps YOU understand others
SELF has many offerings
SELF is what it is
And those in the exterior looking at YOU can appreciate or hate YOU
because they view themselves as such!
Life is beautiful is my decision
YOU can continue to decide whether Life CAN BE beautiful.

— The End —